Turkey’s Oruç Reis vessel sets sail again! ‘The Century of Defense’ is now over! - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Turkey’s Oruç Reis vessel sets sail again! ‘The Century of Defense’ is now over!

Turkey re-dispatched its Oruç Reis vessel to the Mediterranean.

As a matter of fact, it dispatched it in a way to expand right towards the middle of the absurd map over which Greece and Egypt (Abdel-Fattah al-Sisi) reached an agreement after they drew it according to their whims. Of course, battleships were sent as well. All possibilities were taken into consideration and calculated.

Oruç Reis had been sent to the region on July 21 as well. Turkish and Greek fleets were ready to clash with one another. However, when German Chancellor Angela Merkel held a meeting with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, Turkey gave Athens another chance.

According to some, the two countries had turned from the brink of war.

From Meis to north Aegean, every island will be contested.

However, Athens failed to take advantage of the chance and instead struck a deal with Egypt. It established an anti-Turkey front that can never be deterring.

It had previously made a similar deal with Italy and confined Albania within the Adriatic Sea. As Athens nears the verge of war with Turkey in the Aegean and the Mediterranean, it is also escalating an extremely critical crisis in the West with Albania.

Oruç Reis will move in the entire area determined within the frame of the Turkey-Libya deal. Neither Egypt nor Athens will be able to do anything to counter this.

This time around, they are going to find Turkey much more determined. From Meis island to the north of the Aegean, every area may turn into a conflict zone; every island in this zone may be contested. They know this. They know Turkey’s determination.

If Oruç Reis is intercepted, if an ’accident’ happens!The ‘Defense century’ is over…

It seems that the attempts to drown Turkey at the zero point of the coasts in the Aegean and the Mediterranean are going to receive serious reaction this time. Turkey is never going to respond to the plans to siege it from the East Mediterranean to Libya, from the Mediterranean with just “defense.”

This is due to the fact that Turkey remained on the defensive for one whole century. It had to keep quiet as its seas were being plundered. But now:

The century of defense is over.

If there is any physical interception on Oruç Reis, if there is any physical harassment on Turkey’s operations, if there is any “accident,” the entire zone I mentioned will become a conflict area.

Strategic maneuver, geopolitical concern: Power determines everything in the Mediterranean

Athens is going to ask for Europe’s support again. It is going to make Germany mediate again. It is going to try and talk Turkey out of it. Thus, there was some activity yesterday in this regard.

However, it is impossible to eliminate Turkey’s geopolitical concerns with these strategic maneuvers. Even Germany cannot do it. Because the power showdown in the East Mediterranean, the Mediterranean and the Aegean is a vital issue for Turkey.

It is power which will eventually determine everything in the Mediterranean.

Closing in from the sea, that map again: This is what Turkey is intercepting.

This is what Turkey saw with the July 15, 2016 attack: They are sieging Turkey from both countries (from the north of Iraq with the invasion of Iraq, and from the north of Syria with the Syria war) through the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and Daesh.

There are map operations ongoing from the Iranian border to the Mediterranean, and this map is entirely based on sieging Turkey. This is what Turkey intercepted and struck heavy blows against the “terror corridor” project.

It did not end there. The siege continued in the Mediterranean. Alliances and fronts were established first in the East Mediterranean, then the whole Mediterranean, followed by the Aegean, and they were all targeting Turkey. A multinational coalition was formed to “stop Turkey.”

When terrorist organizations proved insufficient, they used states

There was only one thing left to do: intervene in the siege from the sea. This is what Turkey is doing now. After some time, they may try this through Romania and Bulgaria as well.

Greece and Egypt are being thrown in front of Turkey.

They did this previously within and in northern Iraq through the PKK. They did it in Syria through Daesh. They did it in Libya through Khalifa Haftar.

But organizations are no longer enough. They have now thrown states into the mix as well.

Smart, wise moves from Turkey

They first used the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as a hitman against Turkey. They affiliated the terrorist organizations with it. Then they activated Saudi Arabia against Turkey through Mohammed bin Salman. They established an anti-Turkey front through the Gulf Arabs.

The game they started in Iraq was continued in Syria. Then they moved it to the East Mediterranean. This was followed by escalated tensions in the Aegean. They planned one plot after another to exclude Turkey from the entire Mediterranean.

Turkey is studying these moves and knows all this. It is taking extremely smart and wise steps.

August month of victory. Because we always settled scores with power.

Greece was driven to the ground against Turkey in the Aegean, the Sisi administration (Egypt) in the Mediterranean, Armenia in the Caucasus, and the UAE and Saudi Arabia in the whole Arab region.

These countries are next after terrorist organizations. What will happen next? Will their bosses also jump into the ring?

However, for centuries, we always wrestled against the strongest. We settled scores with them.

Let us hope there is no “accident.” It is obvious what will happen if there is.

August is the month of victory!


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