Turkey is at war with secret agencies, social media networks, and mobs of funded journalists

On May 27, 2013, the Gezi events had broken out in Turkey. A scenario, which planned a regime switch, was implemented through Istanbul's Gezi Park and the cutting down of a few trees. The goal was to light the fire of an internal conflict, a civil war.

They were spreading street terror across the entire country through an axis tailored by ethnic and sectarian conflict. Streets in Istanbul were set ablaze; the presidential office at Dolmabahçe was targeted; masked bandits were conducting checks in Altunizade; thousands were marched from Kadiköy to Istanbul’s bridge; and this unrest was organized through a litany of cities across Anatolia.

Advertising agencies turned into ‘headquarters.’ Street terror turned into a coup 

American and European intelligence agencies stoked public unrest on the streets of Istanbul, overtly networking, and barking instructions at every turn. All this happened in front of my very eyes, and the people were terrified to leave their homes.

Some capital groups were financing these activities, which were promoted through well-known figures. This great country came under an open attack by terror organizations, affluent circles, and marginal opposition circles.

Back then, we witnessed how advertising agencies, largely foreign firms, were utilized. We witnessed how scenarios were played out, discourse and slogans were created, symbols and heroes were manufactured, and how a dominant public opinion was formed.

Secret bases, media mobs, clandestine partnerships...

They were the headquarters of the coup attempt, of the civil war scenario being implemented under the guise of the Gezi protests. Back then, under the heavy attacks of the media, these headquarters, social media mobs, Western intelligence teams that moved to Istanbul, and their local partners were all implementing a project to turn Turkey into Syria.

Those days taught us with whom covert power structures, secret headquarters, and media gangs worked; with whom they partnered up; what kind of roles they could play; how they were established and groomed; the kind of hateful discourse they could spread; and their anger toward Turkey. 

Ever since, all internal and foreign interventions have been regulated using the same schemes, the same government tools, the same organizations, the same headquarters, and the same mobs. They tried the same thing with the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) in the 2016 coup.

Those organizations have been unleashed on the ground once more. The CHP protected them, and they attacked Turkey

Today, once more, such efforts, attempts, preparations, partnerships, headquarters, and mobs are being utilized. Those indignant against Turkey for a few tree branches at Gezi didn’t care about the trees when great wildfires swept through the southern provinces of the country. They even tried to attack the government, state, and nation by taking advantage of this situation.

Those who set Turkey ablaze at Gezi Park tried to burn the country once more under the guise of wildfires. Under the protection of Turkey’s main opposition, the Republican People’s Party (CHP), and target diversion, another such destructive plot was put into play.

Secret headquarters were activated again. Social media organizations and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) acted in unison. Agency-seeming intelligence networks and gangs cooperated. Another devastating storm swept the country.

Now local riots are being organized by the US, EU, UAE, CHP... A greater game is being prepared

Today, in small groups, they are trotting around the burning villages and trying to start local revolts. They are provoking the nation and utilizing their anger and pain. They’re settling accounts with Turkey through sorrow without compromising their comfort.

If these are not “internal invaders,” then what are they!

This was just a trial run. But they’re preparing for something greater. The U.S., EU, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), CHP, Turkey’s Good Party (IP), the conservative opposition, agency-posing "headquarters," social media organizations and gangs, and overseas-funded journalists are all preparing for something big before 2023.

This rehearsal is completely calibrated to stop Turkey. It isn’t about politics or dissidence. It is a regional and global construction, a project, not internal politics. The struggle between Turkey's patriots and those who are ruled from abroad, who are unleashed on the field for the interests of others, is now clear for everyone to see.

They must all be deciphered, defined as terrorism. This fight is great

This is why;

Those conducting internal operations, targeting social conflict, weakening the state and the nation, attacking religious and national values, and targeting patriots must be determined.

A list must be made of media outlets, social media platforms, headquarters that pose as agencies, organizations and mobs, and presented to the people. These “mobs” need to be deciphered, and precautions need to be taken against them. They should all be considered terror organizations.

Because, all these structures are at war with Turkey, with our nation. 

They’re at war with our past and future.

Don't forget, the great shock of the 21st century is Turkey, and “stopping 

Turkey” is a global project. 

This is how great the struggle is. 

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2 years ago
Turkey is at war with secret agencies, social media networks, and mobs of funded journalists
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