They expected a scandal. It didn’t happen. Those using EU to beat us are now using US to strike. Such ‘debasement’ never before seen in any country A secret organization established. It’s opening gates from within, blockading our mind Trust the nation, devote yourself to the country, that’s all we need - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

They expected a scandal. It didn’t happen. Those using EU to beat us are now using US to strike. Such ‘debasement’ never before seen in any country A secret organization established. It’s opening gates from within, blockading our mind Trust the nation, devote yourself to the country, that’s all we need

The last summit between President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and U.S. President Donald Trump has shown us once more that a front within, a mass that is unable to think for themselves and lacking apprehension, an alliance striving to revive old political habits continue to debase, beat and strike their own country at every opportunity, using all sorts of means as weapons.

Turkey does not hesitate to show affinity towards and establish partnerships with whatever is foreign or harmful to it. In fact, it calls onto them, saying, “work with us.” Nothing, including political ethics, principles, patriotism, historical memory, identity, values, is able to prevent them from this urge.

No political group in any country ever debased their country to such an extent

They are exhausting all their means in this area. They are using all their power and abilities to serve others’ interests. They are trivializing all efforts aimed at further strengthening our country, boosting its welfare, strengthening its identity, reinforcing communal peace, reviving claims of centuries. In order to accomplish this, they are using political language, social myopia and mind operations.

No political movement or group in any country whatsoever has strived so hard to debase their own country to such an extent. There are organizations hiding under the umbrella they formed, and mocking their own country through unidentified organizations.

A secret organization established. It’s opening gates from within, blockading our mind

There is an organization that is firing up social nerves. carrying out systematic operations through social media, applauding everything anti-Turkey, and mocking anything and everything that is for the good of the country. There are organizations networked on social media for this purpose in particular. They breed on that group within, and the owners of this group outside.

They cooperate with whoever is making buildups around the country to collapse the fortress together. They are opening the door from within and showing them the address. They carry out the inside organization of the plan to siege from outside.

In past there were ‘Trojan horses’ that beat us with EU, now they’re striking with U.S. weapons

Beating Turkey with the U.S., with Trump, with senators is quite normal for them. The psychological atmosphere of these relentless interventions is being prepared and a political language is being used based on that to corner Turkey with the U.S.’s extensions in our region, to leave it in a position of desperation through the U.S.’s terrorist organizations.

They are waiting eagerly and with hope for “something against Turkey to arise.” In the past, there were those who beat Turkey through the EU. They were the EU’s spokespersons. They would direct politics, direct culture, and intervene in everything from the economy to social life. They would direct the government and, as a matter of fact, blackmail it. They used to think they were the axis of legitimacy. Yet, each was given a role as “Trojan horse.”

Each one was a monument of arrogance.

They wasted our country’s years.

Brussels, London and Paris were the basis. According to them, Turkey was simply a country that was obliged to be like them, to bow down to them. They were the representatives of the pro-tutelage tradition. They were everywhere: in politics, in media, in intelligence, in nongovernmental organizations, in military and civic bureaucracy.

Each one of them was a monument of arrogance looking down at the country and people. They knew or said nothing other than democracy and human rights statements. They discussed the “Kurdish question” for decades, but contributed not even a single statement to the matter.

The Kurdish question, as well as the matter of democracy and freedom, was a path to gain for them. They were tasked, hence they would all speak and write using the same words. As a matter of fact, they never said anything useful for Turkey. They wasted the countries decades with futile, memorized statements.

Conditions have changed, so has the world.

The pro-tutelage have also changed style, position, alliance

Conditions have changed and so has the world and region; very strong storms have started to blow. The language, tone and discourse used has harshened. The soft, sly pro-EU tone has been replaced by extremely harsh political discourses. The more aggressive, coarse U.S. to gain dominance instead of the EU.

Accordingly, our pro-tutelage circle changed its position, method and tone. Those who used to defend terrorism through human rights, those striking Turkey through democracy have now started to openly support terrorism and build alliances with them.

US partnered with terrorist organizations,

Those in our midst didn’t waste time to cooperate

As the U.S. partnered terrorist organizations, those in our midst did not waste to do the same. Political parties and terrorist organizations started to gather under the same umbrella. Outside attacks on Turkey intensified, and in relation to this, attacks from within also intensified.

Those in our midst changed their position based on the type of method the pro-tutelage bosses directed. We are witnessing the latest examples of positioning that has been ongoing for the last century.

This lack of character is a shame for Turkey

Had a scandal broken out during the Erdoğan-Trump meeting, had there been a situation in that press conference put Turkey in a difficult position, they were going to be ecstatic. They are going to be extremely pleased once U.S. sanctions start, Congress takes decisions, pushing Turkey into a corner.

This lack of identity, lack of character is a shame for Turkey. It is not a political stance but rather a type of betrayal, an attempt to open the gates of the fortress from within.

Turkey has been carrying on with monumental fights both in our region and the world. The more Turkey grows, the bigger the fights will become. This is only natural. Great countries have great claims and showdowns; we have been going through this for centuries.

Those we say are 'one of us' will attack again

But we will succeed this time too

We will experience it all again, fight again. We will be betrayed again. They are going to hit us from within again. We are going to be attacked again by those who we think are one of “us.” We are going to be greatly disappointed again. But we will succeed again.

I have been writing columns for two decades and have been in journalism for many more. For years, I have been following daily our region, the world, inclinations, conflicts, covert operations, invasions, civil wars, political position-taking, the changes within Turkey and the world, and the power shifts.

Trust the people, devote yourself to the country.

Don’t deviate, that’s all we need.

I am witnessing how political moves, discourses and identities change and wear out.

After every great shock we experienced much greater rises. It is happening again and we will win again.

Trust the people and devote yourself to the country. This is the axis that enabled us to win for centuries. The rest is temporary. Do not deviate from this, that is all we need.


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