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They’re preparing a doomsday war… Protect Turkey!

A doomsday scenario aimed at our region is being prepared. They are making preparations to shift the war to the heart of Islam, to regionalize it and ensure that the Muslim geography is unable to recover for another century.

This is a destruction operation. This is the biggest invasion movement since World War I. What they call the “New Middle East” is actually the plan for a destroyed Middle East. What they call “new maps” is actually the plan to divide all countries, including Turkey, separating them into small garrisons, invading them one-by-one and destroying them.

They are implementing a plan that will destroy the entire area between the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea, from Iran to Saudi Arabia, from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to Egypt. The sectarian wars on one side, the Arab-Persian wars on another, and the Arab Muslim-non-Arab Muslim segregation, the conflicts in Syria and Iraq from Yemen through terrorist organizations are the first images of this doomsday scenario.

Ali Abdullah Salih’s execution and the destination of the ballistic missiles

The bombing of former Yemen President Ali Abdullah Salih’s home and then his being captured and executed while escaping are part of this doomsday scenario. The ballistic missiles launched at Saudi Arabia’s Riyadh and Jeddah airports through the Houthis, the missiles hit while passing over Mecca and the missiles launched at UAE capital Abu Dhabi through the Houthis again a few days ago are all stages of this scenario.

The U.S. and Israel establishing the UAE-Saudi Arabia axis, promoting this through “moderate Islam,” Egypt and Gulf countries also being included in the axis, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman starting major purges in Riyadh, the detention of everybody who may be against regional war through the discourse of “corruption,” the state being reformatted for great war, Prince Mohammed and UAE Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Zayed directly acting in partnership with the U.S. and Israel, are all harbingers of the nearing doomsday.

 They are making Jerusalem available! Millions should take to the streets

Israel and Saudi Arabia’s “common threat,” “intelligence sharing” discourses, some newspapers and TV channels promoting the discourse that “Israel is actually our friend, Palestine is Israel’s right,” signs that there are deals made between Saudi Arabia and the UAE, and the U.S. and Israel in relation to “Jerusalem being made available and completely given to Israel,” plans to entirely take Jerusalem from the Muslim world, U.S. President Donald Trump saying that a statement will be made tomorrow in relation to the U.S. moving its embassy to Jerusalem, are all part of this grand project.

Thus, the Jerusalem issue “will be solved with the approval of Arab leaders,” then, issues such as Mecca and Medina, which are the heart of Islam, will be laid on the table or brought to the front. The major clash planned as the Saudi Arabia-Iran war or the Arab-Persian wars in the Middle East, as well as the Mecca and Medina debate will start.

The Muslim world has the power to spoil this game, and it should spoil it. This game should be spoiled not through regimes or Arab leaders but through streets and masses; the delivery of Jerusalem must be prevented. The entire geography should be activated against this threat, millions should pour to the streets.

After Jerusalem, Mecca and Medina are next

If Jerusalem is taken, the new front will be established around Mecca and Medina. The attacks will turn toward those two centers, tanks and missiles will be turned to that direction. This is the plan they call, “shifting the war to the heart of Islam.”

This is what they were planning all along since the 1991 Gulf War. This is the war they were waging in all the plans they made under the name of “fighting terrorism.” This is the plan they acted upon when invading Iraq in 2003 and when starting the Syrian war. The terror corridor plan in northern Syria was made for this purpose.

 Salih’s murder is a warning to Ibadi and Muqtada Sadr

Following the murder of Ali Abdullah Ali, who, a short while ago, switched to Saudi Arabia’s side – which is why he was killed – Yemen may face very heavy attacks. A Saudi-Iranian war may turn the remainder of this country into ruins as well. But this war will not be limited to Yemen. Iran’s ballistic missiles launched through the Houthis at Riyadh and Jeddah were actually direct signs of war. The missiles targeting the UAE a couple of days ago are also signs of possible developments.

1-  Ali Abdullah Salih’s murder is a warning to the political actors who form an alliance with Saudi Arabia. Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi and Muqtada Sadr are the targets of this warning. Because Riyadh has attempted to remove both from then Iranian axis and has said, “Even if you are Shiite, you are still Arab. Take action with us.”

 This is how they are going to spread the war

2-   If Saudi Arabia and Israel strike Lebanon and attempt to eliminate Hezbollah, Iran will target its Saudi allies in the Persian Gulf. The UAE will be the first target. The latest missile attack is an indication of this.

3-   If Saudi Arabia conducts severe attacks on Yemen and basically attempts an invasion, Iran will again strike its allies in Riyadh’s Persian Gulf – especially the UAE. Iranian missiles will turn on this country through the Houthis or other means.

4-   The moment the Saudi Arabia-UAE alliance threatens Qatar, Iran will threaten the UAE in the Gulf. Every development in Lebanon, on its shores, or in Yemen, is a Saudi-Iranian war. They are dangerous steps that leads to a great war. The boss behind this dirty plan is the UAE. They are working as the undertakers for Israel and the U.S.

Iran has a role in Arab leaders falling in to Israel’s trap

5-   Iran’s expansion map, the geopolitical goals it carries out through sectarianism makes it easy for the U.S. and Israel. The psychological foundation of the offer to Sunni Arab countries that says, “Look, Iran is going to strike you. Let us protect you,” is Iran’s behavior. This offer confines Arab administrations into a scenario that will “destroy their countries.”

This is the kind of war we, as Turkey, are resisting

This is the kind of war we, as Turkey, are trying to resist against. We are trying to display an intelligent stance against sectarian wars and the division of countries. The reason behind the Gezi Park terror, the Dec. 17-25 intervention, the July 15 invasion and the civil war attempt is our stance.

A new economic coup is being planned with the Reza Zarrab case, which is ongoing in the U.S., and the reason behind it is again this stance. The reason behind the plan to shrink Turkey, to weaken Turkey’s resistance, to push it outside the region and to confine it within itself is the new geography design and Turkey’s likely resistance.

The ‘Turkey front,’ economic coup plan, foreign intervention tools

This is why the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), the Democratic Union Party (PYD), the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) and Daesh have been activated against Turkey and pushed to war; they are tools of invasion. Whoever is internally defending the “economic coup” attempt newly released through the Zarrab case, they are all tools of foreign intervention. The new campaign presented through Republican People’s Party (CHP) Chairman Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu is part of a coup attempt and that is how it should be noted.

There is nowhere we stand beside the “Turkey axis,” and there will be none. We know very well what is happening on the Turkey leg of the global intervention aimed at destroying the entire region and who the extensions of which projects are. Hence, we are aware of where we stand and of what we are going to resist.

Doomsday scenario and the Turkey leg

Nobody should invest in the Turkey leg that is preparing the geography for a doomsday war or make tender requests. Our people have understood and grasped the big showdown and made their attitude obvious. This is what a game changing role is, and the resistance will increasingly continue.

Those planning the Saudi-Iranian war, those making Jerusalem available and those targeting Turkey and the presidents are the same centers.

The destination of the rise will again be the ‘last castle’

As much as we need to increase Turkey’s resistance, we also need to activate all streets in the region and support the region’s resistance. Because this is the biggest multinational occupation project after World War I.

Turkey has overcome the most difficult stages of the great struggle. Following this, it will also overcome the presented “internal operation” as well as regional war risks and continue to tell the region the right things.

This was the last castle again while it was “collapsing” in World War I. In the current turn of history, the destination will again be here as it “rises.”


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