Turkey must intervene in Syria! - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Turkey must intervene in Syria!

Will Turkey directly intervene in Syria? Will it enter an open war? Will it consider the current state of Syria as a threat to Turkey and take radical measures?

Is a new Syrian war starting under the leadership of Saudi Arabia and supported by the Gulf countries, Egypt and Jordan? Is the period of proxy wars carried out through organizations in Syria, which is under Russian and Iranian invasion over? Is a new era of state wars starting?

Can we read the consecutive statements made by the Riyadh administration, rumors that it is preparing troops, announcements of support from countries in the region, rising threats and blackmail from Iran as telling signs of the great showdown to take place in Syria in coming weeks?

Massacre in Aleppo, making painful decisions

Will the hundreds and thousands of people fleeing Aleppo and its vicinity toward Turkey, the human tragedies that will be witnessed, the massacre Russia and Iran are going to start in Aleppo cause a stir in the region? What sort of reaction will emerge when the humanitarian state and threat perceptions of other countries in the region like Turkey combine?

These are vital, questions and their answers or the incidents that will take place will be things that will leave a mark in the history of every country in the region. This is what the matter has come to; long beyond a matter of Syria, Turkey is obliged to face a dire reality. Both the developments in Syria and the invasion attempts in Turkey through terror are forcing our country to make a bitter decision.

Regardless of the decision made, it will shape Turkey's future. Those who are unable to grasp the gravity of today will face the judgment of history; those who make brave decisions today will be remembered as the founding elements of tomorrow's Turkey. This is the first time we are under attack from both within and without. This is not a danger that can ever be avoided with what we have learned and experienced to date.

They are going to strike from Syria!

I am acting on the presupposition that Turkey will not and should not accept this new situation. Moscow and Tehran should not and will not be allowed to design Syria in a way to threaten Turkey, to turn it into a garrison country, to make plans to attack Turkey for decades through this country.

Turkey knows and should know that the project of these two countries to disregard Sunni Arabs, moderate opposition groups, the overwhelming majority of the country's population, to eliminate them and export millions of them to build through the Democratic Union Party (PTY), Daesh and Syrian leader Bashar Assad's regime, a controllable front country. It knows and should know that the de-humanization of Syria, the refugee crisis is a project. It knows and should know that these preparations are the first steps of the project's attack campaign aimed at Turkey.

At this rate, if we do not become involved and somebody manages to prevent us from intervening, we are going to be up against something more dire than what we are currently experiencing in Cizre. The current attacks that are no longer terror but attempts at domestic invasion will soon turn into open attacks and offensives from beyond the border. Then, we will not only be discussing cities but the state of provinces and regions.

They are going to make us partners with PYD

We are going to be exposed to intense attacks throughout the long Syria border. New organizations are going to emerge, be planned and pushed into the field. In addition to today's Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), we are then going to have to fight against tens of organizations. Each one of those organizations are going to be under the control of one country, and that proxy war is going to turn be turned toward Turkey.

A project similar to the Operation Provide Comfort applied for years in Northern Iraq, with the duty time extended by our Parliament every six months and which cannot be prevented by any political party, is going to be applied in more comprehensive form in north Syria. Then, we are going to be obliged to cooperate with the PYD and surrender to the program carried out through it. At this rate they are going to make us accept this. We are going to witness a multinational intervention through the PYD, our entire southern region, the Turkey side of the North Corridor is going to become a disputed territory.

Russia and Iran are actually fighting Turkey

Turkey and Syria's fates have merged. Millions of people are our guests in this country. Turkey's backbone is now in Turkey, its backbone is Turkey. Iran has no ties with Syria. Russia has no ties with Syria. Neither Iran nor Russia suffered any damages from the Syrian war. Yet the two countries have settled in this country with which they do not even share a border and invaded it. Now they are designing it, making demographic eliminations and designing Syria as a front country against Turkey.

These two countries have waged a war against both the people of Syria and against Turkey. The war Tehran and Moscow are carrying out in this country is a war against Ankara. These two countries are actually directly fighting Turkey. There is no way to hide this any longer.

Of course we are not going to fight these countries. But we are not going to tolerate Turkey being attacked through Syria and Syria being turned into an anti-Turkey garrison. No country under such circumstances will fall silent and watch the danger approach and a while later attack it.

Turkey should expect Turkey to behave this way or present such behavior to us as a sign of maturity. If necessary, Turkey will and must join the open war to prevent this danger and stop it at a certain point. Just as the cost of every delayed day is going to be very heavy for the country, after a while it will also lose the chance to prevent the danger.

Self-defense cannot be used against 'allies'

No country can abandon its national sovereignty and territorial integrity, civil peace, regional security to the absolute control of its alliances and international organizations. It cannot depend on their initiative. This is the most important condition to being a country, state, nation and independent. If this condition is not met then there is no country or state.

This is a great strategic blindness. This is surrendering to a different kind of tutelage. What we call self-defense is possible solely through the country's own dynamics and can never be trusted to anyone else. Turkey's fate cannot be left to the initiative or mercy of others.

If our current alliances are openly cooperating with terror organizations, acting against Turkey, attacking this country from the inside, providing arms to those organizations, bringing the Syrian war into Turkey, rendering impossible a solution in Syria and dragging us to a bad end by leaving us hanging in mid-air, depending on them, expecting their support would be destroying this country's future.

That tutelage will impose a new map to us

No country imposing all this on us, would, under such circumstances, trust its own fate to the circle of alliance. If even under such circumstances, we are waiting to act depending on them, if we are going to act according to them, then we are making a grave mistake. We have no such luxury. The circumstances have long eliminated this luxury.

If we are at the same point despite this, then Turkey, which has struggled for years against tutelage, would be throwing itself in the arms of another tutelage. In fact, at a time when this tutelage is taking steps as dangerous as imposing a new map on Turkey.

Turkey will be discussing division if it does not intervene

Turkey must directly intervene in the Syria issue. Military action included. If Iran and Russia are able to enter this country with such flimsy pretexts, if they are able to bomb even the zero point of our border, if they are exiling Syrian civilians to Turkey and attacking Turkey from Syria, then Turkey has far more reason and right than they.

Nobody would want an open war. Nobody would want a war between Russia and Iran and Turkey. They would not even wish this. But this time it is very serious. If a step is not taken today, we are going to have to fight under tougher conditions than today in the future. There is no such thing as the Syrian regime or Damascus administration anymore. The country is being re-designed and this situation is clearly threatening us, the way is directed at Turkey and we are expected to sit in silence and accept this! Which country can surrender to such a thing? There is threat, physical condition and legal reason to intervene.

They are going to call this warmongering, I know, but if we do not intervene now, in a few years' time we will be discussing the division of Turkey. Take note!


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