Turkey is battling ‘political terrorism.’ Is the Turkish opposition becoming a ‘foreign threat’? - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Turkey is battling ‘political terrorism.’ Is the Turkish opposition becoming a ‘foreign threat’?

Turkey has suffered a prismatic flood of economic attacks. The structural measures it took to guarantee its future after interpreting the trajectory of the world were met with a severe response.

The global finance system joined forces with the Turkish opposition to put the country through hell. They launched a relentless and despicable attack. They tried to win political gains through fear, blackmail, lies, and an atmosphere of panic.

They thought that they’d succeed this time

They thought a new opportunity had risen and that, this time, success was inevitable. They thought that, by exploiting the nation’s economic sensitivities, no power could stand against them.

This was an attack that could have signified the nation’s destruction, spelling the end of Turkey. Who was behind it? What was the agenda that would stoop low enough to destroy Turkey?

What was the great objective that made all those groups abroad and at home take up arms?

We know. We have always known. They want to stop Turkey. They despicably launched the plot that would destroy the economy through the dollar and exchange rate.

Capital had to flow into the West

They would stop it this time. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan would be sent packing this time! A political coup would be carried out through the dollar this time.

The existing looting system had to be sustained because it signified tutelage, a great means of income, and a continuous investment through which they siphoned the people’s savings.

Capital had to continue pouring into sources in the West. That is how their order operated for decades.

Turkey had to be prevented from laying solid and permanent foundations. Weapons were being neutralized, gun powder was diminishing, and time was passing.

An attack on the economy will not suffice to stop Turkey

But Turkey was not about to stop – it couldn’t. The 21st century was not for the weak and powerless. Thus, as a country that has made a comeback to this century with all its claims and imperial mind, it could not stop.

It was making revolutions in this respect. It was taking major steps. Every initiative it launched echoed in Western capitals. The exploitation order of centuries was being questioned and weakened.

Turkey made these revolutions in the political domain, and it could not be thwarted. It made them in the security domain, too, and could not be thwarted. It made them in the technology domain, and could not be stopped. It made them in the geopolitical domain, and could not be stopped. It was attacked directly, yet it still could not be stopped.

It would not be stopped through an economic attack either.

Punishing people for vengeance against Turkey!

Turkey was continuing to rise and advance towards its goals, step by step. It was becoming the surprise of the 21st century with the wisdom of centuries, and consolidating power rapidly. If it could not be hindered this time; no power would be able to stop it in 2023.

Hence, they wanted to break out social unrest and corner Turkey, bringing it to its knees. Preparations were made for a political coup by utilizing foreign currency as a weapon. The global finance system’s plundering order merged with the political greed of those within to bring upon the total destruction of the people.

The attack was launched against the people, against us all. They thought, “If the people become poor, they will be outraged; if the nation weakens, the state weakens; and if the people become helpless, Erdoğan will be helpless.” They resorted to punishing people to exact revenge on Turkey.

It was a clever tactic that drove many countries to bankruptcy. But Turkey is no longer old Turkey!

It was very clever. It had worked in many countries. The masses poured onto the streets, coups were staged, the West’s interests, as well as the interests of the existing system, were preserved, ensuring the continuity of the global plundering system.

It wasn’t just an economic issue. It was economy-politics, a geopolitical vengeance. It would have political outcomes, security outcomes, and regional outcomes. If they won, Turkey would be stopped, and lose serious power. If Turkey won, its path would further clear, and its rise would only gain momentum.

This was a ruthless, relentless showdown.

Turkey reached continents

Turkey will overcome this hurdle as well. It will overcome the blows of the economic issues that have encumbered the world for the last two years with the least damage.

It will reach all of its 21st-century political, security, technology, and geopolitical goals by meticulously interpreting the global power shifts.

It will transform the results of the sharp divisions, the financial showdowns, and power shifts, from the U.S. and Europe to China and the East, into great actions, to the construction of power and gain.

Turkey always interpreted these correctly, and always won, always gained power. As others withdrew, it expanded. It enthused nations. It was a beacon of hope. It reached every region from Africa to the Far East. It shattered the strong towers of the exploiters.

We are dealing with the grave issues of ‘political terrorism’ and ‘internal invasion’

We have a grave “internal invasion,” “political terrorism” problem. We have been exposed to this imminent threat since the 2016 coup attempt.

They are doing it recklessly. They are doing it overtly. They are doing it through political institutions. They are doing it through direct cooperation with terrorist organizations and foreign interventionists. They are brazenly doing it right before our eyes.

But Turkey will drown the hopes of those taking advantage of the byproducts of the foreign crisis, striving to weaken Turkey to strengthen the hand of those attacking our country from within.

It will reveal the petty plans of those who utilize the nation’s livelihood, everyday problems as a weapon, striking the state, the nation and the country, saying, “I am attacking the government.”

Is the opposition becoming a ‘foreign threat’? 

It will overcome this “internal invasion” issue and neutralize “political terrorism” as well.

The U.S. is in cahoots with Europe, striving to doom Turkey to the Western axis once more. They are sparing no effort to render it dependent on the West for another century.

This is the sole reason the opposition front shifted away from the national axis. They no longer feed on Turkey. They are using Turkey’s problems as weapons, and attacking as a “foreign force.” They stepped in as a substitute for the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ).

Look at how much Turkey has risked!

The storm they brewed hit Turkey’s walls, slamming against President Erdoğan’s resistance. However, it couldn’t go any further. All plans blew up in their faces. They’re now pondering their next step. They are waiting to receive new “instructions” for the next phase.

You failed to understand Turkey, the greatness of its goals, and what it would risk. You failed to perceive the transformation in the world, the turning point, the power shift, and how this helped Turkey grow.

Turkey is a great country. It is extremely powerful. This power cannot be diminished in the 21st century.


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