Turkey is a country facing merciless hostilities. There are preparations being made against us at our border. Get it together! This is not ‘political criticism,’ but a sharing of spoils and vengeance. There is a great plan being set into motion. Ignoring today’s developments while lamenting Jerusalem is complete hypocrisy

Political blindness, a perception problem, indolence, and a lack of foresight are plaguing Turkey in every field. Petty personal plans, interests, political plans, fury, enmity, jealousy, resentment, et cetera, have gone much beyond the joint fate, goals and dreams of the country, the people, the state and us all.

An eclipse of the mind, a mental stagnation has become utterly widespread. Marketing little stories with fancy words has transcended everything.

Seeing that the great majority of those talking the talk, acting “wise,” and promoting “justice” on television and columns have personal problems, that their point of action is personal expectations and despondency instead of great stories, great fights is sad for our country.

Those saying ‘politics should fix itself’ should also see the failure of their own thoughts

The country’s intellectual environment being formed in accordance with shallow, petty developments is a great misfortune. Those crying out, “Politics should fix itself,” not considering where they stand, not taking a good look at themselves, not considering the centuries-old fight of Turkey, of this nation, not acting based on this, not suggesting ideas, methods according to this fight is a major failure of thought.

Those who are blinded by hatred for President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who have not even once felt the need to identify its source, who do not see that this animosity is the product of a multinational mastermind aiming for a reckoning with Turkey--- their speeches about the past, about history, about the Seljuks, the Ottomans, World War I, the War of Independence, the Republican era, their attempts to tell us about the setbacks and mistakes there, their efforts to talk about July 15 is a complete tragedy.

Ignoring today's developments while lamenting for Jerusalem is complete hypocrisy

History is being written as we speak. The fact that those who are unable to grasp today’s world are giving historical examples is completely hypocritical. If they are unable to understand the present, then they have not understood the stage of the centuries-old fight in political history.

Is it possible to not question those who shed tears while reading the defense of Medina, showing off with Kut al-Amara discourse, lamenting the invasion of Jerusalem, praising the defense of Anatolia, but who fail to grasp both Anatolia’s fight and the fight in the region today?

Back then it was through words of the British, today through the words of the US

The same group, the same circles, the same ideology prevalent when we were fighting the British across the entire region a century ago is in the same place as they were back then. Those who spoke through British words back then are now talking through American words, seeing through their eyes and through their perspective.

As we are bombarded with heavy attacks from abroad on the fight aimed at reviving this country’s historical political legacy, they are continuing the same attack internally, attacking, undermining, humiliating and trivializing everybody who is part of that tradition.

This is no political criticism, but a sharing of spoils and vengeance

Criticizing politics these days has turned into a storm. Of course it is going to be criticized. This is the field that is most open to criticism, and this is obligatory. However, if there is a desire to turn this into a sharing of spoils, if it has turned into revenge, if it has turned into a destructive wind aimed at collapsing a group, then there is a plan that goes beyond criticism.

If there is a collective attack in correlation with this plan, then that plan transcends politics. It means it has something to do with Turkey. It means that Turkey has become the target of a vengeance. The question, “What is this revenge for, and who is exacting it?” is what we should be asking. Asking oneself right at this point, “Who am I, whose words am I using?” is a conscientious responsibility.

Conservatives’ intellectual knowledge has eroded. Do not camouflage this with political pressure

I am not against criticism here. I am sharing my concerns about “organized criticism” turning into a multinational campaign. There is a lot more at stake than politics collapsing. The intellectual knowledge of Turkey and especially of the conservative groups has been severely eroded. It has come to a state where criticism prevails and there is no production whatsoever, with nothing being said about the present and future or fight for this cause, for Turkey and the region.

Their religious groups, foundations/associations, opinion leaders, media, authors and illustrators are no longer able to produce competent statements relating to politics. Nobody should hide behind the reason that this is the result of political pressure. It is being camouflaged by comfort, indolence, by “political pressure.” This where our real losses lie. These are fields requiring urgent intervention.

Why do those lecturing about justice in the country say nothing to these?

Yet, there is extraordinary activity throughout the world. States and regions are changing their positions and trying to prepare for the world of the future. Central power domains are shifting, the showdown between the East and West has reached a breaking point. As Turkey is trying to prepare for this great storm, it is being struck internally. Efforts are made to weaken its hand, break its resistance in the great showdown, in the new global order.

U.S. and Israel-controlled Egypt, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia are striking Turkey alone in the whole region. Why do those talking about “justice” within not say a single word to these?

The Sudan attack against Turkey, the execution list published in Libya. Why are you silent?

Turkey established very strong relations with Sudan – on subjects from the Suakin island to agricultural land and security agreements. The same countries staged a coup in Sudan and are dividing the country. That coup was against Turkey, but they are ousting Turkey from the region. So why do those know-it-alls remain silent on this?

The same countries are striking Turkey in Libya. We support the legitimate government recognized by the UN, while they are trying to tear apart Libya by the hand of a terrorist organization they established through a man called Haftar.

Those countries, together with the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) are publishing a list of our military presence there, their photos, and presenting them as targets to be killed. Why do they not say a single word against this? If you are going to say, “What business does Turkey have there,” then this discussion does not concern you.

Why don't you support Turkey? Why do you not gather and speak out to the world?

We are under complete siege in the East Mediterranean, around the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus (TRNC) and in the Aegean. They are all trying to corner Turkey. The “wise men” in Turkey, why are you not making any efforts in this respect? Why are you keeping quiet? Why are you not fighting? Why don’t you speak up on behalf of Turkey? Are these internal political affairs? This is the greatest threat we have been facing a century later and you are nowhere to be seen?

Turkey is aware of the threat and is preparing for an extraordinary defense. The Russian S-400 missile issue is only one of these. You did not defend Turkey’s interests in any of them, you did not take a stance and step forward. All you think about is your personal interests, anger, resentments and jealousy. Even if the world were on fire, even if Turkey were ruined, it wouldn’t matter for you.

A country of relentless enemies and that foreign discourse. There are preparations at our border. Pull yourselves together!

When are you going to stand by Turkey’s side? When are you going to stand for this country’s national issues? When are you going to assemble against threats targeting this country? When are you going to abandon this foreign discourse, this offshore language, the agenda of others?

We are facing relentless enmity both within and from abroad. A widespread front that is targeting Erdoğan, as well as all of Turkey, its historical fight has taken shape. We are now able to clearly see this. We are facing sharp attacks in the economy, security, the opposition which is spread through the entire region.

Please, nobody should try to conceal this with internal discussions. This is a national fight. Look at who is on what side. Start interpreting today’s developments and you will understand. Preparations are being made everywhere from Syria to the East Mediterranean, and from Libya to the Aegean. We are at the eye of a hurricane.

Get it together now!


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