Turkey can no longer be slowed down, because it is an ‘axis’ itself… Be the heroes of the rise in the era of ‘strong leaders’ - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Turkey can no longer be slowed down, because it is an ‘axis’ itself… Be the heroes of the rise in the era of ‘strong leaders’

Turkey invested in a governing system parallel to global trends much earlier than many central countries. It activated a strong political mind, acted faster than some central countries that make up the global power domain and made regional and national-oriented preparations.

It made an extraordinary maneuver that strengthens the state’s center power domain, that prepares defense shields, that gets rid of cumbersome structures, that develops quick decision-making mechanisms, and that activates resistance centers against the global storm that is feared will wreak havoc in the world.

After the Constitutional change, it launched the great change, the great preparation with our people’s approval in the June 24 elections. It positioned itself in the center-most part of the global domain and activated great changes and big steps.

Turkey itself is now a protection shield, it is now an axis

It took the decision to exist on its own without being under the patronage of any power, any country, any alliance’s protection, without taking refuge in any protection shield, to lift the history-maker will that has prevailed on these lands for a millennium back up on its feet, and to give prominence to the future-oriented local resistance and mind.

From now on Turkey itself is a protection shield. It is an axis in itself. It is a power chain in itself. It is a claim, a plan, the future in itself. It is a huge umbrella for Anatolia, as well the entire region. It is going to build such a political mind, such a political identity, such a resistance center that will build the geography and unite the entire region.

We are going to see determined but ineffective examples of attack against this truth, which will be sensed very soon. But our country has a strategic mind above all these; it is now one of the centers of gravity of the global power domain.

Turkey cannot be defeated

Regardless of how many destructive attacks are going to be made from now on, regardless of how many internal operation trials take place, regardless of how many multinational operations are conducted, this country can no longer be defeated.

In these elections, our people did not give credit to ordered projects, to those who think being a clown is leadership, to those who gave national identities to those who want to shrink the country, to pro-internal invasion political discourses, to mawkishness that does not take the state and nation seriously, to multinational fronts, and to projects that aim to consolidate power.

Turkey stood out with its cause, its homeland defense, its regional awareness and future plan. Our nation gave great support to a political power, a leadership, a mind and a cadre which is advancing toward the future with the foresight and reflex of a millennium, and it approved its history-maker will and mission.

Weakening, divisive projects have been taught a lesson

This choice, this perception, preference is a bigger decision; it is a longer term preference than the Constitutional change, a political identity that stretches out to a more distant future than the depths of history. This identity is going to be effective for maybe decades, grow Turkey and form a regional line.

Because this identity is one that carries the continuity of the Seljuks, the Ottomans, and the Turkish Republic to the future. That identity has taught all attempts aimed at weakening, collapsing, dividing and isolating this country a huge lesson. This lesson is no different than the one on the night of July 15. It is no different to the lesson taught in the War of Independence.

The era of ‘strong leaders’ has started

The entire world is now investing in power. They are preparing to strengthen the state, close off areas of weakness, to strengthen the people’s solidarity, to strengthen defense lines, to fix the economic situation and prepare for a very cold winter.

While some countries do this with strong leaders, some are forming more different power positions. For example, while Germany and Austria are gathering power through fascism, countries like Turkey, the U.S., Russia and China are producing strong leaders and history-maker personalities.

We acted faster than most of these countries in terms of both leadership and restructuring the state. Since they know this, we faced attacks like July 15, and efforts were made to weaken us through structures like the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ). Because as some gain strength, some would weaken; they predicted weakness for us. But we made a shocking historic leap, we formed a very strong wave.

Erdoğan is the ‘Great Leader’: Turkey can no longer be slowed down

In this aspect, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is one of the leaders of our millennium-old political history; he is the “Great Traveler,” the “Great Leader.” Under his leadership, Turkey is again a history-maker country, the country of the new rising era after the 20th century. This country is now one that produces claims, power and discourse from the depths of Africa to the middle of Asia, from the Balkans to the Far East.

In the near future, we are going to see some of the center countries weaken and regress, some of the countries that are in the vicinity settle in the center and rise. We might see some of the countries that have unlimited power today be pushed outside history tomorrow, and the countries that are categorized as “developing” today shine tomorrow and shape humanity’s common fate.

Turkey is going to be one of the most important countries that will settle in this center. This can no longer be slowed down, prevented or stopped. This is what will be deemed as the third great rising period of our political history.

Be heroes of the rising period

This is the realization of the last stage of the great transformation project that has been ongoing for 15 years. Those who are busy with petty words, strict plans and empty promises will fade into oblivion in this period.

Those taking their place in this great march with powerful words, new statements and great claims will be the heroes of the rising period. As much as Erdoğan’s leadership, as much as his political discourses that will open Turkey’s doors to the future, our people’s foresight and mind, which has been shaping this region since the Seljuks has also taken a very big decision and completely closed the tutelage era of the century.

Hear Turkey’s footsteps, they are going to get used to it too!

The decision has now been made, a large portion of the progress has been made. It is no longer possible to turn back or be made to turn back. We always referred to this as the “Relentless Resistance.” We have always defended this cause for years and tried to be involved in its struggle.

We have always been on alert and warned against internal invaders, multinational interventionists, “conservative opposition” projects

This is the most important result of the June 24 elections in terms of our political history. Now, Turkey’s footsteps are going to be heard; many countries are going to try and get close; the political circles they have been using are going to be abandoned; this country is going to play in the leadership league. Therefore, from now on, no political circle should try to gather power from those countries; those who do will be completely isolated and destroyed.

Victory belongs to our nation.

Get ready, we are now going to march with bigger steps!


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