There is only the 'Turkey axis' for us now!

Turkey needs to make it to 2023 by eliminating all areas of conflict on the inside. It will not be possible to build a new Turkey before neutralizing the severe, exhausting, destructive political polarizations that are controlled from outside and largely feed on the 20th century global conjuncture. 

It will not be possible to prevent foreign interventions such as July 15, Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) terrorism before facing these ideas of conflict and separation. Because these are all being used as means for foreign intervention. If Turkey is unable to overcome this struggle, forget about strengthening and growing further, the danger that it may not  remain standing as a whole until 2023 could arise.

Turkey has been resisting foreign intervention for four decades

This country, which has been fighting against terrorism for four decades, has actually been struggling against foreign intervention for four decades. Hence, fighting the PKK's Syrian affiliate, the Democratic Union Party (PYD), is a defense against an invasion attempt, against foreign intervention. The Fetullah Terror Organization (FETÖ) is a foreign invasion attempt and is controlled by the same center controlling PKK terrorism.

The fight that was put up on July 15 and after it, similar to the PKK issue, is a defense against a foreign intervention, and invasion attempt. Similarly, the zone formed in northern Syria, at the zero point of our borders, is preparation for a foreign intervention and the fight to negate that zone is the fight to save Turkey; it is a national struggle.

'Conservative opposition' and 'internal intervention'

One other severer concern is that the certain political formations to be developed on the inside in compliance with the political mind behind attempts aimed at sieging our country, to destroy it from within, like the PKK, FETÖ, the terror zone, will create a similar threat. 

Similar to the PKK and FETÖ, these structures are also used and will be used as convenient tools in destroying plans to march toward the future in harmony with its 1,000-year-old history.

The opposition on the inside, the political movements today, have largely been built upon the discourse of foreign intervention and have become the instruments of the "internal intervention." I believe a severer, harsher, multinational "conservative opposition" will become concrete in this scope in 2018.

The Saudi Arabia example and the 'new West axis'

I can say that the new formations in question, will, with support from the West, with the political discourse they produce, cause fluctuations in the internal public opinion, work in harmony with the global mind targeting our region, and want to give up the majority of the historic theories Turkey is trying to keep strong today.

This is why the formula tested in Saudi Arabia is extremely interesting. When the foreign intervention, ongoing since Feb. 28, failed, when it became difficult to keep Turkey in the "axis," when nothing could be achieved from the consecutive interventions in Turkey - which has taken position in accordance with the new power map aimed at the 21st century - a "new West axis" started being formed, which spans the Persian Gulf and Egypt, that is formatted according to U.S. and Israeli priorities and presented through the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia.

Will a similar scenario be applied on us?

It is right at this point that the deep change within Turkey, Pakistan and Indonesia deserves particular attention. Once these countries, which are in the Western axis, realized the threat is coming from the West, they started to take radical steps to build a new future for themselves. They have turned toward the most serious change in their political histories.

The West and the U.S. almost no longer have the opportunity to keep these countries in the "axis." We are seriously worried that the "hostage" model applied in Saudi Arabia can be applied against these countries as well. In this aspect, Turkey has the risk of facing a new "foreign intervention" theory.

Whether it be from the region, from the inside, or through terrorism or political formations, serious attempts aimed at shrinking Turkey's area of movement are likely.

There is only the 'Turkey axis' for us now

This is a serious war, it is the biggest fight in our political history. This is the sharpest turn of our history-making will that extends from the Seljuks to the present. This is the strongest step taken on the path to catching the turn of history, to take advantage of it in the most convenient way. It is now time to unite on the "Turkey axis," to resist every internal and external attempt that is aimed at negating this great struggle in this axis. 

Because the top structures that were controlling the world have now disintegrated. The moral values, multinational agreements restricting states have become worthless. A power-based world that is determined solely by strength is taking shape. Some countries gather power and strengthen their center area through strong leadership, some through nationalism and some through their military or economic presence.

There is no longer such a thing as world order. There are bilateral, multi-conjunctural partnerships or enmities. Everybody is turning to their historic theories and claims. Every country is trying to expand their area of influence. The amount of steps taken in this area will determine their place in the world of the future.

The local will win

This is the kind of struggle Turkey is giving. It is trying to use the opportunity history has offered it. Therefore, we need to understand the new situation in the world and the fight put up by Turkey well and take a stance accordingly. Hence, everybody needs to think about how much they are on the side of the Turkey axis or those trying to confine Turkey into tight spots.

This fight will be won by what is local. This fight will be won by those who have been fighting based on 1,000-year-old history. The global power showdown offers us major opportunities in this area and, these opportunities will be taken advantage of. Those who are fighting toward the region and the world will win.

2018: One of the toughest years in political history

This is why maximum care is necessary against the foreign intervention attacks that will come from our region, from the West and from within, all entirely in harmony with each other, and especially all that might happen in 2018.

I personally believe that 2018 is going to be one of the most critical years in our political history. While waiting for serious tremors in the region, we are concerned that these might reflect on the inside. Turkey is obliged to both fight against these and diminish the areas of outside intervention.

This is how you fight terrorism. This is how the plan to siege from northern Syria is. This is how the internal operations to stop the great march are. They are all outside interventions. Fighting these is a war of independence; it is a national struggle.

Millennium-old state ideology: Everyone should look at where they stand

Lately, we are seeing strong discourses aimed at the state mind making peace with its historical roots, the remedy of the disintegrations that took place during the Republic era, to march toward the future with 1,000 years of experience.

Anybody outside this discourse or who act in opposition to these discourses, who see outside partners for this purpose, will not be included in the "Turkey axis." Our people will decide whose axis they are in.

Those trying from the inside to stop our country, which is under the threat of being taken hostage through terrorism and sieged from the south, will all become threats, instruments of foreign intervention.

Everybody needs to check where they are standing and define well where they stand in the global power struggle.