Those who say ‘The oppression started in 1453,’ and those who say ‘Vienna 1683’ are one and the same. Those who say don’t cross over to the west of Istanbul and those who closed off the bridge on July 15 are one and the same. The mosque massacre in New Zealand is not terrorism. This is a millennium-old showdown. And we are on these lands for another millennium!

Those who write, "The oppression started in 1453" on street walls throughout Istanbul, and the murderers who wrote "Vienna 1683" on their rifles in New Zealand and martyred 49 Muslims during the Friday congregational prayer, are one and the same.

The mind and will that tried to topple President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and "stop Turkey" through the Gezi Park terror, and the mind and will trying to turn global Islamophobia to anti-Turkey sentiment (Turkophobia) are one and the same.

The radical Christian murderers in New Zealand, those who say, "We are going to free the Hagia Sophia of minarets, do not attempt to live on the European side of Istanbul, that is Constantinople," and those who closed-off the bridge traffic between the Asian and European sides of Istanbul on the night of July 15, 2016, are one and the same.

Supposedly, 'If Erdoğan is toppled, Turkey will weaken'!

Keep on dreaming

The new Crusaders saying, "If Erdoğan is toppled, Turkey will weaken, and those that are now provoking the entire Arab region against Erdoğan after Europe, and carrying on operations within Turkey in this direction, are one and the same.

The project to "stop Turkey" has become the joint goal of the entire West. In order to achieve this, toppling Erdoğan first has become a joint goal.

Turning Islamophobia, xenophobia, anti-immigrant sentiment to anti-Turk and anti-Turkey sentiment, has become a new and rising political discourse, attempt and project.

We didn't call this country the 'last fortress' for nothing

The West is bringing centuries-old historical showdowns to the present. It is mobilizing terrorist organizations, racists, and radical Christian groups for this cause. Sieging Islam globally, closing in on Turkey at the regional level, isolating and weakening it have become the main goals.

We did not call this country the "last fortress" for nothing. We know that if this fortress falls, a region, a civilization will fall, it will be taken hostage once again, banished from history, and that they want us to go through another 20th century all over again.

This is the year of showdowns

We know that the 21st century is the showdown century for us, that even though we may not want it, they are striving for this, that those who destroyed the Ottoman Empire and an entire region are making a new destruction plan, that after the occupation of Jerusalem, they want to destroy Mecca and Medina and shame Muslims to the extent they can no longer lift up their heads from embarrassment.

This is the plan they are carrying out through Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and United Arab Emirates (UAE) Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed. The scenario they are playing out through Daesh and other terrorist organizations is also the same. This is also the background of the plan to siege Turkey from northern Syria.

West's target is Turkey.

This has always been the case for a thousand years

This is the main objective of the doctrine called "fighting global terrorism" that they declared in the 1990s. This is the reason why they plundered and destroyed our region from Afghanistan to Iraq under this guise.

The central target in all these destruction operations is Turkey. This is the reason why they are tightening the noose around Turkey with time.

This is not terrorism.

It is a mindset, a showdown.

The violent attack in New Zealand targeting Muslims is not lone-wolf terrorism. It is not racism alone. It is a mindset; it is putting the subconscious to action. It is reaching their revenge and destruction plan intentions to the farthest corners of the earth.

It is a strong sign that those perpetrating the "War against Islam, Islam will fight among itself" theory worldwide, are going to turn the "showdown with Turkey" into a global doctrine as well.

We are on these lands for another millennium!

It is proof that those who destroyed Andalusia seven centuries later, have never given up on their dreams about Istanbul and Anatolia. The will that signaled a message from Istanbul during the Gezi Park events and the July 15 coup attempt, is signaling Vienna, Istanbul back from New Zealand.

But they will see that we will be on these lands for another millennium. They will see the history-making genetic activated again after a century-long hiatus. They will see that both the east and the west of Istanbul belong to us and that will always be the case.

The message from New Zealand is loud and clear:

These are cells spread around the globe

They are going to see once more in this century what it means to build a region, what it means to draw a map. They will see how these signs, messages strengthen this nation, trigger them to take action, and how this will lead to a power shift.

The New Zealand shooters are not only murderers. They are not only racist members of Christian terrorism. They are also intelligence cells spread throughout the world - this includes the messages, actions, and the places chosen. Those who call this strictly terrorism must be blind.

We received a very important message from New Zealand. We already knew it, but we got it anyway. We see ahead of us, we know what we are going to do, and we predict what will happen.

Turkey has no choice but to build extraordinary power

Turkey has no choice but to invest in power. Turkey has no choice other than strengthening its defense shields, its central power domain, and social solidarity.

This country and the millennium-old Anatolian history were built through strength. As we became freed from the tutelage of the 20th century, as we started to rise again, and started to build strength, the historical showdown of a millennium was brought to the fore all over again.

This is a turning point in history. Whether they like it or not, this shift will happen. Whether they freak out of fear, this march will continue. After three major destructions, the third great rise from Anatolia has started and cannot be stopped.

The whole world will see that this march cannot be stopped by a racist mob of murderers.


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