Trump said: ‘We got Syria’s oil, let the others fight’... The foundation of Western civilization is built on genocide, theft... London, Paris, New York and Rome were all built upon atrocities and blood... It’s pride, racism, torture, greed, theft... Well, we say let them hunt you down by that oil well - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Trump said: ‘We got Syria’s oil, let the others fight’... The foundation of Western civilization is built on genocide, theft... London, Paris, New York and Rome were all built upon atrocities and blood... It’s pride, racism, torture, greed, theft... Well, we say let them hunt you down by that oil well

When U.S. President Donald Trump said, “We have Syria’s oil, let the others do the fighting. Let others protect the borders,” he gave a short, clear, precise and direct description of Western ideology, political history, its regional and global perception, as well as that of humanity and freedom.

This statement is at the foundation of almost everything such as deep analyses, grandiose statements, complex ideas, exaggerated human rights and freedom discourses, the “humanity” emphasis, love of nature, and everything else they promote as values.

Don’t pay attention to Trump’s ‘crazy’ talk. Western political understanding is based on plundering

This statement that reduces the Syrian war to a few oil wells, that says, “We pilfered the wealth, let them fight for freedom, democracy and justice,” is the declaration once more that all their military and political plans, invasions and civil wars from the Persian Gulf to the Red Sea were for pillaging, plundering, and all for the sake of the colonial tradition.

Do not pay attention to Trump’s “crazy” talk; this is the basis of Western political understanding.

This is the basis of their concept of democracy. This is the foundation of their idea of humanity and freedom. This is the even of perception of those who are likely to oppose Trump’s said statement.

London, Paris, New York, Rome all founded on grief, blood

Western civilization is built on colonialism, plundering, injustice, oppression and blood.

London, Paris, Rome and New York were all founded on grief, on the cries of other nations. Ever since the wave of colonialism and invasion was promoted to the world as “geographical discoveries,” Europe’s and the U.S.’s relations with the rest of the world was based on plundering.

It is wealth that is erected over the blood, life and grievances of India, Native Americans, the Muslim world, Latin America and Africa. The basis of Western ideology, its perception of the world and humanity, its view of those “other” than itself is pride, racism, oppression, greed and theft.

There’s no nation on earth that they didn’t harm, bring disaster to

Their view of humanity is the master-slave relationship. Their mentality belongs to the period of slavery. Those attacking and taking over the world with this mentality have no limits.

The system of values, ideology of freedom, multiculturalism and co-existence discourse Europe established after World War II is aimed at preventing a new “European civil war.” In other words, it is solely based on fear and not on faith. Thus, they quickly abandoned this discourse within a few years.

There’s no country, community, nation on earth they left untouched, no nation they did not harm, or bring disaster to.

They committed massacres in a ritualistic manner

This is the West: killing a million people in Iraq, organizing ritualistic sessions in Abu Ghraib, bombing madrasahs and the mosque community in Afghanistan, sucking Africa’s blood for centuries, inventing a war in Syria and landing on a worthless oil well, slaughtering hundreds and thousands in Latin America without batting an eye, organizing the massacre of a million people overnight in Indonesia, and destroying a whole country in Vietnam.

It colonizes those who obey and tries to destroy those who revolt. The Western ideology, its political system is based on genocide. Western civilization is founded on theft and plundering.

They used religions, cultures, values, everything they could, for this purpose and turned them into weapons. All discourses of democracy and freedom aimed at our country and region have been formatted based on security and sovereignty.

This is why they’re attacking us

Their anger at Turkey in recent years is due to our nation’s struggle to overcome this slavery, tutelage system. They are darting into a showdown with Turkey because of our country’s powerful political discourse in the region and its ability to say “no.”

Perhaps for the first time in centuries, we are going through a time-frame in which this order, this global injustice is taking a turn against the West. New powers are rising, the power map is changing, and wealth and power are slipping through their hands.

There is a great, extremely volatile power showdown happening. They are losing their centuries-long dominance. And as they have no idea how to share, every country, every nation is trying to take what is not theirs.

They’re going to break out big wars, but ancient humanity is going to take this privilege from them, stop the West

They are now going to act upon an anger and hatred. They are going to attempt evils that will lead to humanity’s destruction. They are going to conduct horrific attacks to keep their hold on resources, markets, and trade routes.

They are going to break out great wars. But the old world, ancient humanity is going to take this privilege from the West. It is going to stop it and put it in its place.

We are going to build not only a political identity, but build an ideology of freedom on our wealth. Not only us, all of humanity is obliged to build a political discourse that prioritizes human honor, justice, and knows how to share compared to the colonialist, racist, plundering and pro-slavery mentality of the West.

Humanity’s survival depends on restricting the West. Those in Turkey, get over the ‘slavery mentality’

Humanity’s sole means of survival is to restrict the West. Otherwise, they are going to start even more horrific invasions and plundering wars on earth due to depleting resources, and hence threaten all of humanity. Humanity’s sole means of survival is to limit the West. It is not easy to change a centuries-old order. But there is also no other way.

Those in Turkey who are still vying for dependency on the West, for mandate and tutelage, first need to free their minds. They need to get over the slavery identity and mentality. Even if they do not want to, history has taken a turn, and they are going to miss out on making history this time around.

They’re going to hunt you down by that oil well

Trump is “crazy,” but his two remarks were enough to summarize the entire Western ideology, identity and character. Since that is the case, since you say “We took the oil, the rest does not concern us” we will say: They are going to hunt you down by that oil well. You are not going to be able to get a foothold there either. You are not going to be able to keep even a single oil well.


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