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This is a millennium-old showdown and we are going to win it

The visa scandal revealed all of the U.S.’s dirty plans. The failure of the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ), the discovery of its connections with the U.S. and, the operation launched in Idlib, following the Euphrates Shield, to expand toward the West, washed down the drain their “terror corridor” plans and preparations for a new attack on Turkey. The U.S. administration started an undeclared war against Turkey. Let’s look at it in detail:

July 15 was not only a coup attempt by FETÖ, it was also an open U.S. intervention in Turkey. Unlike the classic coup attempts, it was an outside intervention. The scenario was played out through Fetullah Gülen and his terrorist organization, settled all the way in the cells of the state system in Turkey.

Turkey was going to be taken under control, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the leading group supporting him would be completely eliminated and the country would be pulled toward the U.S. axis again and placed under tutelage. There was even more:

That night our nation buried the world system into history

Had the scenario been a success, Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) elements would be activated to divide Turkey and Erdoğan would be assassinated in Marmaris or taken captive. The legend of Turkey, dreams of a star country would become history, plans to exist once again a century later, to be on the rise were going to be reset.

On the night of July 15, 2016, our nation repelled an invasion operation, not a coup. They ruined the plans the multinational consortium had for Turkey. They presented a model, an example of resistance to world history. They destroyed the reputation of the invasion and hegemony order that we call the international system. This was a grave defeat, a state of disgrace for the U.S. Their plans did not work out for the first time, giving them a taste of failure.

US Ambassador Bass is responsible for those crimes

U.S. Ambassador to Ankara John Bass was right at the center of this attack. He and his team are responsible for all the murders committed on the night of July 15. They are also responsible for plotting the assassination of the president of Turkey and executing this plan. They are also responsible for helping the FETÖ-member CIA agents in Turkey flee. They are also responsible for the bombing of Parliament.

Now, as the couriers, the agents at the embassy are taken under custody and interrogated, as the dirty connections started to surface, Bass dropped the bomb just before he left. He is using the visa crisis to hide the dirty files, the bloody plots.

They started an undeclared war

The visa crisis is not the sole indicator of the deep rift between Turkey and the U.S. The military embargo, the psychological war between Ankara and Washington, and most importantly, the terror corridor formed in the south, the hundreds of kilometers long front are all signs that the U.S. has started an undeclared war against Turkey.

Turkey is face-to-face with the biggest threat in the history of the Turkish Republic. Barzani’s referendum decision is part of this war. Every intervention through the PKK’s Syrian affiliate, the Democratic Union Party (PYD), is an outside threat, an attack targeting the region. These are also the elements of the U.S.’s open attack against Turkey.

Stopping Erdoğan, stopping Turkey

The “stopping Erdoğan” project has turned into the “Stopping Erdoğan and Turkey” project, and the U.S.’s military buildup in the region has become a primary and an immediate threat for Turkey. They are now trying to do what they failed on July 15 by opening fronts from the north of Syria and Iraq. They will continue this.

They are going to further strengthen the front and leave no room for Turkey to breathe. The U.S. administration, which has declared an ally of terrorist organizations such as the PKK, PYD and Daesh against a NATO ally, lastly included Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) President Masoud Barzani in this front too, threatening Turkey’s integrity. It is great scandal, a dangerous tendency for the world that it could even think this, regardless of whether it succeeds or not.

That map is the most primary and immediate threat

The map drawn up in the north of Iraq and Syria is a threat for the entire region and is the clear indication of what might happen to every country from now on. Regardless of whether they are in the Western alliance or against it, all countries are being threatened in this context and left to face the risk of division.

An alliance with the U.S. and Europe is no longer a guarantee for the future of Turkey. Because the threat is coming from allies; the division maps for Turkey, Iran and Saudi Arabia are being drawn up in these capitals. As the world’s power map is changing, Turkey must find new areas of security, assess these well and make bold decisions.

Turkey will know to fend off this attack too

A country that is under the heavy embargo of the West, as a matter of fact a country that is subjected to attacks through all terror elements, is obliged to take all kinds of radical steps to guarantee its own future. Turkey, which possesses a political mind that uses power and pursuit in the most rational way, will analyze the new threats very well and take the necessary steps.

July 15 was repelled with this mind, with this mind shaping the community. Now they opened a new front. They are getting ready to attack Turkey from northern Syria and Iraq. They are preparing a build-up for this reason. They are dividing the country into two for this purpose. They are going to occupy our country’s entire southern border from the Mediterranean to Iran with military bases, missile ramps, training camps and garrisons.

 Second wave post-July 15: Be ready for resistance

They are going to pressure Turkey from here; they are going to want to suffocate it in Anatolia. While doing this, they are going to try and create new ethnic wars on the inside and form new political cadres and movements that would wipe out the current national axis. Hence, the second wave of July 15, the second intervention attacks have started.

A multinational consortium that cannot digest Turkey’s growth, its recovering after a century and activating itself and its surroundings has been formed and, through this formation, other groups have replaced FETÖ and have been given the order to “open the Turkey front.” So, the new fight has also started.

This is a millennium-old fight and we are going to win it

This is a big fight. It is a deep settlement of scores that has been ongoing since the Seljuks, since the Ottomans. This is the fight of Turkey, of the region which was ruined with World War I. It is Turkey’s fight to exist all the way to the Indian border. Turkey is at the foremost line of this fight. Because it is a country that has been at the foremost line of all struggles throughout its political history.

We are going to win this game. We are going to overcome these multinational attacks. The history-making role cannot be prevented again; the flow of history cannot be stopped. Hence, the Euphrates Shield was a spectacular geopolitical move. The Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) that entered Idlib yesterday are part of the same geopolitical plan. The U.S.-Israel corridor spanning the Iranian and Mediterranean borders must certainly be prevented, because this is a plan for the future, it is a problem of existence.

Those weapons are being brought for us, nobody can deny this

Nobody can fool us into believing that this is an ethnic matter. Nobody can present this great division scenario as a rift between Turks and Kurds. Nobody can confine the multinational invasion plans targeting the region between sectarian identities. Nobody can serve these games to our people through a blinding operation. Nobody can question the position taken by Turkey in the name of anyone else and set up a trap for this country.

The attacks targeting our country are now conducted openly. Even though they are carried out through organizations, failing to see that the weapons accumulated on our border by the U.S. and shipped to the PKK will be used in the future directly against Turkey is foolishness. While this is the state, we are not blind enough to not see that those trying to drag this country to civil war are now taking steps to strike through Syria and Iraq.

That zone will be prevented whatever the cost

Because we have never been “blind” in any period of history. We have only been weak, unable to move, but we never lost that deep political mind. We are still the same. We take action with the same mind. This is why we see from who and how the threat comes. This is why we are taking measures against the danger approaching from the north of Syria and Iraq. This is why we do not pay attention to the lies presented to the Turkish public.

Therefore, whatever the price, that zone will be prevented. A “self-defense” movement has been launched against the operation aiming to surround and siege Turkey. Through interventions from Afrin, from Ayn al-Arab, from northern Iraq, that multinational map will be negated.

‘Relentless Fight,’ the great showdown

Each action we take on this zone is an operation to defend Turkey. It is an effort to stop those trying to move the war to Turkey. It is a struggle to throw in their faces the divided maps they have drawn for Turkey. It is an attempt to say “stop” to those wanting to drag our region into never-ending ethnic wars, to sectarian clashes.

This is a “Relentless Fight.” The threat has been identified; from where and how it will come has been seen. Turkey’s localization, nationalization, growth and re-starting the rising period are being targeted. They will not succeed, but an extraordinary showdown awaits us.

The operation launched in Idlib must extend to Afrin, to Tal Abyad

The second wave of July 15, the state of alarm against attacks to come from the south and within must be taken into account. This is why, regardless of who says what, Turkey must complete the process it started in Idlib. This is why, including nuclear technology, Turkey must begin extraordinary defense preparations.

Very soon we are going to witness the kinds of crises going on in the homes of those who carried these crises to our country. We are going to see how ethnic crises, racists disintegrations are going to come knocking at their doors. The world is no longer being controlled from the Atlantic. That era is long over.

The tutelage period is over for Turkey. That century has ended. This is what they don’t understand. They soon will.

The US and its partners are controlling many terrorist organizations from Incirlik Air Base 

The visa issue is not a simple reaction. It has revealed their thoughts. The U.S. is no longer an ally and will not be able to become an ally. Military bases like Incirlik have turned into threats for Turkey’s national security. They must absolutely be laid on the table and assessed within the scope of fighting terrorism.

Because the U.S. and its partners are controlling many terrorist organizations from Incirlik Air Base.


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