Turkey takes stage and this is where the fight starts

A new table is being set in the international system. The cards will now be more open, showdowns will get even rougher, alliances will become ambiguous, friendships and enmities will change in a conjunctive manner.

As democracy, freedom, supra-national structures, agreements restricting nations and states and principles start to lose value, economic and security showdowns and, in relation to this, temporary partnerships are beginning to stand out.

A ruthless world: The power map has changed

A ruthless world is being formed. The countries we consider to be power centers failed in forming the balance we call the international system, harmony and the power map.

They failed because of their selfishness, their greediness, their idea of taking control over the world's resources alone and because they dragged humanity into a world shaped by pillaging and plundering. No country feels safe in such an international atmosphere. Insecurity is making countries even more irritable and reckless.

There will no longer be such harmony or balance. Some of the central powers have lost their influence, while others have become even more selfish. The Atlantic circle in particular has lost the trust of humanity due to its arrogance, ambitions, greed and making investments in conflict only in all corners of the world. As for technology, others are also able to access it now. As for capital, other countries and regions are also able to reach it. As for military/security plans, the rising Asian powers cover a vast field in this area.

The US lost, even Trump can't save it

This trend will continue. The distrust in the West, new areas of security in the world, strong economic pools, creating welfare circles is going to further increase its hunger. In this sense, the U.S. is the biggest loser. From Latin America to Far Asia, all of the newly rising powers see the U.S. as a threat for the world.

The opinion that they can compete against unlimited economic, political, military and technology power is strengthening. This resulted in the stall of the U.S.'s historic walk. It is no longer possible to gain the world's trust by chasing after madness with an extraordinary, antithetical and eccentric man like Donald Trump.

It is likely that Trump will further increase this rate of mistrust and make more widespread the threat opinion. Many countries, even from today, are starting to make concerned guesses about where the U.S. – led by Trump – will take the world. This is why the U.S. is going to be the biggest loser of the historic turning point and the change in the power map.

There will be no EU in the future

One other power center regressing along with the U.S. is the European Union. To say it openly, the EU no longer has the quality to set an example for other nations. Due to its cumbersome structure, it will probably downsize and turn into a German empire project. However, there is also the likelihood that this downsizing will lead to some countries being left under that bulky wreck and getting wasted.

There will be no structure as the EU in the world's future power map. Instead, there will be countries that focus on their own national policies, imperial pasts and start protective programs in this direction. In the upcoming years, many EU countries are going to rush to take their own security under guarantee and greatly lose their economic motive.

New powers will come to the fore and offer hope to humanity

This deep tremor gave rise to new powers and continues to do so. New economic and political capitals are forming. Some countries have already replaced center countries. They are back on the history stage. This shift in power and alignment is gaining pace and activating fault lines at a more staggering rate. New powers, the countries that are on a rise are breeding in this massive power vacuum.

The countries that have taken to the stage have the opportunity to restrict the selfishness, weaknesses, incompetence, bad intentions of countries that are candidates to form the global system and their dreams to pillage the earth. These countries may give new hope to humanity. They can change the flow of history and fill that power vacuum.

Trump is going to be the West's last madness card

Why am I saying all this? Because this is the first time since World War II that the roughness of climate has become as dangerous. The pains of the end of the Cold War can be felt more clearly now. The idea of those who won that war dominating the war on their own has failed, there is no longer such a probability. Now, there is the challenge of powers that will replace it. This challenge is creating brand new front lines completely outside the Middle East.

The Atlantic is trying to prevent this rise and change from happening; it is trying to take the world hostage once more. It is at this point that Trump takes the stage as a crazy U.S. leader. Trump and his team are most likely going to be the last chance, last hope of the West to dominate the world. This is never going to happen, but they have chosen to cling onto this hope once more.

Turkey takes stage and this is where the fight starts

It is time to discuss Turkey right at this point, here, in this power vacuum, this shift of alignment and time of the new power map. Because Turkey is one of the star countries of the future, one of the countries that will make history with its surprising rise. The reason behind its closest friends shooting at it, let alone its traditional enemies, the indirect attacks, hitting it through terrorism, attempts to make it collapse through economic interventions, exhausting it through intelligence networks such as the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) lies here.

This is what we meant whenever we said “they are trying to stop Turkey.” This is what we meant whenever we said they are trying to discourage Turkey, the nation, demoralize it and take over through their influence circles on the inside, whenever we said “the ruthless resistance era.” Turkey was being sieged from outside and being hit on the inside at the same time and those doing this were the U.S. and EU countries. It was their partners in our region.

They attacked in fear of the next 50-100 years

Why? Because a new power, a new partner or influence circle, a new country was gaining prominence in the power sphere. A country whose specific weight is excessive and claims are strong and alive was taking to the history stage, breaking free from the tutelage of alliance and starting to draw its own road map. Turkey could not be allowed to go on its own walk in such a climate.

Its “friends” wanted to lock it back in the house. They were going to use it, turn it into a front and make it do their dirty work. They knew very well how it would turn into a threat if it moved to another neighborhood. It was known from the Ottoman-Europe relations that go back centuries.

But Turkey had revived its memory of history, discovered itself and made a big challenge. This path would be tread, that historic transformation would happen and this might takes centuries. Turkey was going to change the entire geography's map and reset map plans. According to them, a new Seljuk, a new Ottoman Empire was coming and their fears for the next 50-100 years made them take action.

This is where you see the dimension of the fight, the struggle

But we know that Turkey and the countries that are back on the history stage have much to tell humanity against the mentality of pillaging and plundering that is wreaking havoc around the world, they have a way out they want to show. They were replacing the center countries and starting such an era in history. This is the dimension of the fight, the struggle we are in.

This is the reason lying behind the consecutive multinational interventions we have been facing. This is the reason behind the efforts made on the inside for the systemic transformation and the challenges made in the form of a new political discourse. We would no longer be a country that is sieged, made to kneel or taken hostage. We were not going to go back and will not go back to the 20th century again after a century.

Worthless men cannot tarnish this struggle

All this might seem like a dream to some. Some may have trouble perceiving all this. They should pay attention to the changes and tensions in the U.S., EU, the global power map, between the East and West, understand that picture well. Only then will they understand Turkey's struggle. At a time like this, little people cannot be allowed to pollute, poison minds with their little plans, to weaken the lines of struggle, the country, shake social psychology through disorder. These will be noted as evil; a while later, these people will find themselves excluded from history.

So, pay no attention or value to their articles, statements, rants on TV screens. Know that they are worthless and that they are after personal ambitions and gains.

The country is here, the fight is in the open and the lines are clear

In such an international climate, in such a period which countries are fighting, pay no attention to those who have no idea, discourse, depth, horizon making Turkey's rise, becoming a star seem worthless. The country is here, the nation is here, the struggle is out in the open, the lines are clear.

That rise is happening over the legacy of those who sacrificed their lives, whose blood was shed on July 15. Not over those who are trampling over their memories.

Pay no attention and continue on the path without hesitation.