Turkey is strong, both on the field and at the diplomacy table. From the Mediterranean to the Iranian border, no threat will remain. They will learn that no map can be drawn without Turkey! This is just the beginning; there’s a lot more where that came from! - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Turkey is strong, both on the field and at the diplomacy table. From the Mediterranean to the Iranian border, no threat will remain. They will learn that no map can be drawn without Turkey! This is just the beginning; there’s a lot more where that came from!

Turkey won on the battlefield and at the diplomacy table, and it will continue to do so.

That “terror corridor,” which spans the Iranian border and the Mediterranean, aimed at sieging Turkey from the south, will never again be realized. It is not going to materialize militarily, through terrorism, or with political and economic pressure.

We are destroying the 21st century’s biggest threat

Regardless of who may be behind it, regardless of the method applied, that map project will not be implemented. Because this plan does not consist of that corridor alone. Because it is based on dividing Iraq, Syria and Turkey.

Therefore, from now on, no country, force or organization should expect Turkey to bow down. This is the case whether we have the U.S., Russia, the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), Daesh, Europe, or Israel against us. Turkey will not allow it. It has the power and will not to allow it.

The greatest threat of the 21st century aimed at our country, whose western gate we sealed off with the Euphrates Shield and Afrin interventions, whose eastern gate we sealed off with Operation Claw, is being eliminated and will be eliminated.

The big plan was Turkey. Those projects are being destroyed now

The plan to "stop Turkey," which they launched with the Gezi Park terror and continued with the July 15 invasion and coup attempt is going down the drain.

Those who were behind the Gezi Park events, those who were behind July 15 were also behind this project. The U.S. was behind it, as were EU countries, Israel and their Arab regimes in our region, as well as the "native invaders."

It appeared to be the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ), it appeared to be the PKK and its Syrian affiliate, the People's Protection Units (YPG), but behind it all was a "multinational front, coalition" fighting Turkey. The biggest plan was Turkey, just as it was a century ago.

You forgot the last millennium, you forgot that political mind

Those who thought a country that has dominated centuries, a political mind that has been building the region for a millennium would surrender, made a grave error in their calculations. They started the Syria war solely for this corridor.

They planned and implemented the internal coup and "inside invasion" plans solely for this corridor. If they could, they would even resort to invading and plundering this country to actualize that map.

They thought they could bring Turkey to its knees and paralyze it with a few U.S. troops, a group of French and Israeli plots, Gulf funding, and the PKK and Daesh.

You forgot the Crusades, the Seljuks, the Ottomans

They never studied this region's history. They studied what happened after the Crusades. They never studied the Seljuks, the Ottoman Empire. They undermined our game-changing power.

Those who have been wasting our country's time for two years, those who have been saying, "We are at the end of the road, Turkey can no longer do anything," those who have been showing off at the zero point of our border, and those trusting the provocations of the U.S. military's troops were shocked.

Four days remain: We are waiting. We'll see what happens if they don't leave

Those who waited, saying, "Turkey is in a quagmire. Now the U.S., Europe and Israel are going to put them in their place; they are going to destroy them with sanctions and economic crises," when the Syria operation started, were shocked for a second time when Turkey and the U.S. reached an agreement.

Both the operation and the deal with the U.S. are victories for Turkey. All the masterminds panicked when Turkey intervened in Syria and started to rapidly eliminate terrorism. They said, "Stop, we will pull the terrorists out." We gave them 120 hours to remove YPG terrorists from the safe zone. They are going to lay down their arms and go. If they fail to leave, we are going to continue from where we left off. That is all.

Turkey had said, “No terrorist organization will remain inside the 32-kilometer-deep zone throughout the entire Syrian border, from the Mediterranean to Iraq. The PKK/YPG is going to leave the area." It said, "The terror zone is going to become the peace zone." This is what we have been saying all along. They did not believe us and distracted us, so we started clearing the area ourselves. Now they said they will go. They have four days left. We are waiting. That is all.

Erdoğan, Putin, Trump: These three leaders are changing the world. Putin should not cause us any difficulty for us.

But both the intervention and this deal proclaimed a power. Everything is going on between Turkey, the U.S., Russia, between Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, U.S. President Donald Trump, and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Does this tell us something? Is it enough to describe Turkey's power? Where is Europe, where is Israel, where are the Arab countries? They are all left out.

I had written an article titled, "Three leaders are changing the world." Those who do not understand the kind of league Turkey is in, what it has changed and what else it will change should think again.

Erdoğan made a deal with Trump. He has a meeting on Tuesday with Putin as well. I believe this meeting will also be fruitful. We believe Putin is going to comprehend Turkey's sensitivity and as a result cause no trouble in the west of the Euphrates, and cause no difficulty for Erdoğan.

Because this situation is a critical reality for Turkey.

European leaders are getting in line for meetings with Erdoğan. But you were threatening him just yesterday!

As all this was happening, something happened to Europe, which was threatening Turkey: they quickly changed their attitude. They were making threats to impose sanctions on Turkey, now they are lining up for meetings with Erdoğan. French President Emanuel Macron, who made pertly statements said, "We are going to meet with Erdoğan next week, along with Angela Merkel and Boris Johnson."

This is what power does. This is the kind of country Turkey is. This is the kind of leader Erdoğan is.

This is what it is like to win both on the ground and at the diplomacy table.

No map can be drawn without Turkey. They will learn this!

This is what we were trying to say when we said, "Turkey's rise cannot be stopped," when we said, "That region is going to be completely purged," when we said, "The Turkey axis," when we said, "Force spoils the game," and when we said, "No map can be drawn without Turkey."

This is why they were trying to oust Erdoğan. Now they are joining him because they failed to beat him.

This is only the beginning. Just you wait, there is more to see.


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