Those trying to duplicate the May 27 coup today, those implying Erdoğan’s fate will be the same as Menderes: you are not going to be able to stop Turkey a ‘third time’! You tried on July 15. Don’t you dare try it again. We passed the final test. The world is now watching the rise of a global power - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Those trying to duplicate the May 27 coup today, those implying Erdoğan’s fate will be the same as Menderes: you are not going to be able to stop Turkey a ‘third time’! You tried on July 15. Don’t you dare try it again. We passed the final test. The world is now watching the rise of a global power

Today is the 60th anniversary of the coup conducted on May 27, 1960.

Today, together with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, we too are going to Yassıada (the Island of Democracy and Freedom), where former Prime Minister Adnan Menderes was executed on Sept. 17, 1961.

We will be there in spite of those who are trying to duplicate May 27 today.

We will be there in spite of those who want to repeat the murders that were committed 59 years ago.

We will be there in spite of those who “stopped Turkey” six decades ago, and those trying to “stop it a third time” today.

In spite of those who rendered us orphans of history

We are there against those who want to sabotage the great Turkey ideal, corner our people in Anatolia, and confine them there in a helpless, miserable, captive, and oppressed state.

We are there to continue the legacy of the Seljuks, the Ottomans, and Turkey.

We stand there against those who made us orphans of history.

We are the true children of the nation: Uncorrupted by foreign powers, foreign plans

We will not just be present there but in every inch of Anatolia, in every corner of the region, in every stage of the struggle, in every front of the fight, and right at the center of solidarity.

We are here with our mind, memory, heart and soul.

We are the true children of this nation: We have not been corrupted by any foreign power, any foreign plan, any anti-Turkey formation; we are the continuation of a generation of martyrs who have never prioritized their personal interests.

The Ottoman Empire was destroyed by history’s biggest Crusade

We stand here against all plans of invasion, from the Byzantine to the Crusades, from the pro-tutelage groups of the 20th century to those who are striving to rebuild it.

The collapse of the Ottoman Empire is the greatest Crusade attack in history. Today, in the 21st century, the same plans are being implemented to stop modern day Turkey.

We are putting up a more widespread fight than the War of Independence against this great front, against the structures they have formed within the country, against their supporters in the region.

This was the fight, this was the resistance they were seeking to break on July 15, 2016.

Hence, the Turkey effect from Libya to Syria, from Central Africa to South Asia today are the fronts of this fight. It is a new wave of revival in the region after World War I, after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire, after Turkey’s escape from tutelage.

May 27, Sept 12, Feb 28, July 15 were all foreign interventions

Yassıada, which has now been redefined as Democracy Island and designed for international congresses and summits had been the symbol of “internal invasion” until today. From now on it is going to be a symbol of democracy, peace and solidarity.

The events that took place in our recent history, coups, interventions cannot be classified as Turkey’s “internal power struggles.” Every coup is a foreign intervention.

The May 27 coup that had Menderes and his friends executed, the Sept. 12 coup, Feb. 28 intervention, July 15 attack were all foreign interventions. They were all interventions aimed at keeping Turkey under control, keeping it under tutelage.

Generals reporting to Israel, US intel directing terror on July 15

We saw generals during the Feb. 28 process reporting to Israel.

We saw Western intelligence personnel directing terrorism on Istanbul’s streets during the Gezi Park incidents.

We saw how the traitors who bombed our Parliament, our nation on July 15 were controlled by U.S. intelligence.

We saw from whom those seeking to abduct this country’s president and kill him got their orders.

Nowadays, we see those wanting to duplicate May 27, those repeating what happened to former Prime Minister Adnan Menderes. We know who they are getting their instructions from as well.

You will not be able to stop Turkey a ‘third time’!

They first stopped Turkey by executing Adnan Menderes.

They stopped it a second time with Turgut Özal’s death.

On July 15, they tried to stop it a third time by attempting to topple Erdoğan. They failed, so they want to try again.

We have come to today by fighting, struggling, and resisting in every corner of the region since the Battle of Manzikert in 1071.

Now, those who buried an empire into history are trying to stop Turkey once again. They are striking from every corner of the region; they are attacking from within, from Ankara again.

A ‘Turkey resistance’: A fight between the cowards and the brave, between the patriots and traitors

They are trying to strike from Western capitals, the bigoted regimes of the Middle East, from within the system, through the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) and terrorist organizations.

Those who destroyed the Ottoman Empire during World War I, those who established fronts with their partners in the region are attacking from abroad again today and finding partners in our region, building fronts within.

The plan, the method, the aim is one and the same. This is the fight between the native and foreign, patriots and traitors, those wanting a free Turkey and the pro-tutelage groups, the cowards and the brave.

This is a Turkey resistance.

World witnessing rise of a global power. You will learn as well

Plans by the CHP, FETÖ, the PKK, and the terrorist organizations acting in cooperation with them to destroy Erdoğan are prepared in Western capitals and implemented through them.

However, they are not facing the old Turkey. Their hopes are going to squashed once more. This country is now in a showdown against their bosses and is more powerful.

History has changed. They lost. They were written into the wrong pages of history.

This country will never again witness another May 27.

It will never again experience another July 15.

It will never again be taken under tutelage.

Because the world is witnessing the rise of a global power.

You will learn it too.


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