They set Turkey ablaze. PKK lit the match, and they reveled in joy. They are spreading animosity, evil

10:51 . 2/08/2021 Pazartesi

İbrahim Karagül

İbrahim Karagül has been a frequent contributor to Yeni Şafak for years, penning columns on a variety of topics for the daily
İbrahim Karagül

Turkey is grappling with an unprecedented case of raging wildfires. We are facing a great environmental disaster. Almost the entire Mediterranean region has been set ablaze – I exclude natural fires, those that started following extremely high temperatures.  

However, there is serious evidence that these fires are part of a terror scheme, that they are economic and ideological attacks, that they are aimed at “setting Turkey on fire.” All this will become clearer in the near future.

Fires broke out in almost 120 locations within three days. No country can easily handle such a widespread, major disaster that “appears to be systematic.” Germany was struck by floods, and nothing could be done for days. A building collapsed in the U.S., and the debris could not be cleared away within a month. 


They spread despicable, unscrupulous animosity, evil

 Turkey is one of the world’s most successful few countries in terms of coping with natural disasters. In this case, too, extraordinary efforts are being made, and successful operations are being carried out. Turkey’s Forestry Ministry and the rest of the country’s institutions are working with all their might. 

Those always on the lookout for Turkey’s blind spots, simultaneously rolled up their sleeves to take action and spread hatred, instead of “making a contribution,” or help discover why or how the blazes broke out, how they could be extinguished, what needs to be done, or running to help. 

They carried out despicable and unscrupulous propaganda. They spread animosity and evil across the country. Once more, they revealed their hatred toward Turkey. They sabotaged Turkey’s fight against the disaster. 


‘Agency-looking headquarters’, ‘social media terrorist organizations’ 

 They attacked once more en masse, with their foreign-funded journalists and media outlets, their “social media organizations,” their “agency-looking headquarters,” their terrorist organizations, and the political parties that speak the same language as them. 

They implemented their own personal agendas right in the middle of a natural disaster. They sought the state’s, the nation’s shortcomings and weaknesses. They spread evil in an insolent, arrogant, greedy and selfish manner. None of them lent a helping hand. None of them provided support. None of them left the comforts of their home. 


No one can hold a candle to young Şahin Akdemir, who became a martyr

 The state worked, the people worked, the forest teams who dove into the fires worked, the youth who carried water to them worked. However, none of them can hold a candle to young Şahin Akdemir, who became a martyr while going to the aid of the teams trying to put out the fires. 

Clearly, Republican People’s Party (CHP) leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, Good Party (İP) leader Meral Akşener, the other opposition parties and their leaders, those hurling expletives at everyone from the comfort of their homes, anti-Turkey organizations such as the “Turkish” Medical Association, funded media outlets and journalists, the racist and anti-refugee wealthy minority, did not help this country a fraction as much as Şahin Akdemir did while 120 areas of Anatolia burned. 


PKK lit the match, and they supported it 

 Forget coming to Turkey’s aid, they sabotaged the country’s efforts. They cooperated with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). They cooperated with the Peoples’ Democracy Party (HDP). As terrorist groups burned forests, they struck deals with them. Even during this time of national disaster, they prioritized their personal gains and anti-Turkey sentiments. 

They showed once more that they do not have a “Turkey ideology.” They revealed that their perception of Turkey does not go beyond organizations, groups, personal gains, and ideological camps. They revealed their incapacity, that they do not have a “state mind,” a national perception. 


Kılıçdaroğlu utilized the disaster to his own advantage

Look at the tweets posted by Kılıçdaroğlu. There is no idea or conscience there beyond trying to draw power from the disaster, turning the collective pain into an opportunity, and exploiting the country’s weaknesses.

It is a shame. Positioning a political party in accordance with the PKK’s priorities, turning the CHP into the HDP is the greatest of dangers. 

We did not see other political parties or their leaders coming to the country’s aid either. Yet, what is happening is a national disaster. There should be no party, group, or organization distinction. It is collective pain. 


They abandoned Turkey again. They hid in ambush, waiting slyly for an opportunity 

In the case of natural disasters, a national struggle is essential. This goes beyond politics. But they do not possess this maturity. They all turned out to be opportunists hiding behind the PKK, the HDP, and the Fetullah Terrorist Organization’s (FETÖ) agenda, slyly waiting to take advantage of the situation. 

In fact, they never became involved in any of Turkey’s struggles since July 15, 2016. On the contrary, they acted as the spokespersons of everyone against Turkey. We witnessed this many times. 

What sort of a shift in axis is this? What sort of deviation is this? Does being the opposition mean standing against Turkey? Does it mean to disregard Turkey simply because someone else is in power? This questioning is not in reference to political parties only, it is in reference to everyone who wreaks havoc and spreads hatred at such times. 


Let’s fight against this evil

 We will heal our wounds. We will overcome all this with the sagacity of this country’s beloved people. We did it before, we will do it again. As we do this, we are also going to fight against these evils, this hate speech, and those provoking an internal conflict. 

Everyone who loves their country must support Turkey and fight against these evils. It is our obligation. 

New saplings will sprout on those mountains. Anatolia will recover. But they will not remain standing for long with their evils. Because this is how we stood tall for centuries, and we will continue to remain standing. 


They will sacrifice half the country! 

 But we are going to take firmer steps, aware that this lack of identity, lack of a connection to the homeland, lack of emotions, this inconsideration is the biggest danger Turkey faces. 

We are going to do everything necessary to boost Turkey’s strength against those who strike deals with foreign partners, and risk sacrificing half of this country to reach their goals. We are already doing everything and will continue to do more. 

May God lend strength to this compassionate country! 

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They set Turkey ablaze. PKK lit the match, and they reveled in joy. They are spreading animosity, evil
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