Thirteen Turks were martyred in Iraq’s Gara. What’s next? Will you be bringing terrorism to Dolmabahçe Palace? Turkey’s opposition parties’ affiliation with terrorism, Qandil is as clear as day! - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Thirteen Turks were martyred in Iraq’s Gara. What’s next? Will you be bringing terrorism to Dolmabahçe Palace? Turkey’s opposition parties’ affiliation with terrorism, Qandil is as clear as day!

A total of 13 Turkish citizens were shot execution-style and martyred in a cave on Gara mountain in Iraq.

Once again, our citizens were martyred with weapons provided by the U.S., and the support of European countries. Our nation suffered another affliction with the internal and foreign attacks targeting Turkey.

The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and other terrorist organizations are part of the West’s fight against Turkey. We need to forget the concept of “anti-terrorism.” This concept no longer has a response in regional and global power showdowns.

Terror is a foreign intervention, an open attack against Turkey

This is an direct attack against our country; it is foreign intervention. States, terrorist organizations, and certain political parties within are working together in this attack.

Those behind the attack, the terror bosses, and those providing them with political support within the country is clear. Those who are backing terrorism within, those encouraging it are crystal clear.

There is no question about the identity of those behind terrorism, on whose orders those protecting terrorists within are acting, and the great plan hidden behind these instructions. This plan is no different to the plan that destroyed and plundered the Ottoman Empire.

We have been in defense mode continuously, non-stop since 1071

We are carrying on this fight, this defense, this struggle in Turkey, in the north of Syria, in northern Iraq, in our cities, on our borders, on all the regional fronts built against us.

This defense, this fight is a struggle that has been ongoing continuously and non-stop for centuries since the 1071 Manzikert victory, since the Crusader Wars, since the conquest of Istanbul in 1453.

Traces of this struggle are present in the whole region; the fragments of this showdown exists in every stage of political history.

Gara martyrs, Jerusalem martyrs are one and the same. Enough with the mind games!

Our citizens who were martyred in Gara with bullets to the head, and our citizens who were martyred in the Battle of Independence, in Gallipoli, in the fight against the Crusaders, in the defense of Jerusalem and Medina, and in Sarıkamış are one and the same.

Nobody should dare attempt to blind us with grandiose statements. Nobody should dare pretend the U.S.’s geopolitical plans, Europe’s greed, their own political ambitions and grudges are in Turkey’s interest. Enough with the mind games.

Those waiting for ‘any sign’ are supporting terrorism against Turkey!

Those afraid of condemning terrorism, afraid of “what the U.S. might say,” those who make “condemn” but carry on “negotiations” behind the curtain and build partnerships, those waiting for “terrorism to destabilize Turkey so there would be room for them,” have all betrayed the fight of centuries.

Those waiting impatiently for the “Biden administration to intervene in Turkey,” those shamelessly waiting for orders in this regard, those meeting and making preparations among themselves, thinking that “they may receive a sign any moment,” are against Turkey in this great fight.

They are supporting terrorism. They are with the U.S. They are with European colonialists. They are supporting all those against Turkey. They have never been on Turkey’s side. Regardless of what they say, their hypocritical attitude is sufficient to reveal their front.

Look at what he’s threatening Turkey with! This statement wasted half a century.

A political party leader (Ali Babacan) can stand up and say: “The mentioning of the Kurdish issue is what most disturbs the current regime.” Who is the regime, what is Turkey, and in which country is your political party? What are you threatening Turkey with?

The U.S. and European countries have been making this statement for half a century. Turkey lost tens of thousands of its citizens because of this statement. It lost wealth. It was doomed to incredible traumas.

So, in which country’s language are you speaking? Who or what are you blackmailing Turkey with? How can we believe that a person capable of saying this has a respectable “Turkey vision”?

Terror, opposition front activated simultaneously. What is going on?

There is currently serious activity in both areas.

The PKK and other terrorist organizations are being mobilized once again to attack Turkey. The operation conducted through Bosporus University is also a part of this. Those re-escalating terrorism in Syria and Iraq are carrying on an interesting operation to bring terror to Turkey.

Internal political opposition in Turkey had previously assembled under a single roof. It suddenly became active once again, as if “there is a new expectation,” with intense communication, meetings transpiring, and their counsels with the Peoples’ Democracy Party (HDP).

The activity on both fronts seems to be correlated.

While both thrived on the statement, “We must support the opposition and remove Erdoğan” which U.S. President Joe Biden made prior to his presidency, they think that now the time is ripe.

Turkey in global showdowns

When Turkey is in question, nothing is limited to local, internal affairs. It is entirely a part of global power showdowns. We know that those who have attempted numerous coups and civil wars in the last decade are not and will not remain limited to “supporting the opposition.”

Thus, there is clearly a relationship between opposition political parties and terrorism. Those activating both sides are one and the same. Both sides are planning to make Turkey surrender and diminish it. Both sides have taken position in accordance with the West’s great project aimed at “stopping Turkey.”

Partnership evident

It is clear that Turkey’s opposition parties are unable to disassociate themselves with terrorism; they are experiencing serious difficulty in this respect, and that they are investing in the social chaos and foreign support.

Their statements condemning terrorism are not enough. Their position, their engagements, their partnerships, the bigger picture shows that they are siding with the pro-tutelage forces, colonialists, their armed elements, terrorist organizations. They have never been on Turkey’s side. They do not produce a single statement in favor of Turkey. They do not have a single pledge to make.

Felicity Party, Good Party: They must disassociate from those cooperating with terrorists

The Felicity Party (SP) and the Good Party (İP), in particular, need to disassociate themselves from the PKK (HDP). They need to end their relations with their masters. Cooperating with terrorists will drive them into such great disasters that a time will come when the PKK will be their disgrace. This is no longer any possibility for the Republican People’s Party (CHP). That project was a success and it is complete. The CHP will no longer be on Turkey’s axis.

Turkey will further strengthen the fight it has been continuing since 1071 without cease. The world cannot stop this, let alone the forces within. While they were drawing maps from the Iranian border to the Mediterranean, we were making calls for an intervention to be launched “even if it meant suicide.”

That project must be completed. They want to bring terror to Istanbul streets again

We launched an intervention and succeeded too. Nobody could stop us. However, it is incomplete. Turkey must completely purge this zone before the U.S. and its components act again.

This security map must be completed before terrorism reaches Istanbul’s streets again, before it is at the gates of Dolmabahçe Palace. What is being imposed from abroad today, what is being tasked to parties within, is the operation to bring terrorism to cities, to streets, with the objective to bring Turkey to its knees.

A price will be paid

But never forget: The intelligence, the wisdom, the political legacy, the historical march that soiled every inch of Anatolian land with martyrs blood, which won victory in Manzikert and resisted against the Crusaders will win. Regardless of whatever is done, there is no return.

We will grieve for our martyrs, but we will continue to march on. Those encouraging terrorist organizations, making room for them, carrying on secret partnerships should never undermine the nation’s conscience. There will be a price to be paid.


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