Turkey’s intervention east of the Euphrates in Syria is imminent... The terror corridor is the sole aim of ‘internal invaders,’ those ‘surrounding’ us from abroad... This is Erdoğan’s final call: Projects aiming to alter maps will be negated... US: ‘If Turkey launches an op, we will have to withdraw our troops’ - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Turkey’s intervention east of the Euphrates in Syria is imminent... The terror corridor is the sole aim of ‘internal invaders,’ those ‘surrounding’ us from abroad... This is Erdoğan’s final call: Projects aiming to alter maps will be negated... US: ‘If Turkey launches an op, we will have to withdraw our troops’

Turkey’s planned intervention east of the Euphrates River in Syria is, in its simplest form, a legitimate defense. No country, no state or power has the justification to stop this defense.

Because the east of the Euphrates is not a terror, a Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) issue alone. It is the biggest and most imminent threat for Turkey. After seeing what happened in Iraq and Syria, there is no need to even discuss what this threat contains.

All countries that oppose this operation should have said something about the wars that took place there so far, as well as the preparations to attack Turkey. On the contrary, they supported the growth of this threat, which is openly targeting Turkey.

What would all the countries supporting the terror corridor in the north of Syria have done if even 1 percent of this threat had emerged on their borders? What would the U.S., France and Israel have done? The answer to this question alone is enough to explain everything.

We can’t wait even a day! Map drafts must be reset. Even if it means suicide

Accordingly, Turkey cannot tolerate the construction of a hundreds-of-kilometer-long “Turkey front” at the zero point of its borders for even a day longer. As President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said, Turkey does not have the luxury of losing a single day.

This geopolitical intervention will determine Turkey's future. It will negate all map projects targeting the region. It is not limited to Syria only and will force planned regional plots to alter their trajectory.

It will be the strongest intervention against the "siege from abroad", from the Iranian border to the Mediterranean, from the Aegean to the western shores of the Black Sea, and the "inside intervention" through the front formed along the Republican People's Party (CHP)-Peoples' Democracy Party (HDP) axis.

For the last two years, we have been advocating this intervention "even if it means suicide, regardless of the price." Because the situation was part of the whole struggle we put up in Anatolia and its vicinity from the Crusades to World War I.

President Erdoğan's final call: 'Suddenly one night' must be soon

President Erdoğan has been expressing the need for a military operation for about two years and said, "We could come suddenly one night," and trusted none of the partnerships with the U.S.

Efforts were made within the country to negate every speech made by Erdoğan in order to prevent the formation of a public opinion in this respect. In his last speech, Erdoğan called for a national stance, solidarity. This call is now their last chance.

Defense Minister Hulusi Akar's statement yesterday is the declaration that there are no more options left. Akar's statement, Unfortunately we have our expectations have been quashed with respect to the institution of the safe zone. We completed our preparations against all odds. Our plans are ready. Everybody should know this."

The terror corridor is the sole aim of ‘internal invaders,’ those ‘surrounding’ us from abroad

The U.S. and its allies, the PKK and Daesh in Syria, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia continued to strive to prevent the intervention, to buy time, and in the meanwhile, to complete the military buildup.

Whenever Turkey prepares for an intervention, they always come with new offers, but not even one of these offers were implemented. None of the promises made were kept. They would not be, this was known.

The primary aim of the alliance established in the country and along the axis of the CHP-HDP is not internal politics or the elections, but the completion of this terror corridor. They were positioned accordingly, they took action accordingly and did not leave the PKK-U.S. axis.

Even their political goals was shaped according to the "multinational front's" Turkey and regional projects. This is the sole reason for them uniting under a single roof against Erdoğan. The answer to, "Who brought them together?" alone reveals all the plans.

US: ‘If Turkey launches an op, we will have to withdraw our troops.’ No country will be able to stand against intervention

No country, including the U.S., can openly stand against Turkey's intervention. The U.S. has no legitimacy in Syria. But for Turkey, this is a homeland defense. There are preparations there for a "state-to-state war." The following step in these preparations is to open the "Turkey front."

Also, yesterday The Wall Street Journal wrote, "U.S. officials are increasingly concerned that Turkey soon will mount a major incursion into northern Syria, a move likely to prompt the Trump administration to withdraw all U.S. forces from Syria to avoid a conflict." This is the issue.

Iraq is riddled with chaos. Everywhere from Lebanon the Yemen will turn into pandemonium

Street demonstrations and conflict started yesterday in almost all cities of Iraq. The Iran-Saudi Arabia or Persian-Arab conflict is spreading throughout the country. All their war plans in Syria could be reset with an intervention from the south any moment now.

The U.S. and Israel and Saudi Arabia and the UAE's tensions with Iran in the Persian Gulf may destroy the entire region from Iraq to Syria, from Lebanon to Yemen.

We may wake up one morning to game-changing tremors. In an atmosphere of such ambiguity, Turkey needs to immediately ensure its security.

Our deterring power is obvious. The charade being put on is obvious. The threat and the solution are obvious.

By making the difficult decision during the worst of times: This is how we always saved the future

Ever since we arrived in Anatolia, we saved the future by making the right and difficult decisions in the toughest times of history. That is how we built and shaped history and the region.

The Cyprus intervention conducted during Turkey’s modern period was the most serious geopolitical move after World War I. Its significance is a lot clearer today. The Euphrates Shield and Afrin operations after the July 15 coup attempts were similar geopolitical interventions.

The Mediterranean gate of the "map" spanning the Iranian border and the Mediterranean was closed and through Operation Claw, and its east door is in the process of being closed.

Both the foreign siege and the internal front will be destroyed

Now, the hundreds-of-kilometers-long "Turkey front" will be and must be destroyed with the intervention that will be conducted east of the Euphrates. This is going to be the greatest geopolitical intervention. Turkey has the strength to do this.

Not only the front along the border, but the foreign "siege" as well as the "native invader front" will also be destroyed - but by sending some troops.

Intervention is necessary for a real solution, to reset all map plans, to continue the legacy we’ve sustained since the time of the Seljuks.


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