This is a declaration of war against Turkey. Arab nations, we are warning you; Stop those two crown princes at once! Topple Mohammed bin Salman! Understand that the trap has been set against you!

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are playing a very dangerous game. They are openly taking steps that will signify the declaration of a war against Turkey.

They committing a series of provocations one after another for a great clash that will destroy not only themselves but also the entire region. They are mobilizing the whole Arab world to take action against Turkey in efforts to spark a Turk-Arab war.

As if the hundreds of dollars’ worth of financial and logistical support they provided for the multinational attacks against our country on July 15, 2016, was not enough, they are now forging fronts on the south of Turkey’s border. After the millions of dollars they provided the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and other terrorist organizations in northern Syria, they have now decided to finance U.S. observation points.

Fronts are being forged on Turkey’s border

The UAE and Saudi delegations are visiting PKK camps in the region, sending military experts, and deploying troops in the region. Against whom? Against us. They are building fronts along Turkey’s border. They are making joint preparations with Western militaries and terrorist organizations for a war against our country.

These two countries that have undertaken the regional role in the U.S.-Israel project to cause Turkey to collapse from the inside – and if that fails, to openly threaten it with war – are trying to pave the way for a regional war with their actions. Those who aligned with the British front against the Ottoman Empire after World War I are now being positioned in fronts against Turkey again along the U.S.-U.K.-Israel axis.

Two crown princes are plotting a very dirty game

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who ordered the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, and the UAE’s Mohammed bin Zayed, who are the hitmen of the Western invasion, are playing a disgusting and dirty game that will destroy both their own countries and the region.

They are preparing for the Great Gulf War, which is planned to be launched right after the Syria war. They are drawing the whole region into a trap in accordance with both Israel’s priorities and the U.S.’s occupation preferences in the region.

Stop these men! Stop these two crown princes!

I am calling to the people of Saudi Arabia, and the people of Gulf countries.

Stop these two men! Stop these two crown princes!

A very dangerous game has been set up. Do not take the bait, annihilate this trap.

If possible, push Mohammed bin Salman and Mohammed bin Zayed out of the region. Distance them from your countries and Arab territory. Take away their power. If possible, silence these two enemies of Arabs who are anti-homeland and anti-region! In order to prevent the great war that targets the lives of millions of Muslims and will lead to the ruin of our countries, sideline these two men first.

They are hitmen for the Muslim Civil War, silence them!

Do you not see that this is going to lead to the massacre, the genocide of Muslims?

Do you not see that preparations for the “Muslim Civil War” are being made through them?

They are preparing for a “Turk-Arab war” like a century ago; prevent this war, stop this course of events.

Arab streets, those who have common sense, do not give way to those who are trying to push Arabs into war against both Iran and Turkey.

As the people of Turkey, we recognized this danger and you should grasp it too.

Realize that our animosity toward Mohammed bin Salman and Mohammed bin Zayed is not solely about the Khashoggi matter, but the project itself! I have been drawing attention to this danger for the last two years and, step-by-step, it is nearing. Wake up!

People of the region! Did you not see the Iraq and Syria wars? These massacres are going to be repeated in each of your countries. They are going to be repeated in Persian Gulf countries and in Saudi Arabia. Come to your senses!

Power elites in Riyadh, topple Crown Prince Salman

Power elites in Riyadh, topple the crown prince; sideline him and remove him from the equation. Save your country. Save the Gulf, save the region.

Regardless of how many troops they amass along our borders, we have been fighting for a millennium and will continue to do so. We can and will find a way to remain standing. We are a nation that has stood up against the West, and we will continue to do so. You should think about yourselves, not us. Understand that the trap has been set against Arabs, the Persian Gulf and Saudi Arabia.

We are going to accept this as a declaration of war. But you are the ones who will see war!

We are thinking not only about ourselves but also about you and the region. The trap has been set against the entire Muslim world. It has been set against all our homelands, do you not see? If it continues like this, we will very soon see tanks at the doors of the Kaaba, and Western warplanes in Mecca and Medina skies. Can you not comprehend this, are you unable to perceive what is approaching?

Amassing troops in Turkey’s south, financing terrorist organizations that are attacking Turkey, settling on the same front as them, and footing the expenses of U.S. and Israeli garrisons is going to be perceived as the declaration of war against our country.

Take action, exile the two traitors…

Your troops are also going to die when we protect our nation and borders. Prevent this. Do not allow Arab forces to fight side by side with terrorist organizations under the U.S. and Israeli command.

Arab people, Arab streets, Arab political elites, intelligentsia, journalists, troops, businessmen, and everyone who is in their right mind: stand up! Exile these two traitors from your lands. If you do not throw them out, the war is going to settle in the heart of Arabs and your nations are going to be destroyed.

Take action!


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