Turkey is a great country. All efforts to confine it will fail! Every anti-Turkey front built so far has collapsed. So will you!

Turkey has a stellar reputation abroad. It is highly respected and considered to possess extreme power. Regardless of where you go in the world, regardless of which region you consider, one country with such intellect, initiative, and an epitome in everything it attempts, will shine bright. 

We are a country that has a solution to every crisis, an opinion on every development, and a formula for every pursuit. From Africa to the Middle East, the Balkans to the Caucasus and Central Asia, a surprising power is emerging as the world looks on in shock. 

When accompanying President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan to Bosnia and Montenegro, I once more witnessed how Turkey symbolizes “hope.” 

Every anti-Turkey front has collapsed 

For example, the Bosnian Serbian leader said, “I do not trust anyone other than Erdoğan.” He even said, “Let us drive the EU out, let us drive the West away; let Turkey be the guarantor of peace in the Balkans.” 

For example, the anti-Turkey front established by countries such as the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, and Egypt, along with the support of Israel, are collapsing. These countries are now trying to cozy up to Turkey. Each one of them is trying to quell relations. It finally dawned on them that an axis against Turkey, an alliance that excludes Turkey in the Middle East is not possible. 

For example, the West fled Afghanistan. It is no longer wanted there. But all the roads in Afghanistan lead to Turkey. Even the Taliban administration says, “We need Turkey,” in all fields such as education, airport, economy, construction, health, defense, etc. 

A respectable, reliable country that offers solutions

The U.S. wants Turkey to produce a solution. So does the EU. Turkey is striving to simultaneously solve the problem with Afghanistan’s neighbors, Azerbaijan and Pakistan, and to form a power axis in Central and South Asia. 

For example, almost every African nation is striving to form a rapport with Turkey, especially in terms of economy and defense. They are offering it partnerships for the development of the continent. They are inviting Turkey to their countries for the resolution of crises. Across the continent, from North Africa to Central Africa, this situation is apparent.

Regardless of where in the world you go, Turkey is a respectable, reputable, and reliable country that offers solutions and produces models. 

Cloaking efforts within Turkey

Do not be confused by the cloaking efforts within the country, the intentional contempt, project discussions, hate and animosity politics, the cheap “Turkey perception” campaigns, the archaic approaches of some political leaders, and their incompetence in terms of comprehending this great country. 

Fret not over the projection of hate and animosity as a political discourse, claims and discourses of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) becoming the opposition’s political language. Turkey is walking tall and will continue to do so. No longer can it be stopped. 

The nefarious storm will hit the wall

The horrific storm of evil aimed at stopping Turkey from within is also about to hit the fan. That is when those you have been cooperating with will abandon you. The latest example of this unfolded in Kabul. Soon, we are going to see it in Syria, as well as other countries. 

Then, one day, they are going to abandon their “partners in Turkey” as well. We will bear witness to this. They will be left out in the cold with nothing but their wrongdoings against this country. 

The West wants a ‘puny country’

Those who have not been able to grasp Turkey’s ascension are trying to drag it into their own area of weakness. They are trying to produce an image of Turkey in their own companies. 

This is a picture of the 1940s. The concept of a poor, helpless, and needy country that considers its own people as a threat, isolated from the world, and watches the world of the superpowers from a distance. 

This is the West’s Turkey design. This is also the Turkey perception of those within. They correspond perfectly. As the West strives to shrink Turkey, it is processing the puny Turkey perception of those within. Turkey signifies the same thing to both sides. They are both the same project. They are both ill-intentioned. But neither corresponds to the world’s realities. 

That’s not our Turkey

That is not our Turkey. That is not the Turkey the world perceives, nor the Turkey it follows in awe.

Our Turkey is one that leaves traces on every corner of the earth, that charms all nations, races to everyone’s aid, and that has made a geopolitical breakthrough in no time at all.

This is an affair of historical memory and empires. This is an issue of claims. This is an issue of a nation that has shown how power is built for centuries gracing the stage of history once more.

The West sees Turkey as a threat

This is not a simple foreign policy initiation. Two groups fail to interpret this political mind. One is the West. They know this very well, but they are trying to disable it. 

They see Turkey as a future threat. They do not want it to be a competitor in dominant regions. 

The second group is the native agents within. Under the name of opposition and confined to the FETÖ/PKK discourse, they envisage a small country. They know that they cannot control or rule Turkey. To control it, they need to shrink it. This is a typical “Baathist” state perception. 

They designed the last game. That too will fail

The U.S. and Europe are scrupulously monitoring Turkey’s ascension. While some are openly targeting it, some European countries are trying to take advantage of the new power’s area of activity. They have now grasped that they cannot stop it through enmity. Their partners in Turkey are now playing the game they designed: weaken internally, strike internally, stop internally. 

Soon they will see that this, too, will not work. That is when they will want to join Turkey. A little patience is all that is required; you will see. Because the world is undergoing a magnificent change against the West’s interests. 

The West has very few partners, very few friends left. History’s sharpest power shift is unfolding. 

Projects are collapsing while Turkey makes breakthroughs

Turkey is the one country that will accurately interpret this shift and take action accordingly. Monitoring current developments will suffice for one to foresee the impending events. It is not that so arduous. Then one needs to abandon their traditional mentality. Free your mind and grasp the new world. That is when you will understand Turkey. 

You will also comprehend the storm of evil within. Never pay attention to these buffoons. They are all trying to drag us back to the 20th century. 

The West could not stop Turkey. The regional front it established could not stop it either. The front they built within will fail as well. Projects are collapsing, while Turkey continues its march. 

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Turkey is a great country. All efforts to confine it will fail! Every anti-Turkey front built so far has collapsed. So will you!
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