Turkey spread its ‘relentless resistance’ throughout the region. Believe in this country, take your place in the front ranks - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Turkey spread its ‘relentless resistance’ throughout the region. Believe in this country, take your place in the front ranks

They tried to destroy Anatolia, the “last fortress” we took shelter in; but we built new and much stronger forts.

They tried to divide Turkey into smaller pieces, to banish it from history, to expel it from the region; however we turned Turkey into country that puts forth a regional identity.

They tried to silence us, suffocate us, and tried to wear out and crush our identity; but we built a political discourse, awareness and identity that spans across the oceans.

They tried to keep the reins on Turkey, to take it hostage for another century; however we rejected the unilateral dependence relationship that has been ongoing throughout the century. We rejected the definitions of “being a front,” “being a bridge.” We consolidated as much power as we could; we invested in our own power.

We told them, ‘You can never draw maps again.’ We said, ‘This is Turkey and the region now.’

They put forth their own mentality, their own perceptions of the region and history; however we discovered our own mentality and memory. We made a major intellectual leap. We activated our own mental codes in politics, culture, geopolitics, and the economy.

They came up with brand new maps. They came to implement their post-Ottoman Empire maps all over again. They came brandishing a new map of the region, a new map of Turkey.

We placed our own maps on the table. We said, “This is Turkey.” We said, “This is our region.” We told them, “You can no longer draw maps in this region.” We said, “You can no longer draw maps and cast roles for Turkey.”

They built fronts all around us. We built our fronts much deeper

They wanted to continue to control Turkey from Brussels, from Washington, and from London. We launched a new rising era on these lands. We drew our own path once again based on the essence of Turkey, Anatolia, and the legacy of the region.

They tried to thwart this power surge, to restrain and render it ineffective. They built fronts in Syria, Iraq, the Mediterranean, and the Aegean. We destroyed those fronts one-by-one. We negated all the fronts and corridors they established. We built our own fronts much deeper.

Their masters, bosses will be left scratching their heads

They established fronts, built walls between Turkey and the Arab-Muslim world. They surrounded Turkey from the south. They attempted to push our southern borders into Anatolia. One-by-one we eliminated these threats; patiently, intelligently, and determinedly. We kept Turkey’s southern gate open. We prevented being isolated in the region.

They built an anti-Turkey Arab front further south, consisting of countries such as the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain. They unleashed terrorist organizations on us from these fronts. We are about to crack this front too. :What’s more, there will be no need for us to do it; they are going to collapse internally. Their masters, their bosses are going to be left scratching their heads once again.

We reached the ‘coasts’ of those trying to drown us in our ‘coasts.’ We carried the fight to their coasts.

When they could not stop Turkey in the south, they moved the front to the East Mediterranean. They built partnerships and alliances from Europe to the U.S., from the Arab world to Israel. Those who built garrisons at the zero point of our border in Syria and Iraq, attempted to build the same on our coasts in order to drown us.

Yet, we never stepped back. We foiled all the plans in the Mediterranean, washing all their agreements down the drain. We expanded much beyond our coasts. We showed with our fleets, drill ships, maritime deals, claims and plans that nothing can be done in the East Mediterranean by excluding us. We opened Greece and the islands to discussion against those who opened our coasts, territorial waters, and maritime zones to debate. We moved the fight to their coasts.

East door: Turkey-Central Asia connection in store

They are now striving to siege Turkey from the East. Those who used the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) terror group in Iraq and Syria, those who used Greece in the Aegean have now mobilized Armenia in the Caucasus. They thought Azerbaijan and Turkey would remain as silent as lambs.

We did here exactly what we did in all fronts. Occupied lands are now being taken back with counter-interventions. Armenia faced defeat. The plans of those backing it collapsed. Now they are trying to save Yerevan. They will fail. They will not be able to close the eastern gate. The Turkey-Central Asia connection will certainly be established. They fell into their own trap.

Instructions to ‘topple Erdoğan,’ the command to ‘stop Turkey’!

While they attacked from the U.S., from Europe, and certain Arab countries, fronts were established at home as well. Alliances were formed to promote their own claims against Turkey. They tried to poison our country and nation with their own rights and wrongs. This propaganda continues. They united political parties and terrorist organizations under a single roof. They instructed them to “topple Erdoğan.” This was, in fact, the command to “stop Turkey.”

We built a ‘Turkey axis.’ We spread ‘relentless resistance’ throughout region

We established the Turkey axis. We gathered there. We established defense lines on that axis. We built and developed a new rise of Turkey, a new rise of history, a regional understanding. We launched the “relentless resistance” against plans to siege, surround, and collapse Turkey at home and from abroad.

Now that “relentless resistance” has spread throughout the entire region. It is in Karabakh in the Caucasus, in the East Mediterranean, in the Aegean, in Syria, in Iraq, in the depths of Africa, in the Red Sea, and the Persian Gulf. Tomorrow it will be in the Indian and Atlantic oceans. It is going support all oppressed peoples living on the earth’s “Middle Zone” in their rightful cause.

‘Turkey’s path’ is set to cause global tremors

Turkey’s struggle is the region’s struggle. It is a fight against the colonialism and imperialism that have been reigning for the past century. The way to prevent those who divided the Ottomans, those who reigned over and plundered those lands throughout the 20th century, those who turned our empire cities into ruins, from repeating the same thing again is through “Turkey’s path.”

Today, the resistance line has been established. The path to ascension has been set. The foundations of a great Turkey have been laid.

Believe in this country, take position in the front ranks

It is clear that those who have deviated from Turkey’s path, those who have abandoned it, those who weakened it, will lose in all fronts – very much like their defeated friends.

The world is witnessing a birth of a new power. “Stopping Turkey” was their last scenario. That too is collapsing now. Pay no attention to those who do not believe, those who cause confusion, those who produce fear, spread hopelessness, and those who resort to lies.

Support this country. Free your minds and yourselves. Take place in the first ranks.


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