There are serious evidences! - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

There are serious evidences!

As though my code name was Hasan.

As if I"m a "spy of Iran". As if I was meeting with Iranian spies in Turkey. In the case file it says; "Ibrahim Karagül is the journalist named Mustafa Karagül". It"s said that I"m a "Traitor".

An institution or a foundation from Anatolia called and invited me to a conference. I said "I cannot attend". This was added to my case file as "inter-organization conversation".

They even noted down my daily business meetings with my friends at Yeni Safak and TVNET, where I am the editor in chief, and added these meetings to my case file. I"ve said "Such and such person will talk good about this subject, we can invite them to the television programme" and they noted down. I"ve said "We can ask such and such person write about this topic" and they noted down.

I don"t even know some people that I"m accused of making a phone call to. I don"t remember such a name. For five years, they noted down all my movements, meetings and conversations I"ve made as a journalist.

They"ve worked with all their might and created scenarios, fictions in order to show that I"m linked with terrorist organizations and some assassinations. In some way, they"ve made an annihilation plan.

While they were smiling to my face and making business meetings with me, they were holding a case file behind my back and profiling me.

I"ve thought for a while and I said "If I dream and write a fantastic novel will I ever make a fictional story like this". No way could I. Even my rich imagination wouldn"t be enough for such a scenario like this.

I"ve seen shocking things. About me, about others. Sometimes we would become members of organizations, once in a while become agents and case file were prepared for us. If the coup would have been a success we would have been in prison for years.

I"ve said "It"s possible". When people who create such files edit the law courts to their liking, it becomes impossible for an individual to explain or defend himself/herself. No individual"s power will be enough against this and each individual is helpless when facing such a conspiracy. The state is vulnerable against the ones that exploit state"s power this way.

A person, who lives in this country, keeps his country above everything and loves his country, will only feel deep pain against these. This is very hurtful.

Turkey lived great shocks, survived many traumas, and suffered a lot of pain because of rulership conflicts. But such fictions and scenarios have never been built on individuals. People have never been aimed at directly. Such an annihilation campaign has never happened.

I"ve been writing for years. I was exposed to serious accusations. Everyone accused with something in their own way. Depending on the conjuncture, the accusations changed. They made me, a member of al-Qaeda, an Iran fanatic, a nationalist, a Kemalist, an Alevi lover, a secret extension of CIA, a member of the shadow government and even a special operationist. Recently when the problems have started in Syria, they made me a Baath supporter because of my writings with warning content. A brainless person even wrote an article named "Baath fanatic dog".

Ever since the day I recognized myself, as a person who took a defensive position, took risks, disregarded his personal security against any attack attempts, bad thoughts, dirty operations aimed at Turkey, I"ve never taken any accusation seriously. None of those hurt me like it did now. None of those were so rascal and treacherous like this.

No foundation, institution in Turkey or any power under the government rulership had become so low like this. Never prepared traps against their citizens.

When I see people still talking and writing articles unashamedly and carelessly like they didn"t have anything to do with this anti-government attack plan, I come to realize what kind of split personalities we are facing. At that moment I can see that such fictions and scenarios are the art-work of people with sick minds.

It"s not only me, they"ve done the same to the Prime Minister. They"ve done the same to high ranking officers in bureaucracy and politics. They"ve done the same to the senior managements of congregations. They"ve done the same to opinion leaders, NGO representatives. Businessmen set the lists and prepared the traps. They even set traps for competitive companies when they enter a bid.

If the coup attempt succeeded, you would have witnessed that the people in journalist outfit were actually one of the coup managers. They have listed everyone with ideas and projects about Turkey, whom were annoying some countries, and created scenarios for them.

The "Some serious evidences are coming out to light" words, from the speech that was given yesterday by the Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan, are quite important. These evidences are really coming out to light. If a judicatory process starts, the real identities of some people might shock you.

If the conspiracies against Turkey, how it was offered to some other forces, from whom the instructions were taken from and the whereabouts of the management behind this operations comes into the open, whole nation might suffer great sadness. Know this, the main aim of this coup was to overthrow Erdogan and convert Turkey to a subcontractor to some people like it was before.

But as the picture becomes clearer, you will see that the target wasn"t only Erdogan, Erdogan became a target because he was a great obstacle for some, the real target was Turkey and everyone that added to its power, the plans were made for liquidation of all these networks and there was an outer operation being enforced.

They"ve snatched a lot of things. The other things that they couldn"t snatch left great marks behind them. If all these comes to light, Turkey will see what treason is. Dirty alliances, covered operations, money traffic, beneficiary relationships. They are trying to be camouflage all this with hostility towards Erdogan.

Don"t forget that this country, this land broke bigger traps and survived misfortunes, has seen great destructions, has gone through massive wars and disasters but overcame all of this. Look only to the past thousand years and see how the rising period started after all the disasters we"ve survived. We are a country that resurged while trying to be annihilated.

We will overcome this as well. We will cover the wounds of this treachery. We will look after our country. We will invalidate all the projects camouflaged under innocent looks.

The words from Erdogan"s speech yesterday was important. When the files had opened or the operations had started, we shall see what these words really mean.

I"ve seen this as a sign…


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