This is a century-old showdown; get used to victory! We are going to shock them some more

The Afrin operation is the declaration that Turkey will no longer receive any threat on the “inside.” This is a new situation; it is a new state mind, new perception of the region and an attempt to build a new global power. This is a strong indicator that the threat for Turkey always comes from the outside, that it is external, and hence, a defense or attack will, from now on, be against the external threat.

Even though the presence of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party’s (PKK) Democratic Union Party (PYD) is being cleared from Afrin, the nature of the operation is a state of determined defense against a multinational invasion. Turkey is declaring that, regardless of whether the threat comes through organizations or the forces behind these organizations, it will no longer bow down, tolerate them, but show the most basic reaction and that it has started a new era that will radically change the types of threats that have been targeting it for decades.

The era of collapsing internally, sieging and stopping is over!

This declaration is made not only to the terrorist groups on the inside and those around us, but to the whole world. Some of the countries around us have set their hopes on plots that will collapse Turkey internally. It is the central eastern and western countries which are using all kinds of methods including terrorism, economic and political crises that are trying to shrink Turkey, to make it cower and to take over its control. It is to all the powers that are trying to exclude Turkey from building the global system, to push it outside of history.

The “internal operation” era is over. The political mind and experience of centuries has taken action against methods of “sieging” and pushing into a corner. The gene that makes us Seljukian, that makes us Ottoman and has brought us back up on our feet in the region that has been divided into pieces, has been activated. We call this the “new rising period.”

This is a century-old showdown: The West’s strategy of dividing countries has been collapsed

We now know that history is changing; a new power map has been formed; the geography is being reshaped; the top power domain throughout the world has been shaken; the U.S. or the West’s one-sided dominance has ended; the era of “star powers/countries” has started; the shackles of tutelage that have been holding us hostage ever since World War I have been broken; our nation’s free spirit has been revived and recovered, and that this conjuncture and the millennium-long history-making gene in this region overlap.

The era of reckoning with internal political plots, identity differentiation, terror zone plans from our surrounding circles, plans to shrink the country from the outside has started. This is a century-old showdown. This is the start of a revival era after everything we lost a century ago. This is the activation of the will to save not only Turkey but the region as well.

This is the establishment of a local axis, a resistance line, by restricting the West’s areas of influence. It is the collapse, the end of the ancient plan of the West in relation to the division, separation, partition that hit its peak with the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and continued throughout the 20th century.

This is how we lay our own map on the table!

As they prepare map drafts for the new Middle East, present division maps for all the countries in the Muslim zone – including Turkey – us challenging all this, negating those map drafts, laying our own maps on the table, is reversing history.

Afrin may be a small place, but it is where a major plan was ruined. The victory there is a response given to the destructions of World War I and its post-era. And from now on, this response will always be given. All “foreign elements of invasion” threatening Turkey in Afrin, in Manbij, in the east of the Euphrates and even all the way to the Iranian border, will receive the same response. What’s more, the real response will be given to their bosses.

 We are settling scores with US, not PKK and Daesh

The PKK, the PYD, Daesh or any other organization: they are all extensions of the U.S.-Israeli occupation. They are each a foreign threat. They are the hitmen, tools of the Western occupation targeting our countries, our lands, our nations and cities.

When fighting against these, Turkey is fighting against this multinational invasion. During the Euphrates Shield operation, it fought against not only Daesh but also the U.S. In the Afrin operation, it is fighting not only the PKK but also the U.S.-Israel plans. The shields they prepare and the arms they use are all U.S. goods. The intelligence they receive is provided by the U.S. and Israel. Those who control them are U.S. military officers. They are the ones that are actually fighting us.

We are striking without waiting for their attack, this is the issue!

This is why our fight is a national struggle; this is why it is a homeland defense. Unless we put up this fight, unless we eliminate those invasion apparatuses, unless we negate the terror zone that spans the Mediterranean and the Iranian border and turn it into a “Turkey shield,” they will attempt to invade Anatolia in the next step.

Because they tried this on July 15, 2016. They were going to cause a civil war with that attack and divide the country. Had July 15 succeeded, today, there would be blood flowing through the streets of Turkey. Since they couldn’t achieve this, they started a buildup on our south border. That is where they were going to attack from.

Right now, we are striking them with the Afrin operation before they strike us. We are intervening without waiting for them to attack. This is why the series of operations that started with Afrin, which will continue, is saving Turkey’s future, preventing a great  war and settling scores outside of our borders instead of inside our country.

They will lose: We are going to reverse the storm, shock them

You will see, they are going to lose this war. Their plans to try and siege Turkey – which they could not intervene in internally – to bring it down on its knees are also going to go down the drain. While they make plans to siege, we are going to build a Turkey shield in the region they are going to siege. The siege map is going to turn into a line of defense.

We are going to do this and succeed. As they continue to try and enter into Anatolia, we are going to establish defense lines further in the depths of the region. We are going to hunt them down in the region they identify as the “Turkey front.”

 Hunting down the threat at the focus point

Turkey has seen all the calculations, interpreted all the plans of evil and decided what it will do. This is how it is going to continue. We are no longer going to focus on the inside but the outside. We are going to look at the focus point of the threat and that is where we are going to hunt down those hunting us.

Because, this is what we have done on these lands for centuries. This is how we existed, how we made history, how we remained standing and how we gained power. This history will continue; it will continue with new speed, with a new wave of rise. We are going to do all this as we watch those trying to shrink us become weaker, regress and collapse.

We have the same stance as we did when defending Jerusalem

Why do you think the Afrin operation is strongly supported by our entire nation? Because our people know very well what is being fought for. They know we are settling scores not only with terrorist organizations but their bosses and that we are fighting against those targeting Turkey.

Therefore, right now, we are at the same point today as we were when defending Jerusalem, when defending Çanakkale, when defending Gaza, and in the War of Independence. This is why the fight is great. This is why the fight is a historical showdown. This outburst is the gravest geopolitical intervention of Turkey’s rising period.

You will see, as long as we are determined, no power will be able to stand against Turkey in that zone. We will see very soon that the U.S. will not be able to hold on or want to stay in that region either.

Get used to victory! We will go as far as necessary!

This is not a war, it is defense. This is the establishment of defense lines on those lands against those targeting Anatolia. This is stopping, punishing those tearing our countries into shreds through terrorist organizations and those who turned Mosul into ruins. And we are going to stop this.

Get used to the footage from Mt. Bursaya yesterday. You are going to see more victories like it. Because we were very patient; the more patient we were the more spoiled they became.

But that patience has now ended. It is now the era of attack. We are going to go as far as necessary. It will continue as long as required. The entire line from the Mediterranean to the Iranian border will be cleared. The bow has left the arrow; Turkey has taken action.

Just as the period of internally collapsing the country is over, the era of sieging from the outside and stopping the country is also over. In such a period, everybody should fixate their position. Those who are not with Turkey are on the enemy line.


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