This age belongs to those who push boundaries, the limits of the mind; welcome to an age of the extraordinary. Grandiose statements, great claims, great rises and collapses will gain speed. Two shocks: Power is changing hands for the ‘first time’. Humanity is at a mental breaking point! Five-century-old Western colonial order has been shaken to its core. Turkey will not fail in any venture it takes - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

This age belongs to those who push boundaries, the limits of the mind; welcome to an age of the extraordinary. Grandiose statements, great claims, great rises and collapses will gain speed. Two shocks: Power is changing hands for the ‘first time’. Humanity is at a mental breaking point! Five-century-old Western colonial order has been shaken to its core. Turkey will not fail in any venture it takes

Talking the talk has perpetually been regarded as odd. However, the current age, the current state of humanity, this period during which fiction and reality have become intertwined, is being considered as “the age of great claims and grandiose statements.”

A time frame in which information and speed has advanced to such an extent, in which all that is considered outlandish is capable of becoming reality, may be considered on the basis of not the last century or even the last two centuries, but on the entirety of human history.

All this was talk just a year ago

If it was said a year ago that COVID-19 would emerge, lock humanity up in their homes, cities would be vacated, life would come to a standstill, numerous states would fail to deal with the crisis, powerful and rich countries of the world like the U.S. and those in Europe would be helpless, rich countries would request help from poor countries, African countries would ban Westerners from entering their countries, curfews would become routine, and everyone would be avoiding one another… Would we have believed it?

Not even a fraction of the world would have believed it

Of course, nobody knows what may happen from now onward. We are simply trying to comprehend humanity’s new journey, foresee that shattering change, and prepare accordingly.

This is an age of major transformations, sharp turns, showdowns

States, nations, and individuals are striving to achieve the same end. Whether they know it or not, the are trying to take precautions with the intuition that “something might happen,” to keep life going, centralize power to prevent likely chaos.

Today and from now on, the world is going to be the platform of major transformations – both good and bad – events, developments, sharp turns, big showdowns.

Nothing is going to follow the gradual, normal course we have become accustomed to. Life and change will never be slow and calm as it once was.

An age of extraordinariness: Great collapses, great rises. Pushing limits, pushing minds

We are going to witness great surprises, major shocks, great collapses as well as great rises.

We are in the age of miracles and extraordinariness. Thoughts that challenge faith, knowledge, technology, speed, means, abilities and minds are going to be determining.

The era of comfort and indolence in thinking, ideas and innovation has come to an end. Those who push the limits and boundaries of the mind are going to shape the future.

The boundaries or concepts and conventional opinions have been overcome. New statements are going to be made. New literature is going to be written. New values are going to be developed. New knowledge is going to be built upon the foundation of ancient human wisdom and truths.

They ruled not only with power but also illusion. We saw their weaknesses

Walls of fear have been overcome. The concepts of “power” and “opportunity” in our minds have changed. New definitions are being developed and will continue to be formed in reference to power and weakness.

We saw the shortcomings of the countries whose powers were thought to be unmatched. We saw how fragile they are and that they ruled the world with as much illusion as power.

The change in question is nothing like that which we witnessed in the 19th and 20th centuries. It is not a futuristic or fantastical pursuit either.

I am talking about a change so great that it can only be measured with the legacy of nations, countries and cities, not generations.

Political history that started with geographical discoveries is changing now

I am referring to the change of political history that started with the “geographical discoveries” deception and the “colonial” era. I am talking about the global power shifts that will cause tremors perhaps five centuries later.

I am talking about the collapse of the global power map that we call the “West,” that we call the “Atlantic,” and an extraordinary power rise of the “old world,” and that such an event is happening for the first time after centuries.

Two shocks: Power changing for the ‘first time.’ We’ve reached a great mental breaking point

Hence, history-making nations have taken action. They realized two things. First, power is changing hands for the first time in the true sense since the colonial period. This is going to trigger the collapse of many countries and the rise of others. Second, humanity has reached a great mental breaking point in terms of knowledge, technology and speed.

Eventually, this is going to lead to new economy models, new forms of thinking, new finance systems, new political identities, new social values, and new political movements.

Knowledge is no longer the oyster of just certain countries

Technology and knowledge are no longer the privileges of certain. The East has as much access to it as the West. Defense vehicles, artificial intelligence; the digital world is being built in China and South Korea to the same extent as in the U.S.

For example, the armed UAV models developed by Turkey are changing the trajectory of history, methods and concepts of war.

Thus, nations and states that have historical claims are trying to protect themselves. First, they strengthen their defense shields. Then, they take radical steps that will strengthen the central power domain.

What is Turkey doing in the Mediterranean, Libya, Syria, Iraq!

Turkey is redefining state-society relations and making preparations accordingly. It is taking steps that will keep social solidarity at its heights.

The security steps Turkey is taking in its nearby region, the systematic transformations within the country, and great breakthroughs in defense technologies are one and related to this preparation.

It taking the risk of clashing with the world’s central powers in Syria, Iraq, the Mediterranean, and Libya is one of the examples of these power shifts. This new age is the age of Turkey’s rise.

Idle, regressing, collapsing, rising countries

Seeing countries waste away and weaken is going to muddle minds across the globe. However, seeing new rising powers is going to teach us new world views.

Countries that are wasting away: The U.K., France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Gulf countries.

Countries are becoming stagnant, idle, slowing down, and will face regress such as the U.S., Japan, and the remaining European countries.

The countries that will rise on the other hand are China, Turkey, India, Russia, Germany, Brazil, Indonesia, Austria, Pakistan, and South Korea.

Strangely, a serious rise in power is taking place in non-Arab Muslim countries. Arab countries, on the other hand, are trying to establish security by going under the control of former tutelage countries instead of accumulating their own power. This is going to be the cause of their collapse.

Turkey will not fail in any venture it takes

Turkey is one of the few countries where the most staggering changes in human history can be discerned.

We are witnessing a power surge achieved through the political and geopolitical mind. However, this rise needs to be supported in the intellectual sense as well.

I am calling on everybody to discuss the next step or the next few steps. The fact is that Turkey will not fail is any venture it takes.

2,229 years

This is what the global power shift and the change of centuries stand for. Grasping change is possible by standing with Turkey. You will see that the steps taken will gain speed.

The National Defense Ministry yesterday celebrated the “2,229th anniversary” of the establishment of the Turkish Land Forces Command. This is what all the countries with historical depth and memory are doing today. These countries and nations are the ones that will draw the new power map.


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