They thought it was a 96-year-old state Seljuk became Ottoman, Ottoman became Republic… And we continue on our path... Why did the US retreat? Why was Baghdadi killed? FETÖ, PKK, Daesh: Three years, three terrorist organizations So, where’s the ‘Vatican’ FETÖ was going to establish in Istanbul? - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

They thought it was a 96-year-old state Seljuk became Ottoman, Ottoman became Republic… And we continue on our path... Why did the US retreat? Why was Baghdadi killed? FETÖ, PKK, Daesh: Three years, three terrorist organizations So, where’s the ‘Vatican’ FETÖ was going to establish in Istanbul?

We celebrated yesterday, Oct. 29 Republic Day, the 96th anniversary of the founding of our Republic, with “a new victory,” the joy of Peace Spring Operation.

What we celebrated was more than the Republic, more than 96 years. Having a centuries-long history, reaching the present, every symbol signifies a new meaning. Because we are currently opening the doors of a new era in Turkey’s rise.

A century on, one language,

one direction, one hope

Because our nation, who fought in every corner of the region, wailed and was left to face the threat of extinction, it is now leaving deep traces and sowing hope throughout the whole region through its compassion, power and leadership.

It is building a language, hope, and giving direction. States change as do regimes, political understandings and identities, but this nation’s destiny, political gene, history-making and region-shaping mission remains constant.

Seljuk became Ottoman,

Ottoman became Republic…

And we continue...

The Seljuk Empire was replaced by the Ottoman Empire, the Ottoman Empire was replaced by the Republic, and we are continuing on our path.

We would become Alparslan, Kılıçarslan, Selim the Grim, Süleyman the magnificent, Abdulhamid, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, and we would continue on our way.

We have had presence in this region alone for a millennium, but the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) was 2,200 years old. We believed in the continuity of states and this belief was maintained.

States, nations and countries all had a destiny, and this destiny has been keeping us upright, strong and standing. It would bring us back to our feet at the lowest point we thought we were finished.

Keeping memory of deep history alive,

sign of a strong future

The military intervention we launched with Operation Peace Spring against efforts to form a “terror corridor,” “map plans” in the east of the Euphrates, the negotiations at the table with the U.S. and Russia immediately after, all reminded the existence of such a power.

This Turkey was the Seljuks, it was the Ottomans, it was the Republic, and what we recently started is the new period of ascension. It was the ending of the frozen history of the 20th century, the finishing of the tutelage period, the declaration of the 21st century’s star country. It was the centuries-old political gene in our region, memory of the deep history, sign of a strong future.

They thought it was a 96-year-old state.

Three years, three terrorist organizations:

Their three weapons taken away

Those who planned and conducted the July 15, 2016 “multinational intervention” that was aimed at driving Turkey to a civil war and thus division, thought this country was only but a 96-year-old state. The Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) and the powers behind it were defeated on July 15. Those trying to attack Turkey from within and turn it into Syria were defeated.

Then, with the Peace Spring Operation after the Euphrates Shield and Afrin Operation, those using the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and Daesh to close in on Turkey and siege it from outside, those trying to move the war inside Anatolia have been defeated.

All terrorist organizations, as well as the bosses behind them, have all been defeated. The more they attacked, the more we strengthened, the more they tried to enter inside Anatolia, the more we focused on outside our borders. As they were trying to hunt us down, we hunted them. The three big weapons they had against Turkey are also being taken away from them.

They attacked us through ‘friendship,’

so we put an end to it.

They thought Turkey consisted of Anatolia alone, this state consisted of the Republican era alone. They were going to use it like a front country and then cut and divide it to their heart’s desire.

Just as they used the PKK and Daesh today and then were done with them, they were going to use Turkey in the new region design and then shrink it, making sure it was no longer a “threat.”

Yet, Turkey is no longer the “front country” of the Cold War era. The West was working to defeat and divide us not through enmity but “friendship.” So, we put an end to it.

‘Period of regress’

ended with World War I

The period of regress ended for our nation with World War I. The century that passed since World War I, the 96 years after the declaration of the Republic, was a pause, a recovery period only.

We protected and reserved ourselves for today, and we always showed great patience. We reached the end of both the century-old tutelage and that burning patience. This page will be completely closed in the centenary of the Republic.

But that history is already over. The July 15 coup and invasion attempt was their last attempt. The siege from the south was their last trial. It was their last attempt at the plan to keep to Turkey under control, to stop it, to corner it into Anatolia, and push it there also to further shrink it.

PKK being eliminated –it will be eliminated.

Let them try as much as they want now; their hand will not and cannot be that strong anymore. Turkey is no longer the country whose strategic value was determined according to the fight against terrorism, which they made up after the Cold War. Turkey is now a country that determined its own worth.

Turkey is a country that now determines history, the region, its own being, threats and priorities itself. FETÖ was eliminated in 2016. Now, Daesh and the PKK are being eliminated.

Why did the US retreat?

Why did it eliminate Baghdadi?

Wasn’t FETÖ supposed to

build a ‘Vatican’ in Istanbul?

Why did the U.S. take a step back from Syria? Why did it withdraw from Turkey’s border? Why did it move the PKK outside the safe zone we declared? Why did it eliminate Daesh leader Baghdadi?

Had the July 15 attempt been successful, would Turkey have been as it is now? Would U.S. troops have retreated together with the PKK and Daesh? Or was it going to declare states inside Anatolia?

FETÖ was going to build a “Vatican” in Istanbul’s European side, the PKK was going to establish a state in eastern and southeast provinces, and through Daesh, a fraudulent “British caliphate” was going to be formed in Iraq, Syria and part of Turkey, with Anatolia divided to pieces.

The things that changed over the past three-and-a-half-years alone. As all terrorist organizations started losing their positions, their bosses could not resist Turkey’s determined stance and withdrew. This is the Turkey we are talking about!

Their 30-year plan collapsed

If the U.S. killed Baghdadi, then the Syria issue is over. It means they are retreating, they will withdraw. We are driving the PKK away from our borders, into the depths of Syria. There, they will not be able to take shelter amid Arabs. Shaping Syria through the PKK is over now.

This is the result of Turkey’s struggle since July 15, 2016. The project, for which preparations were made for eight years in Syria and three decades in the whole region, collapsed. This is Turkey’s power. This is what I have been trying to explain above.

They are going to establish a new

organization now, open new fronts

They have nothing left to do with Daesh; it is being cleared now with all its dirty secrets. The U.S., Israel, France, the U.K., Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are now cleaning up their war crimes.

Yes, this is going to make great room and give power to U.S. President Donald Trump in the debate within the U.S. But the real outcome will present itself in our region.

They are going to establish a new organization, open a new front now. They had invented al-Qaida for Afghanistan, Daesh for Syria and Iraq. They used them and did away with them.

They eliminated both Osama bin Laden and Baghdadi in the same way. It is surprising but both operations were almost the same. The language and method used, the manner in which it was promoted was also the same.

Watch out for Central Asia-China border!

There will be some activity on the Central Asia-China border. They are going to build a new organization with former al-Qaida and Daesh members. They are going to use Islam and Muslims as weapons again.

There is going to be very serious activity in the Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, East Turkestan, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Kashmir areas. I am already curious what they will name the organization to be founded for that area. Some have already started mentioning a “Khorasan Group.”

A century ago was collapse period.

Today we’re rising.

Plans are going to be made based on this.

Turkey must act fast. The time given to the U.S. is up. The time given to Russia ended last night. Both countries gave Turkey guarantees. If they fail to abide, if the PKK and its Syrian wing the People’s Protection Units (YPG) do not listen to them, the terror activity in the north of the Aleppo-Mosul line should be targeted by Turkey.

We commemorate the 96th anniversary of the Republic amid a storm that is reminiscent of the tremors our region experienced during World War I. Countries are being invaded, maps are being drawn, terrorist organizations are being used like official armies, and Turkey is resisting against all these storms.

We were collapsing a century ago. Now we are rising. It would be great if everybody made their plans accordingly. Especially those within. Otherwise they are going to miss out on history.


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