Three great interventions in three weeks… The Israeli, EU, and Arab regimes are stunned. The terror zone and their map project are history now! Erdoğan, Putin, Trump… These three leaders are changing the world... The world is watching Turkey’s comeback. This is Turkey's ascent! - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Three great interventions in three weeks… The Israeli, EU, and Arab regimes are stunned. The terror zone and their map project are history now! Erdoğan, Putin, Trump… These three leaders are changing the world... The world is watching Turkey’s comeback. This is Turkey's ascent!

In just three weeks Turkey took three major geopolitical steps that endangered the position of central powers and ended the biggest project ongoing in our region. It negated all the plans that started the Syria war.

The first step was of a military aspect on the battleground; the second was political and at the diplomacy table; the third was one of “central powers”; and Turkey emerged victorious in all three.

It proved itself as a third big power beside two big states such as the U.S. and Russia.

Israel, Europe, Arab regimes are stunned…

Turkey carried out its military and diplomatic operations on the field with intelligent coordination amid the astonishment of Europe, Israel and the U.S.-controlled Arab regimes, and got what it wanted.

It achieved the “impossible” through Operation Peace Spring. Despite the U.S., Russia, the Arab alliance, and EU countries such as Germany and France, Turkey proved everyone wrong.

It demonstrated, to both the region and the whole world, its game-changing power. This reality put Turkey in the giants’ league. Now, whether it be regional or global, Turkey is always going to be at that table, Turkey is no longer going to be considered a regional country. Turkey’s presence is going to be felt in all world-scale central fields.

The terror zone and their map project are history now!

The terror corridor and the terror map in the north of Syria, which spans the Mediterranean and Iraqi border, as well as the Iranian border, are now history. Now, neither Israel, nor the U.S. or European countries can implement - or even attempt to implement - such a project.

Plans to close in on Turkey through terrorism, to siege it with the multinational alliance supporting them have gone down the drain. Plans to corner us in the Mediterranean and the Aegean after Syria have gone down the drain. All that Turkey has achieved on the field and at the diplomacy table in three weeks has shown the U.S. and Europe that it is not and will not be a country that can be cornered using such methods anymore.

Europe’s two-faced policies have now collapsed

The nature of Turkey’s relations with the U.S. and EU have changed. The U.S. and European countries can no longer treat Turkey like a regional country. They cannot make plans without Turkey or ignore Turkey’s power. In this sense, in global politics, Ankara now has greater weight than the entirety of EU countries.

After this stage, Germany, France and the U.K’s Kurdish policies, their approach to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) are going to change radically-- they will have to. The end has come for policies disciplining through terrorism. The end has come for their two-faced policies through the PKK.

Israel disappointed, Arab regimes sidelined

The deal reached with the U.S. and Russia led to the global acknowledgment of Turkey’s security concerns. The step that could not be taken for four decades concerning the PKK and terrorism has been taken; a victory has been won in the fight against terrorism. All U.S. and Russian plans to corner Turkey through the PKK have been negated.

EU countries, Israel or Arab countries have nothing left to do in the face of these deals. They have all been sidelined and they are going to have to abide by it.

Israel in particular was disappointed in Syria. All its efforts since the very beginning of the war have gone down the drain. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which provided funds to the policies designed by Israel, lost in Syria. They are going to continue to lose.

Turkey got the US to withdraw from the region. The war to share land in Syria is over

Turkey got the U.S. to withdraw from the safe zone. No other force could ever get it to do so. But it had no choice other than to retreat. With the U.S. no longer there, the PKK, EU countries, as well as Israel, will all have to withdraw.

And as a result of the deal struck in Sochi, Turkey and Russia have proved that they are capable of taking joint steps in Syria and the region. It was also revealed that the two countries can pioneer many serious global reforms beyond economic and defense partnerships. It has once more been demonstrated that Ankara-Moscow relations are rock-solid.

The agreements made with the U.S. and Russia have been the most important steps taken for the integrity of Syria since the day the war started. It has been confirmed that this country is no longer one to be divided between the world, and that the West’s appetite will be curbed.

The world will watch Turkey return. This is the rising period!

This is a period in which force spoils the game. Because the global power domain has collapsed. The international system has collapsed. Power struggles are now determining everything. Hence, a country that cannot make its presence felt will have a future. Turkey realized and sensed this and joined the game - and has started to reap its fruits too.

Turkey is back with its historical theories and claims. The world is now watching Turkey’s comeback. All games targeting our country were aimed at preventing this comeback. They lost in every area.

This is what we always defended, what we believed, and we continued to insist on this. When the game was set in this manner, we saw and experienced how the regional and local plans were ruined and destroyed. However, there will be no turning back now: there will be no opportunity to restrict this country anymore with conventional methods.

This is what we call the rise of history! Turkey’s “rising period” is going to gain further momentum.

Erdoğan, Putin, Trump: Three leaders changing the world

On Oct. 7, 2019, the Peace Spring Operation commenced. On Oct. 17, 2019, the U.S. and Turkey struck a deal. On Oct. 22, 2019, a deal was made with Russia in Sochi.

Three major steps were taken in three weeks that shook the world’s central countries. Giant steps in a short period of time in the four-decade ongoing fight against the PKK. This is the unprecedented.

The void in the global power domain provided Turkey with a maneuvering area.

President Erdoğan’s powerful leadership and determination filled this void. We are watching a global power game between Erdoğan, Putin and Trump. The three leaders are changing the world.

We won on the field, at the diplomacy table, and in Sochi

We directly intervened in a war game, a map project in which the world’s great powers are involved. We negated every plan made since the day the Syria war started. We are going to see this power strengthen in other bilateral relations in the upcoming period.

The terror corridor has been destroyed. Plans to siege Turkey have been reset for now. Plans to build an internal front and intervene from within the country have been negated.


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