Turkey’s influence is felt across continents thanks to its strategic mind and humane sensibilities. Turkey is a great country. It cannot be belittled anymore.

 The sudden U.S. decision to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan resulted in Taliban’s rapid storming of the capital Kabul, leading to a horrific human tragedy. Tens of thousands of people flocked to Kabul airport, trying to board the aircraft and flee the country. 

Those who held onto the aircraft wheels and crashed down from the sky to the ground were new examples of the previous atrocities caused by the U.S. invasion in countries such as Vietnam and Iraq. 

The U.S. killed millions of people over the course of all its invasions, committed horrific crimes against humanity, flattened cities, and caused severe destruction to countries and human civilizations. In fact, it even abandoned those who have been cooperating with it in Kabul for the last two decades. 

It piled up the few number of people the cargo aircraft could carry, treating them like animals. It took them and left them in the middle of Africa, in Congo. The behavior the U.S. displayed when fleeing Afghanistan was no less despicable than its behavior when it invaded the country. 


Turkey sole country worthy of applause in Kabul! 


Turkey deserves a round of applause in terms of its care and success in controlling Kabul airport, evacuating people, its organizational capacity, the respect it displayed towards people during this process, its professionalism while helping everyone without any differentiation, its calm and common-sense attitude, and in terms of setting an example for other countries.  

Turkish troops, diplomacy, non-governmental organizations, the political mind in Ankara, and its bureaucratic accomplishments and devotion deserve to be recognized. No country other than Turkey was able to show this success; none of them displayed humanitarian attitude to this extent. 




Like drowning refugees in Mediterranean… 


The U.S. abandoned thousands of people. Besides the U.S., all the European countries that have maintained a presence in Afghanistan, such as France and Germany, left stranded the people with whom they worked together, and fled the country. 

Due to fear, and disregard for Afghan people as humans, they all presented despicable, disgraceful behavior nurtured by selfishness and arrogance. 

Europe did to its partners in Afghanistan what it did to refugees on the European border. It abandoned its “men” in Afghanistan to “drown” in Kabul airport, just like it drowned the refugees in the Mediterranean. 



 ‘Turkey will meet 21st century’s expectations.’ Do not give heed to those spreading evil… 


Turkey’s Afghanistan policy, its view of Taliban, its interpretation of the power shifts in Central and South Asia, and its awareness of its own rise and influence is impeccable. 

When we say, “Turkey is the mind of the 21st century,” “Turkey is the 21st century’s surprise country,” this is what we mean. This time we are saying that “Turkey will meet the 21st century’s expectations.” We are saying, “Turkey is the 21st century’s conscience.” 

Pay no attention to the obscuration operations conducted in Turkey. Do not give heed to those who spread evil. Keep your mind clear, avoid confusion. Do not give heed to those who shatter your trust in your own country, your own nation, your own state, who trivialize all the good actions, and who belittle accomplishments. Do not allow them to blind you. 



Country of quiet revolutions… 


This country is going to make great achievements on behalf of this country, humanity, the region, the past and the future. It is going to be the country of quiet revolutions. Though there are certain groups striving to cast a shadow on this, Turkey’s mind, Turkey’s influence, Turkey’s stance is spreading in waves through the Middle East, Central Asia, and South Asia. 

This will have political outcomes. It is going to lead to a wave of awareness, steering those countries to turn to themselves, to re-establish themselves, and recognize their own power and wealth. It is going to boost the confidence in those streets, leading to deep tremors in the way they perceive their country and the world. All this is actually happening right now. 

This is why Turkey is considered a “threat.” This is why there are operations to stop it from within. This is why internal fronts are being built. This is why political parties and terrorist organizations are joining their powers under a single roof. Those who failed to stop Turkey from outside are now attacking internally. 




Ministers visited in their boots,

one house after another, one village after another.

The bad guys lost again. 


Our country’s south was hit by forest fires, and the north by floods. They even used this natural disaster as a means to stop Turkey internally. They launched a despicable campaign. Yet our nation was in solidarity; the state was in the are with all its elements. An extraordinarily organized intervention was carried out. 

Ministers did not return to their homes for weeks. They visited house after house, village after village in their boots. They spoke to everyone individually. The damages were determined, needs were listed, and supplied. Houses are being rebuilt, trees are being planted again. Most importantly, our people are being helped to recover. 

You cannot find this in any country around the world. You will not find this perfection, organizational capacity, humanitarian mobilization, solidarity, state generosity and mercy anywhere else. 


From strategic mind to humane sensibility:

We’re traveling continents 


Turkey’s achievements are apparent not only in Kabul, in flood and wildfire areas, but in every field both within and abroad. 

From its strategic mind to its humanitarian sensibilities, from preparing for the future to the experience and knowledge gained from the past, from Anatolia’s rise to regional awareness, from compassion and power influencing continents to transforming history, Turkey has now reached the point of “no turning back.” 




Those who love Turkey will win. 


Regardless of what they do, regardless of what they attempt, this march cannot be stopped. This mind cannot be paralyzed; this nation’s heart cannot be turned to stone; our country cannot be surrendered to rage and hostility. 

Those who love Turkey will win. 


2 years ago
Turkey’s influence is felt across continents thanks to its strategic mind and humane sensibilities. Turkey is a great country. It cannot be belittled anymore.
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