They will destroy the country and turn it into a wreck in just a year

We need excitement. We need enthusiasm. We need to increase sacrifices and strengthen our devotion of the homeland and the people.

We need to work to our full capacity and make efforts to sustain Turkey’s right stance, its great march, and to end the extraordinary attack period targeting this country.

We need to apply our will aimed at June 24 correctly and make a decision after reviewing everything that Turkey has been through in the last five years. To make our choice correctly, we need to review our criticisms, our detections, our anger and resentments once more. What’s more, we need to forget for these extraordinary transition periods.

This is not an internal policy issue! We have a greater plan

We need to know that this election is not an internal policy issue, that it is a homeland issue, that it is not just an election, and that we are going to make a choice that will determine Turkey’s place in both the region and the world.

Regardless of what plans of personal interest are made and by whom, regardless of who exploits such a great struggle, regardless of who uses this country’s heart and soul for their personal aims, we have a plan beyond, much beyond all evils. That is where we need to stand, that is our area of movement. This point, this axis will never change.

We need to know that the desire to bring an end to this country’s strongest, most prosperous and most free periods throughout the history of the Turkish Republic is a multinational project. We need to know that those on the inside, who repeat their words, their discourses, their projects and hidden agendas are certainly not national or local, that they are at least not headed toward a local goal, that they have no such plans for June 24, and that they are brought to the foreground, formatted as a foreign project.

Those camouflaged on that night, those waiting for the conjuncture…

Nobody can say that July 15 is over. Nobody can say that Dec. 17/25 is over. Nobody can deny the multinational connections of these two attacks, and that they were planned to shrink Turkey. Nobody can present the projects to switch the government through the Gezi Park terrorism as innocent.

Nobody can weaken or disrepute the July 15 martyrs who stood in front of tanks, who challenged bullets and changed the history of the region, or the great enthusiasm that gave them strength and muddy our nation’s mind.

We need to pay attention to the plans of those who did not go out that night because of fear, those who were camouflaging for other plans, waiting for the conjuncture, those who were overtly and covertly involved in the project as history was being altered that night, as the world was being challenged that night, as the biggest attack on Turkey was being thwarted that night to continue the same projects through the June 24 elections.

None of them talk about the FETÖ threat, about July 15

If you notice, none of the opposition parties are talking about July 15. Nobody is talking about the bombing of Parliament, the massacre of people, the biggest treachery of our history. They don’t even make clear statements about the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ); they don’t take a clear stance against a U.S. and Israel-linked intelligence organization that has settled in this country’s nervous system and is attempting to stage a coup in the name of the U.S.

They don’t ask for FETÖ’s leader to be brought in, and they don’t give any guarantees with respect to how they are going to fight against this organization. They have no such a political agenda or election program anyway.

They can’t, because the countries they want power from, the countries backing them are the same countries that conducted the July 15 coup attempt. They too know that if they vex them, they will not be able to do anything in this country. They think they can gain power from them. This is why they will not target them, they will not accuse them despite the crimes committed against our people.

No opposition party cares about our martyrs

None of them have a project about how the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) will be combatted. Because they have no such intention. Because the PKK is also controlled by those central powers. Those central powers are the ones that promise them power. None of them mention the Afrin operation.

Nobody talks about what the U.S. commissioned officers, who control the PKK there, are aiming to do; nobody talks about the weapons buildups made within the scope of preparing for war with Turkey; nobody focuses on the Euphrates Shield.

None of them care about our martyrs. What struggle did they put up that we are holding an election today. Otherwise, the elections would not have been very significant for a PKK state or a FETÖ state or a shrunken garrison state. Because a terror state would have been built.

This is the final stage of the great transformation

Take note, none of the opposition parties have a vision, discourse or objective for a powerful Turkey. They muddy the topics that are most sensitive for Turkey and apply a policy to discredit them.

They are trying this method because they are unable to openly oppose due to their fear of the people’s reaction. They have nothing to say about how they are going to run this country after June 24, how they are going to bring it a step forward, and the kind of regional and global policy they are going to apply.

June 24 is the last stage of the struggle this country has been putting up for the last century. It is the final stage of the great transformation. This is exactly where they want to stop us. They too know that if they can’t stop us now, they will never be able to do so again. They know that this is the last chance. Hence, a project is being implemented through the June 24 elections.

They will destroy everything in just a year

But our nation will complete the great historic march and foil this game. We are going to do this all together, we are going to do it with the spirit of the Independence War. It is loud and clear: Turkey is not going to be the victim of small, internal plans while putting up the struggle of centuries.

Those who brought our country to this day should not be left alone; we need to finish off the job we started. Hence, the June 24 threshold needs to be passed with enthusiasm and excitement.

Otherwise, even the thought of what we will lose, what this country will lose is terrifying. They will destroy this country and turn it into a wreck in only a year.


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