They say that Turkey has consolidated far too much power. It is rebuilding the Ottoman Empire. It even threatens Europe. Let’s intervene, stop them! Is the CHP going to stop Turkey? - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

They say that Turkey has consolidated far too much power. It is rebuilding the Ottoman Empire. It even threatens Europe. Let’s intervene, stop them! Is the CHP going to stop Turkey?

Retired Russian Gen. Leonid Ivashov said, “Turkey is clearly marching towards the Great Turan project while we stand by and idly watch. In time, Russia will become dependent on it,” signaling that they are following Turkey’s policies in Crimea, Azerbaijan, and Turkic Republics with concern. This is the common concern among Russia’s hawk wing.

Meanwhile, the U.S. and the European Union say: “Turkey has grown immensely. It is a threat to Europe. It is moving away from the Atlantic axis. It is moving out of our area of control, and building a new central power. It is developing its own regional basin. It is boosting its influence to the best of its abilities in the Caucasus, Libya, Red Sea, Persian Gulf, Central Africa, Central Asia, and even in South Asia. It is shrinking the West’s colonial domains.

Turkey is rebuilding Ottoman Empire. We must intervene, we must stop it!

However, it’s not stopping there. It meddles in the internal affairs of EU countries like France, Austria, and even Germany. It is contending against the entire EU in the Mediterranean. Turkey’s political weight has exceeded the EU’s total weight. While we withdraw, Turkey continues to open out to the world at full speed.

Turkey used to be a front country for the U.S. However, it no longer strives for U.S. interests, but rather to implement its own plans for its own interests. It is waging war both at home and abroad against U.S. tutelage. While Turkey used to run to the front for Western interests, it is now becoming a threat to the West. They say, “We must intervene. We must stop Turkey.”

Israel, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, and the regional countries under their influence say, “Turkey is rebuilding the Ottoman Empire. A new force is emerging. If this force cannot be stopped, it will take the whole region under its influence.”

They say, “Then let us establish an anti-Turkey front, and fight against it in every known field.” They establish an axis and cooperate with everybody in every corner of the region that is against Turkey – including terrorist organizations – and display unbelievable hostility.

Does Turkey pose a threat to China, Iran?

Iran, with its Persian imperial ambition rising, is concerned about Turkey becoming a powerful force. In the process of transforming the revolution into a Persian Empire project, it ends up running into the Turkey roadblock in every area in the Caucasus, the Middle East, and Central Asia. Hence, it builds relations with every country, every power, and every joint structure set to underhandedly stop Turkey.

Some sources are discussing that at this rate, in the medium- and long-term, China may perceive Turkey as a threat to its geopolitical plans, its objectives in Central and South Asia, as well as its operations in Central Africa, and that Turkey may become a force that will primarily limit China in Central Asia.

Ukraine is following the example of the victory in Karabakh, thinking that areas under Russian occupation may similarly be liberated. Many countries like Ukraine see Turkey as a role model, and seek a solution through this method.

The CHP says, “You intervene from abroad, we will strike within”

So, what does Turkey’s main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) say? What do its partners say?

It sometimes takes position in favor of the U.S., sometimes in favor of the EU, France, Russia, Iran, or the UAE. Nevermind sovereigns, sometimes it even takes action and becomes a protective shield for terror groups like the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and the Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party/Front (DHKP-C).

It never supported Turkey in Libya, Syria, Karabakh, in the fight against the PKK, during U.S. pressures, during EU sanction threats, or in the Mediterranean against French President Emmanuel Macron (France).

It held all these countries and organizations in higher esteem than Turkey; it defended them and attacked Turkey through them. In the latest incident, it voted “No” for the Libya memorandum, siding with terror baron Khalifa Haftar.

The fact that a political party and its partners called onto the new U.S. President Joe Biden to “intervene in Turkey,” proves that their actions are in no way connected to internal politics; on the contrary, their actions are entirely an undertaking of the global intervention efforts within the country.

Tasked to promote Islamophobia

Islamophobia, a concept that was designed by the West in its efforts to “fight Islam, became a political mission for the CHP again. It started utilizing Islamophobia in the most effective way possible with this new international agenda.

Thus, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality had the Qur’an – which was revealed originally in Arabic – recited in Turkish, and the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality invited Islamophobic caricaturists.

We will soon see the CHP implement all the Islamophobic theories Macron has been adopting in France. The CHP is being turned into a headquarters in this area. They are going to take even more dangerous steps.

If we can topple Erdoğan, we can stop Turkey, which is impossible while he is around!

In unison, they are all saying, “We must topple President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. We must stop him. If we topple Erdoğan, we will stop Turkey. This is impossible while he is in power. This is the only way.” Therefore, the regional front on the U.S.-Europe-Israel axis is attacking Turkey from abroad, and the CHP and its partners are attacking from within.

Those lies, those plots, those agendas, are all part of a systematic operation; they were prepared overseas and handed to the CHP.

Those who brought together the CHP and the conservative opposition, as well as the Good Party (İP) and the Peoples’ Democracy Party (HDP) under the same roof, are also those who developed the internal attacks and the lies. This is now crystal clear.

None of Turkey’s affairs is internal policies anymore. Hence, we are fighting both at home and abroad against those who have turned the “opposition” into an “intervention front.”

Yes, we are doing it all

The U.S. and Europe must know that we are doing it all and that we will continue to do so. Turkey is laying claim to its own basin, its own region, and heritage. This is inevitable. It cannot be stopped.

Turkey is revealing the West’s flaws, its dirty laundry, and hypocrisy; it is exposing the West’s bloody colonial history. The Western world is a five-century-old colonial order. The end is nigh. This is the reason underlying their denial.

Turkey does not see this solely as the rise of a nation, a country. It considers it as a just call to the international system that is being re-established, or will be re-established. It is trying to explain that it will no longer submit or be seen as an extra.

Turkey is calling on all nations

Turkey is calling onto all nations that are fighting for survival, that are striving to liberate themselves from centuries-old colonial orders. Turkey “itself” is becoming “a call” for the world’s vast masses. It desires a more balanced, more dignified world. As it objects to the world’s fate being held in the hands of a few countries, it speaks on behalf of humanity’s common conscience.

It is protecting itself against the power shifts, which have become extraordinarily rapid upon the breakout of the pandemic; it is on its guard and preparing accordingly. It is gaining command of the most dynamic discourses and elements of the new world against the now-old West, and is taking action accordingly.

Grave attack by 2023: This is the task assigned to them

Attacks by the CHP and its partners, in other words, the inside front, will increase extraordinarily by 2023. This is their orders. This is how the project has been planned. This is the command given to them. All political identities were set aside to design an internal front without any sacred values.

They are fighting Turkey with all their might. This is the way it is now. This is no longer politics. This is transferring the fight that has been ongoing in Anatolia and its vicinity for a thousand years to the 21st century.

Nobody should dare attempt to bring the Crusader Wars to Anatolia!

Regardless of how many joint fronts they build at home and abroad, “Turkey’s axis” is putting up an extraordinary fight – and it will continue to do so. Nobody can be allowed to bring the Crusader Wars into the country. We will not allow anybody, any power, any alliance, any ideology, any political identity or objective to bring back the Crusader Wars back into Anatolia.

If we lose, we will lose the whole country, as well as this century.

The course of history and the change in the world tell us one thing: We will not lose.


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