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They have bluntly betrayed Turkey

On February 24, 2014, when we published a list of names of thousands of people who were wiretapped in Turkey, it had a groundbreaking echo. Turkey then realized that the raids on December 17 and 25 were actually a coup attempt through our media report for the first time.

What happened was that a mob within the state by using the means and power of it, applied a kind of Turkey Project as it pleased, wiretapped thousands of people, threatened them and fabricated charges against them and allegedly correlated them with illegal organizations in order to cleanse them. That is how they pulled a plug on them with the December 17th raid.

According to this plot, the civil authority was going to be overthrown, the political staff was going to be incarcerated, the media and the business world were going to be cleansed and Turkey was going to become a community-controlled state and thus a project was going to be realized which would make the whole country kneel down before itself.

The Prime minister was the "gang leader" and journalists were "the gang members", spies, and traitors. They were going to be executed. A staff who undertook this mission linked with some foreign intelligence service was planning to create a Turkey which will serve their interest.

Forcing Turkey desperately down on the knees…

According to the failed project, Turkey was to be forced down on its knees, certain communities were going to be cleansed and the country was to be made re-governable and controllable. The most treacherous operation in the history of Turkish republic was to be accomplished.

For that purpose, an unbelievable cognitive operation was conducted; unseen lies were fabricated, ruthless campaigns were internally and externally carried out, honor-assassinations were held, people"s daily lives were ruined, fear and paranoia spread all over the place, sectarian conflicts were encouraged and the whole country was dragged from trouble to trouble.

They set a big trap for the whole country, actually. I think no one has recognized the real danger capacity that our country is face to face.

We are publishing a new list today. Yeni Safak news reports are publishing a new wiretapped list, which was obtained very recently. Many people have been tapped from all parts of the society by means of court decisions.

Those who run the most strategic institutions of the country, the authorized people in the defense technology, politicians, businessmen, journalists, bureaucrats…. I wonder what they would do with these wiretaps had they reached their goal?

Whoever comes to mind… everyone who has contributed to Turkey is on that list.

Some of them were followed under the excuse of terror and some for narcotics and some for another reason.

Who would follow such an extensive number of people who are in strategic points and why?

This is truly an external intelligence operation. If people who are knowledgeable on the privacy of this country are being followed, and their information is sought, it means there is a global scale project staging.

They labeled Erbakan as terrorist!

This project has been lead out by the idiots of this country who gladly accepted the betrayal against it. Due to their ambition and will for power, they found it convenient. They mutually agreed on doing all this but it turned out they were simply a proxy and what remains behind them is simply espionage and treason.

The chief prosecutor in Ankara made a criminal report. This is an "espionage" investigation. Even with this little information, it is legally enough to sentence the agents of this crime who were doing the filing name by name.

The courts that decided on wiretapping must be taken under a probe, judges must be investigated as to where they hold in this project, their crimes must be detected if they have any and their possible crimes must not be uncovered through immunity shields. On hearing it, the whole country rose against the operations targeting on the national intelligence"s trucks. Comparatively speaking, this list portrays even a more serious issue.

They have bluntly betrayed Turkey

Guess who are on the list!

About the late Necmettin Erbakan, a leader who held the office of Prime Ministry once, they issued a decision on permitting his wiretap with the excuse of "terror". Ranging from Suleyman Demirel"s private doctor to the Prime Minister"s former press consultant M. Akif Beki, they issued a decision for wiretapping about many with the hoax "organized crime". Also the Dogan Holding Executive Board member Arzuhan Dogan Yalçindag is alleged for being an IBDA/C member, while Ertugrul Özkök is being charged with "narcotics".

What about ASELSAN murders?

There is really a tragic case in front of us. It is such a sad situation. Everyone on the list is given a hoax name and a charge and this is how all these tap lists are.

One cannot hold himself back from asking questions: What kind of a country is this? What has the state turned into? How come the individual privacy and freedom can be destroyed so easily? How can people be so cheaply wasted?

There is a strikingly noticeable thing on the list:

Strategic points and targets are chosen such as Aselsan, Havelsan, The Consultancy of Defense Industry, TUSAS and even the national project of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle.

Who would show interest to these? Who would focus on these plants and names and for what purpose?

You can guess the answer as I do.

Aselsan murders come to my mind as death with the given impression of suicide. The horrific scenes of these young men come to my mind. Were they also being tapped like this? Were the wiretaps the results of the assassinations?

The nation will never forgive

The so-called investigations must be reopened and the topics regarding the files of suicides must be brought up again and every case must be meticulously analyzed.

New investigations must be launched against the defense-military stage of this shameful project that has targeted Turkish politics, capital, media and patriots.

If this country, its institutions, and the state itself do not investigate the criminals, the loyals to this country will bring this to question and they must do so.

The bottom line is that this nation will never forgive those who did not only sell their soul, but also their country.


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