Turkey is an identity, a ‘superior mind.’ It is the greatest claim on a global scale

Turkey is now a “superior mind.” It is the mind that has gone beyond the borders of Anatolia, reached all corners of the identity map we know as our “geography,” and developed today’s most effective political rhetoric. It is now an assertive mind that has gone beyond a “Turkey mind” and a “national state” mind, that carries founding characteristics, and represents hundreds of years of political experience and genetics.

It has gone beyond the mind that was cornered into Anatolia following World War I, taken hostage, made immobile, that had its ties with the world severed and was frozen. Our people, who were thought to be made docile, mobilized their energy, strength, identity and that mind in the lead up to 2023.

Turkey is a message, a claim, a superior identity

It has transformed into a common political rhetoric that reaches from the depths of Central Asia, Turkistan’s most eastern borders, to the coasts of the Atlantic and the depths of Africa and South Asia, and stretches to the streets of the Middle East, shaking up people’s spiritual world, and bolsters honor and excitement.

The experience of a national and historic mind has taken action today, and this has mobilized our nation and geography’s present and future. In this regard, Turkey is no longer just Turkey, but a superior mind, a superior identity, and it is the buildup of a global power. In an era when constructive nations have turned back toward their imperial claims, this nation has shouldered its history-making and geography-building role.

Neither our defense nor our influence begins with our borders anymore

If our defense starts not from the borders of Iran, Syria, Greece or Bulgaria but from the depths of our geography, if the Syrian refugees who have come to our nation can pose a security problem for the whole of Europe, if our economic issues have gone from being deep internal collapses to economic convulsions on a global scale, if our regional political/security impact becomes the top priority of the U.S. and Europe, and in fact is dubbed a “threat,” if our defense efforts frighten some, if we have loud objections to the global system demanding revision from Kyrgyzstan to South Africa and from Russia to Europe, and if we can revolt against the crookedness of the international system that has been ongoing for a century after transforming the domestic system, it means that we are acting on a scale far beyond Turkey and that we have promises and claims that reach far outside its limits.

Beware of the internal psychological operation of destruction!

Thereby we must first change our “Turkey thoughts,” let things fall into place and secure them. This is a belief and we must strengthen our belief. We must know that hearsays claiming that “there is an economic crisis; we are doomed; they will ruin us; everything is falling apart in Turkey; there is a collapse; we will never recover; we must cut a deal with the U.S.” are a mental operation aimed at hitting the rise of the mind that was revived after a century. These allegations are a sly psychological operation aimed at pushing the mass toward panic and developing a political opposition.

We now believe in a “Turkey axis.” We believe that the state and public have fixated on this, produced that “superior mind,” mobilized with the claim of centuries and that there is no return from this. We believe that to turn back would be suicide and cause the loss of today and tomorrow, and that this is the aim of those who are trying to push us outside of history. This is what we are resisting against, and while resisting we have switched from defense to offense.

Our perception, actions, and discussions of a joint geographic future are not solely a result of the void that has formed as a result of global power slips, but also because of the mastermind’s administration.

Fierce fight between those who construct and those who destruct: Let’s choose our side

Aside from the backbone that upholds Turkey’s integrity and its powerful future, the presence of a destructive and divisive group is also clear. We know that while we are engaging with this struggle, there are those cutting deals beyond the Atlantic, constructing substitute structures and slyly biding their time.

In the same way, just as there are groups and communities shouldering the construction of a geography, the existence of elements destroying the geography is also explicitly apparent. We are also aware that those who have made deals with forces beyond the Atlantic for the splitting of this region’s countries and taken on roles to also bring Turkey to that state are acting together with hidden domestic structures.

Today, there is a fierce struggle between those who protect the continuity of states since the Seljuks, working to further improve them, and “dispersive, destructive” elements both within Turkey and across the entire geography. Within the next few years, you will witness new examples of the struggle between these groups. If you are observant, you will see these very clearly.

We are the men of this great struggle

We are on alert against these domestic invaders and are also concerned with strengthening the march that has been continuing since Manzikert. We will never show tolerance or allow treacherous structures to stop us or this country while we produce a superior mind, establish a Turkey axis and administer an extraordinary showdown on the global power map.

Today, we are faced with the new reckoning wave. The attack conducted via the economy is a political and geopolitical attack and a part of the July 15 project. Parallel to the economic attack, a psychological operation is being conducted in order to cause our people, who negated the multinational invasion attempt of July 15 within a few hours and conducted a counter coup, to panic.

An Economic attack, an attack on faith: We will win the struggle despite the pessimists

Our faith is being targeted, the breaking of our resistance is desired, and attempts are being made to sabotage our great claims for the future. It’s possible to protect our counter coup and counter-struggle faith and claims. This superior mind will produce a solution.

As the scores and claims grow, the clashes will become fiercer. Bad examples and those wanting to take advantage of this struggle should not demoralize us. Throughout history, this country was the place the most powerful claims were laid and it has always been successful—and it always will be. We only experienced these collapses at times when we gave up our claims. As our claims became greater, so did we.

Despite the pessimists, we will continue on our path, we will grow even more…


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