Turkey must divide the Mediterranean front, break the West’s siege. It must normalize ties with Saudi Arabia, sign a maritime deal with Egypt. The internal siege within will then be shattered!

Turkey is crafting a new plan in foreign policy. This can be ascertained as “building something powerful on solid foundation.”

Think of it as a meticulously thought-out and well-planned new intellect set to “break the siege” abroad, while simultaneously fighting the “internal blockade.”


Normalization with Cairo, Riyadh; driving away storm clouds from the Mediterranean

The “normalization with Egypt and Saudi Arabia,” and this East Mediterranean-based pursuit aims to mitigate the areas of chaos in the region to afford Turkey and its interlocutors a break.

This is due to the fact that the U.S. and European pressures on Turkey as well as regional countries gains strength entirely through regional conflicts. “A diplomacy of shortcomings” is the West’s biggest weapon against our region.

Note that there are global threats transcending the disputes between Turkey, Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Storm clouds are encroaching over the whole region, in the Persian Gulf, the Red Sea, and the Mediterranean.


Erdoğan-Salman meeting. Saudi Arabia is under threat!

Can the meeting between President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Saudi King Salman bin Abdelaziz overcome the murder committed by Saudi Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman in Istanbul as well as the fragments left behind from the relentless hostility against Turkey?

The two countries are seeking ways to overcome this. The tremors in the world and region are producing such great threats that it has become a necessity for these two countries to find a way to weather this storm.

Despite the crown prince’s unacceptable compromises to the West, Saudi Arabia is the one that faces the biggest threat in the region. This threat should not be considered as emanating from Iran alone. Saudi Arabia is first in line for the division plans of the U.S. and Europe.




US, Israel, France defeated in Libya

Turkey represents a “domestic” idea. All the support and opposition, regardless which country it is coming from, are shaped in accordance with this criterion.

It takes as a basis the regional resistance against threats from “abroad,” from the “West.” We saw the best model of this in Libya. Turkey is the sole country that will stand by Saudi Arabia’s side in every great threat it encounters.

The increasing normalization of relations between Turkey and Egypt in recent months, the communication conducted through intelligence agencies, delegations from both countries starting to pay visits to one another, the powerful messages given by both countries in this regard may lead to a whole new ball game in the Mediterranean.

Frankly, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Russia and France were defeated in Libya. U.S.-Israel strategies being implemented through the United Arab Emirates (UAE) lost in Libya. Turkey was the only country that stood by Libya, and resisted against the country’s division, as well as against imperialist claims. Turkey and Libya won.

Maritime zone deal with Egypt will reset plans in Mediterranean

If Turkey and Egypt sign a “maritime zone deal” in the Mediterranean, this will reset all plans. U.S. and European plans prepared under the leadership of France, Greece and Israel, and presented to Turkey with UAE, Egypt and Saudi Arabia’s support, aim to bury us all in Mediterranean waters.

In the event that such a deal is signed with Egypt – and it must be signed urgently – that project will fail. A new and very powerful initiative may emerge between the Mediterranean, the Red Sea, and the Persian Gulf. This will then spread all the way into the depths of Africa. For now, alleviating the crisis, securing all three countries’ future plans is essential.

Bin Zayed must be deactivated

The U.S.-Israel-UAE axis is producing great threats for countries in the region. The UAE, and Mohammed bin Zayed in particular, assuming the role of Lawrence of Arabia against the region, nations, and peoples’ existence, while Saudi Arabia deploys its invasion forces to every inch of Sudan has become a regional threat.

The Riyadh administration must first punish bin Zayed for the position he has assumed. The UAE must also primarily abandon Zayed’s attitude that it has adopted. Otherwise, this disorder will continue to sow evil and misfortunes for the whole world. Saudi Arabia and the UAE subsequently will be the ones to suffer the greatest detriment.

From Caucasus to the Chinese border. From the Mediterranean to Africa… Turkey competed against the world’s most powerful countries

The ongoing battle in northern Syria and Iraq, the fresh initiative that has reached the Chinese border from Caucasus after the Karabakh war, is Turkey’s victory. This success is being built in coordination with “sister and partner” countries.

As a matter of fact, Turkey competed against the world’s most powerful countries in all these fields, and managed to take important steps. This is a declaration of power, and says a lot to the world of the 21st century.


Breaking the Mediterranean siege will break the blockade within as well

While all this is happening, another firm step is being taken right now. The Mediterranean siege, the siege from the Mediterranean and the Aegean is being shattered. Turkey must do this – and it will.

Egypt, Saudi Arabia and countries in the region will eventually and certainly come to grasp Turkey’s regional initiative and geopolitical mind, which will light the path for centuries to come, and is a “role model” for them as well.

If the Mediterranean siege is broken, so will the siege within.

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3 years ago
Turkey must divide the Mediterranean front, break the West’s siege. It must normalize ties with Saudi Arabia, sign a maritime deal with Egypt. The internal siege within will then be shattered!
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