Turkey’s great march: What we are actually doing!

Turkey is laying the foundations of a new establishment. Anatolia is activating the political gene that dates back centuries and is starting a rising history once again. It is standing out in a global conjuncture where the world’s power map is distributed, where center countries are regressing, where new countries are gaining prominence, with major theories and great claims.

We should see the current times like that of the growth of the Seljuk Empire. We should see it like the rise of the Ottoman Empire. We need to perceive it like the continuity of states, their maturation and growth as much as the transition of history. We must note that the great rising history of the Republic of Turkey is being written during these days.

This is why the current generation is a founding generation, it is the generation that started this rise in history; that is how we need to see ourselves. Even if we don’t, even if we are unable to perceive the chaos which we are in, we must know that that this is how the historians of the future will write it.

Beyond Anatolia: Why we are building this regional identity

Politics is taking strong steps, paving the way and breaking new ground with its own leadership and cadres, and with a great nation and state tradition. It is both resisting that global wave of invasion trying to destroy our region and trying to build a geography. For the first time, a very strong national state mind is taking root in our country.

The tutelage periods have been closed, the 20th century bracket has been closed, a new political discourse and stance that reaches beyond the borders of Anatolia is becoming centralized. In this state, while resisting against the big attacks both internally and externally, we are also trying to shape our own map of interest, trying to reach beyond Anatolia, trying to get close to them and trying to form a regional identity.

Intellectual mobility is required: Our media is on the national axis for the first time

The political mind is leading us. But it is impossible to complete this great plan, goal and march with politics alone. The foundations need to be enhanced. Intellectual wealth, experience needs to be built. The success achieved in politics and economy needs to be reached in social and cultural areas.

Our media, universities, world of thought need to join this march with all their experience, make a breakthrough and support politics as well. Major claims and theories in those areas need to gain prominence and complement the existing claims.

This is probably the first time that our media is on such a national axis. It has started to act in harmony with the enthusiasm of the state, politics and society. It resisted the external heavy attacks for the last five years and has shown very strong reaction. This is an extremely pleasing situation. But this is not the extent of our claims; it is not to defend only but to produce and spread.

This is a media pool led by Yeni Şafak

I will be open: Albayrak Media Group is advancing on this path with determined steps. It wants to be Turkey’s most effective “content producer” and is making great efforts in this direction. It is trying to produce permanent discourses, to determine a strong stance rather than put on a show or market an idea. For example, ever since it was established, Yeni Şafak has always been a step ahead of Turkey’s great change. It still is and will continue to be so.

This is a media pool. It is a rich pool with Yeni Şafak, TVNET, dozens of powerful magazines on various areas, with yenisafak.com, which publishes in the digital area, with its English and Arabic news websites and with GZT. This is “Turkey’s accumulation,” and it is further strengthening and enhancing this mission by the day.

We have fixated ourselves on the Turkey axis

Because we have fixated ourselves on Turkey’s “great march,” we equipped ourselves with that mission and we have made it a principle to walk side by side with the leaders. Because we know what homeland defense is, what building the region is, the kind of a global-scale showdown that is happening, the kind of 21st century Turkey wants to build, and we believe in it. Our strategic positioning, our intellectual identity is on this axis; we believe in this.

Ketebe: A publication mobilization is starting

Now, we have a new establishment that joined Albayrak Media Group and our media pool. We now started publishing books with Ketebe Publications. Ketebe’s perspective is not only to publish books, but it is going to act with a major goal, a perspective that will surpass Turkey too.

It has taken it as a principle upon itself to enrich, to encourage our country’s intellectual accumulation, its world of thought and has taken its first step with 16 books.

I am talking about a new “publishing mobilization” that will be carried out under the wing of Mesut Albayrak, the coordination of İsmail Demirci and guidance of Ömer Lekesiz, İsmail Kılıçarslan, Ahmet Murat and Mustafa Armağan.

It will produce art and aesthetic

As much as Ketebe encourages you and presents you with Turkey’s accumulation, it also aims to carry the world’s accumulation to Turkey. It wants to produce a language and content that will complement that ideal we call our country’s great march and that is going to enrich its infrastructure. In addition to this, I will say that Ketebe will be Turkey’s greatest culture pool and that it will produce art and aesthetic.

Before the tanks reach the Kaaba: A road map, a future prediction

Of course, Ketebe Publications published one of my books too. In the book titled, “Tanklar Kabeye Dayanmadan” (Before the Tanks Reach the Kaaba), I tried to analyze everything that happened in our region in the last two decades and to include strong predictions about what will happen following this.

I can say that I am well-acquainted with the entire adventure of our region, which I have been following daily for almost 30 years now. In that book, you will find what Turkey is trying to do in such a region and what those who are planning a regional war are planning against this.

Though the title might sound pessimistic, I believe this book will offer a road map and alarm us against all matters of concern. In the book, I summarized the details of the biggest trap set up against our geography, Turkey’s great struggle. This is going to be my first book after many years. There will be two more following this one. I kindly present it to your interest and appreciation.

I welcome Ketebe Publications which newly joined our publishing pool. I am awaiting the excitement that Ketebe will add to our country’s world of thought with great curiosity.

I say you should wait too.


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