This is how both ‘terror’ and ‘sea’ corridors were collapsed. Libya constitutes a defense shield in the Mediterranean. Turkey is the region’s geopolitical mind. Everyone who rejects Turkey’s extended offer of brotherhood will lose. Because Turkey has scores to settle with the West alone. One day Saudi Arabia will ask for Turkey’s help too - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

This is how both ‘terror’ and ‘sea’ corridors were collapsed. Libya constitutes a defense shield in the Mediterranean. Turkey is the region’s geopolitical mind. Everyone who rejects Turkey’s extended offer of brotherhood will lose. Because Turkey has scores to settle with the West alone. One day Saudi Arabia will ask for Turkey’s help too

They first opened an anti-Turkey front in northern Iraq. Then they opened another in northern Syria. Later, they joined these two fronts and prepared “terror corridor” plans. They attempted to draw a map and expand this map within Turkey.

They slyly and secretly founded organizations and joined organizations for this “corridor.” They activated their public instruments within Turkey for this purpose, and carried out Kobani-like psychological operations. They were “closing in” on Turkey from the south.

They thought Turkey consisted of Turkey only. They didn’t take into account its political gene.

We really thought the “reconciliation process” was peace, but instead, it turned out to be planned as the “inside leg” of this front. The invasion of Iraq, the Syrian war, and the reconciliation process were all one and the same plan. The moment they thought the atmosphere was ready in Iraq, in Syria, in Turkey, they intervened through the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ), and made this country go through the July 15 ordeal.

According to them, the plan was running like clockwork. Turkey no longer had any chance of stopping this plan. They thought that this would be the case, because they thought Turkey consisted of the Republic of Turkey only. They had failed to take into account the Seljuks, the Ottomans, and centuries of political experience.

They were going to erect thick walls from Iranian border to Mediterranean. All plans went down the drain.

That gene has now taken action. The chain of interventions that started with the Euphrates Shield completely destroyed their “terror corridor” plans. Their buffer zone plan spanning the Iranian border and the Mediterranean went down the drain.

They were going to build thick walls between Turkey and the Arab world; this was not only going to be a security wall but also a demographic wall. It all went down the drain. They failed to see that Turkey is the region’s main dynamic power and that the equation would now be formed based on this.

Siege plan: It didn’t work via land, let's try from sea. You will drown in Mediterranean!

But they did not stop. They immediately started to gather in the East Mediterranean. They started to carry their fleets to the east of the Mediterranean and threaten Turkey from here. This time the “siege” was being done via sea, not land.

From the East Mediterranean to the Aegean, they tried to form an “anti-Turkey bloc” consisting of many countries. They attempted to share the Mediterranean among themselves through Israel’s natural gas resource exploration while keeping Turkey out. This time they were set to establish the “sea corridor buffer zone.”

Turkey became involved in every area of this consortium with both its fleet and drillship. It negated all the agreements that were made until this intervention.

The harder they struck, the further Turkey went

It became apparent that Turkey is, in fact, the real force of the Mediterranean. It was confirmed once more that no plans can be made without Turkey. Israel, Egypt, the Greek Cypriot Administration, Greece, among many other countries, would not be able to do anything “against Turkey’s will.”

Making threats and drills in the Mediterranean, around the Aegean islands would all go to waste. The sole outcome of encouraging Athens to attack Ankara would be to the detriment of Greece.

The more they strived to siege and stop Turkey, the further Turkey went it established its defense lines there. This is what happened in Iraq and Syria, and it is also what is happening in the Mediterranean. Soon, it is going to be the same in the Aegean.

If Athens is provoked, others will bring islands to table

If Greece falls for Israel, the EU, and Egypt’s provocations and attempts to get into a showdown with Turkey, it will see that these countries have turned it into a terrorist organization, a tool, an item.

If Athens falls for these countries’ provocations and attempts to corner Turkey through the islands, it will not be long before the 12 Island issue is brought to the table against Athens. That is when it will be seen that what these countries will do for Athens is far less than the “encouragement” they gave.

We’re now giving right answer in Libya. This is geopolitical mind.

Turkey is now giving the best answer to those that are trying to stop it in the Mediterranean from Libya.

They first bet on Khalifa Haftar against Turkey. When that did not work, they placed their bets on Aqilah Saleh. That did not work either so they then bet on Sisi. After that failed as well, they tried to activate NATO. That did not work, so they tried to set up an Arab bloc against Turkey. When all failed, they called the Arab League to assembly. Nothing worked and nothing will work.

It will not work, even if France or Russia come as well. Turkey is going to establish the biggest defense line in Libya and not allow the country to be divided into pieces and destroyed.

Macron’s futile threats: There’s nothing he can do

French President Emanuel Macron’s nonsense statements, “Turkey is playing a dangerous game and we will not allow it,” are nothing but bluffs. France is going to face defeat not only in the Mediterranean but also in Africa. The time of hiding behind terrorist organizations and acting like a dignified country is over.

The colonial tradition of a country that is behind the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people in Algeria is going to be brought to the fore. The attacks on the statues of racists, slave traders, and colonialists in the U.S. and Africa are the actions of an awakening. France is going to get a response from here too.

Turkey is a regional powerhouse

Turkey is a regional powerhouse. Every step it takes further boosts this power. The steps it has taken in the north of Syria and Iraq, in the Mediterranean, in North Africa and in the Aegean involve serious geopolitical intelligence. Its next steps will be no different.

A time will come when Turkey will make a surprising outburst concerning everything Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have done to Turkey until now. An intervention region will take shape.

Everyone who rejects Turkey’s offer of brotherhood will lose

Those who reject Turkey’s brotherhood offer will lose both in the world of the present and the future. This is the case because, after becoming Muslim, Turks are the only nation in this region to jump to the rescue of whoever is in trouble in the Muslims region. It is the sole nation that united the Muslim world for centuries and settled scores with the West only.

Time will come when Saudi Arabia requests Turkey’s help

Today, Turkey is working on laying the foundations of a regional brotherhood. Because it knows very well what the last century put every nation through, including itself. It knows very well what happened in this region. It also is well aware that the West wants to make the 21st century even worse than the 20th century. These are not ethnic issues but rather political, historical, identity, and belonging ones.

Note that a time will come when Saudi Arabia asks for Turkey’s help.


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