They sold Jerusalem! They will sell Mecca and Medina too. It is now time for Intifada

Exactly 100 years ago, around about these days, we lost Jerusalem. We lost Palestine. We lost the entire region. We took refuge in Anatolia, the last fortress. We protected ourselves here. We built a shelter for all those flocking in from all corners of the region.

Exactly a century ago, we resisted in the Gaza wars, village by village, in the Canal wars, hill by hill; we sacrificed our youth who came from all corners of Anatolia. We paid heavy prices in Yemen, in Iraq and in Syria. We defended Medina, we defended the Kaaba; we defended the entire region without any discrimination.

This was a ‘Crusades attack’

We knew that this was a Crusades attack. We knew that this was an invasion aimed at the entire Muslim territory. We knew that this was a war to drive out Islam and Muslims from history.

A region had collapsed. The Muslim world had collapsed. We collapsed. They established garrison states, they established oppressive regimes. They took lands, our history and our honor hostage. They destroyed the Muslim world, from the shores of the Atlantic to the shores of the Pacific.

We were able to recover exactly a century later

We recovered exactly a century later. We found ourselves, we found our country, and we found our history and our personality. We learned what it means to walk tall, what honor and freedom means, what it means to be native. We started a history march; a rising wave from Anatolia, from Turkey. We rediscovered our neighbors, our past, our common areas, our cities, our civilization identity, and brought it to the present.

And they attacked once more

This was a march of the region. This was the struggle to revive, the struggle to rewrite history and to stand up on our feet again. This was the fight to save our countries, our cities, our people from the century-old burden on their shoulders, to break the shackles of slavery on our feet and minds.

A century later, they launched a full-fledged attack again. They are closing in on Turkey from all corners. They attacked with their partners on the inside and with terrorist organizations from the outside. They tried everything to negate this historic march. We were faced with a new Crusades attack. Almost the entire Western world became a single front and tried to silence us, to suffocate us.

If Turkey stands up on its feet, Jerusalem will be protected, Mecca will be protected, they know this!

Because they knew that if Turkey is up on its feet, history will be revived, the region revive, the Muslim world will be revived, and our ancient cities will liven up. If Turkey stands up on its feet, Jerusalem will be protected, Mecca and Medina will be protected, and all tutelage over the region will end.

Hence, we have started the “relentless struggle” against this full-fledged attack. We gathered to liberate our country, our nation, our region and our cities once again after a century. We spoke loudly from Turkey to the entire region, to Muslim communities.

We said, “Get up.” We said, “Stand tall.” We said, “Protect your countries and cities.” We said, “End the century-old slavery.” We said, “Prepare for a new wave of invasion.” We said, “This wave is going to destroy Muslim communities and countries, be alert.” We said, “You no longer need the West to protect you, be yourselves.” We said, “Embrace your religion, your faith, your fraternity, this will be enough strength for you.” We said, “As Turkey, we are going to be in the foremost line of this front, we will never kneel, we will not surrender, we will not lose another century, you do the same.” We said, “We are being attacked by internal traitors, you are being sold out by tyrannous administrators.”

They sold Jerusalem, they will sell Mecca and Medina too

Jerusalem has been sold. The first kiblah has been sold and was made subject to a very dirty deal. Those who bought power by giving oil until today are now conducting power negotiations by sacrificing Jerusalem. It was this dirty deal that they were promoting to you as “moderate Islam,” and Jerusalem was the first sacrifice. They promoted the fear of Iran and took Jerusalem. Tomorrow, through the same deal, they will also be taking Palestine. Tomorrow, through the same deal, they are going to take control over Mecca and Medina; they are going to take it under tutelage, they are going to take it hostage.

What was the deal between United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed and Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and the U.S. and Israel? Those saying, “We are now friends with Israel,” “We are now allies with Israel,” “The Arab-Israeli fight is over,” surrendered Jerusalem. How will they ever be able answer to history, to Muslims and to their own people for this?

Arab streets must hold those accountable for this great treachery

Those who made Jerusalem available cannot protect Mecca and Medina. They do not have such authority, such responsibility. The heart of Islam will soon be a subject of this deal as well. This team of administrators that have established an alliance with the U.S. and Israel today, will not say anything in the face of the destruction of their own countries and Mecca and Medina being taken hostage.

The Arab community, the Arab streets must hold accountable those responsible. The non-Arab Muslim world must hold accountable those responsible. Who, with what authority and courage is able to make Jerusalem the subject of a deal and make it available for their own power? Are the oppressed Palestinians the only ones responsible for defending Jerusalem?

War is being moved to the heart of Islam

Is it not the responsibility of Turkey, which, a century ago, resisted in every village of Palestine, is it not the responsibility of the billions carrying the Muslim identity? Is it not the responsibility of Pakistan, Indonesia, Egypt, Nigeria, and Iran?

Oh Muslims, the children of this region, of these ancient cities!

You are facing an extreme betrayal. You are facing the most critical picture of the great invasion restarted after a century that aims to push Muslims outside of history. Those saying, “We are going to move the war to the heart, to the center of Islam,” those planning an “Islamic civil war” project, have turned from Iraq, from Afghanistan, from Libya, from Syria, to the heart of Islam. They have turned to Jerusalem, to Mecca and Medina.

But Jerusalem will take its revenge for this

But Jerusalem will take its revenge for this. Mecca and Medina will take their revenge on those who have turned toward them. These sacred cities will take revenge on those who have sold them out. They will take revenge on those who have given them as hostages. Their “moderate Islam” projects, their “alliance with Israel” projects, their “joint front” projects and their “new axis” projects will be destroyed. Those who take part in this treachery today will be included in the most shameful pages of history.

‘Relentless resistance’ is the only option, we have no intention to lose

Oh Muslims, the children of this region, of these ancient cities!

“Relentless resistance” is the only option. We have no other option but to turn our countries, our cities, our villages in to resistance fortresses. We have no other option but to reverse this evil wind. We have no other choice but to purge the land of Islam from occupation and betrayal.

This is the showdown of the 21st century. We have no intention to become enslaved once more, to lose another century. It doesnt matter whether Arabs, Turks or Persian are in this showdown.We have no other way to fight than to drive them out of this territory.

We are putting up the same fight again after a century. We are facing the same invasion, we have to organize the same resistances. We are in a new rising era after losing a century ago.We have no intention of losing this showdown.

Resistance is the sole option.

It is now time for Intifada.


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