This is a Seljuk march, an Ottoman march, a march of the Turkish Republic. Open your eyes, wake up!

It is no longer possible to stop Turkey. It will no longer be possible to place this country under tutelage, make it an orderly again. Regardless of who it might be, whether it be the U.S. and Israel or European countries or another force, from now on, it will not be possible to subdue Turkey. It will not be possible to control Turkey, whether it be by foreign intervention or by the hand of “internal invaders” served from within the country.

Because, already, Turkey, which is one of the central countries of the global power domain, does not need any such unilateral dependency relations – and will have no need for such from now on either.

Regardless of whether the U.S. refuses to sells the F-35s, starts a weapons sanction, EU countries attempt to intervene in the election and start a secret embargo, Israel assumes an attitude, its partners on the inside confuse minds, certain Arab countries are used as hitmen, terrorist organizations are activated, none of these will lead to results anymore. Let alone controlling Turkey through these methods, it will no longer be possible to even influence it.

From now on, we will not be discussing the world, rather the world will be discussing us

After the June 24 elections, we are going to see a country that has ended its internal debates, one that has completely opened out to the region and the world. We are going to see a country that is regionally and globally-oriented, rather than a country that is introverted. We are going to see a power whose regional activity has increased extraordinarily, not one that is struggling with internal problems. We are going to see a country that is discussed abroad, not locally.

We are going to see a Turkey that destroys terrorism at its source, not one that tries to defeat it internally. We are going to see a country that directs its operation capability abroad, not a country that is subjected to operations; we are going to have a country that defends itself abroad, at the source of the threat, not inside the country or at its borders.

From now on, we will not be discussing the world, rather the world will be discussing us. There will be a country that takes action according to its own regional and global projects, not one that acts according to the projects of others. There is now going to be a period in which the statements of those who think, “What will the U.S. say, what will the EU say, what will Israel say” lose significance, power and plausibility, and the voice that says, “What will Turkey say” gains strength.

When we march the region will march, history will change. Believe it!

June 24 is going to be the date that this country, that the will in this country which has made history since the Seljuks, the political gene that rebuilt the Seljuk-Ottoman-Republic durability retakes action and the date that the final stage of the change targeting this this is completed.

Therefore, support this new great rise. Join Anatolia’s “Third” great history-maker will and march. Do not forget, when we march, the Balkans are going to march, the Caucasus is going to march, Mesopotamia is going to march, the entire region is going to march. When we march, history is going to change once more, the region is going to be built once more, the Seljuks, the Ottoman, the Turkish Republic is going to march once more. This is the way it has been for a millennium – it is going to be the same once more.

This has no political identity, this is going to be a straight path

Do not pay attention to the Fetullah Terrorist Organization’s (FETÖ) efforts to cause confusion; do not pay attention to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and its derivatives’ efforts to cause confusion; do not pay attention to the mental operations of the pro-FETÖ and pro-Democratic Union Party (PYD) groups’ mental operations; do not pay attention to the hidden agendas of the “conservative opposition”; do not pay attention to the personal scores and grudges of the opposition parties that are still in the world of three decades ago and that produce nothing today; and do not pay attention to the dirty plans that come from the Atlantic circle and the south.

This is a historical reckoning, it is a civilization reckoning, a power reckoning. It is one of the greatest tests of our millennia-old history; it is a straight path that separates the right from the wrong.

This cannot have a political identity. It has no ethnic identity, sectarian identity, or Cold War-remnant political partiality. This is a Turkey cause, it is a historical showdown, it is the struggle to place Turkey right at the center in the world that is being re-established, and it is the effort to carry our centuries-old claims and theories to the present.

There is no East or West for us, ‘we’ are the center now

Thus, there is no longer the East or West for us. There is no North or South. There is no Europe or Asia. They all exist, but we are at the center, and so are our region, our plans, our claims, our memory, our ideals, our ebullience and struggle.

Let us not personalize this great struggle, obscure it or sacrifice it for the personal grudges of certain political parties and leaders. June 24 is not a party matter, it is not a strict power matter, and it is not a matter of political words that lack vision. June 24 is not only an election; it is a choice, a vote of destiny.

It is an issue of deciding what will happen to the future of Turkey, deciding on whether it will grow or shrink. This will be the true outcome of June 24. Then, there is a national, historic issue; there is a responsibility of standing on the homeland axis.

The Euphrates Shield, Afrin and Qandil ops are the sounds of Turkey’s footsteps

Then, a decision needs to be made about who is on Turkey’s side and to what extent, and who, to what extent, is on the side of multinational operations. This is a vital decision. This truth cannot be hidden with futile words that muddy minds. The re-activation of the millennia-old political gene cannot be weakened through personal resentment and anger.

The Euphrates Shield, Afrin operation and intervention on Qandil are the sounds of Turkey’s footsteps. There is going to be more; even if the entire world unites against it, there is going to be more, there has to be. Two years ago, some accused the cries of “whatever the cost, even if it meant suicide, Turkey must intervene from the Iranian border to the Mediterranean” as “warmongering” and carrying out smear campaigns. We know who organized all this, but we are keeping quiet for now.

Mosul-Aleppo is our defense line

But this reality could not be avoided. This country had no other choice but to gain strength. This country could not stand still; it would collapse the moment it stopped. Now, regardless of which country or organization is in that zone spanning the Iranian border and the Mediterranean, it is clear that we have no other choice than to be in that zone.

That entire zone above the Mosul-Aleppo line is a security area for Turkey. It cannot be left unstable in any way. If it is going to remain unstable, Turkey must take control over it. The regional and global conjuncture will give this void to Turkey.

We will see in the next few years that this is what will happen. Wherever there is multinational terrorism, whether it be in Ayn el-Arab, Qamishli, Hasakah, Mahmur, wherever there are intervention plans, that will be Turkey’s target and the interventions in question will certainly be carried out.

Erdoğan’s march: The Seljuk march, the Ottoman march, the Republic march

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s march is a Seljuk march, an Ottoman march, a march of the Republic and the march of the future Turkey. Its foes know that this is the way it is as much as its allies do. Its enemies on the inside target it for being like this. Its enemies on the outside target it to “stop Turkey.”

This is the destiny march of a nation; it is the march of Anatolia, the march of the region. Every time that Anatolia has risen, so has the region, and a milestone in history has taken place – that is what will happen this time too. Everybody who looks at the thousand-year-old past will see that this is how it is.

Open your eyes…

This is the defense of Jerusalem, the War of Independence!

This the kind of moment of truth that June 24 is. It is no different than the defense of Jerusalem, the defense of Medina, the defense of Çanakkale, and the War of Independence. It might seem exaggerated to some, but when we take into consideration the region, the world and Turkey’s future, it is exactly like this. Because, unless we lay these foundations today, unless we decide for that powerful Turkey, if we turn into the playground of certain groups, those regions will not be able to be defended again. The decision we make today will lay the foundations of this defense.

Open your eyes. Do not believe in petty words, promises, or obscurations. Look at the past, look at the struggle of centuries. Decide for the future. Give strength to today’s founding generation, founding cadre.

Because if we miss out on this opportunity, they are not going to give us a chance for another century. This you can be sure of.


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