Turkey's political mind that once ruled over continents has returned. The path was meticulously paved: centuries of wisdom combined with Erdoğan’s will… The West’s biggest plan today is to ‘stop Turkey.’

As the final deck of the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge was being fitted, the act was more than simply a “service” rendered. Yes, it represents development, trade, economy,  transport, and pride. 

However, it goes far beyond that. It was yet another step towards manifesting a great idea based on changing the course of history, on shaping the region. 

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was engineering yet another stage of the mind “map” drawn to combine the legacy of the past with the means of the future. 


They all tell of one thing. What is it? Do we fully understand? 

 Regardless of all the efforts to prevent it, regardless of all the evils and threats, Erdogan is rebuilding this country, securing its golden age, and leaving his mark on the world. 

Every step on this path was meticulously paved; the timing was finely calibrated; centuries of wisdom was combined with Erdoğan’s will. 

Whether they be building a bridge one day, launching a military operation the next, followed by a technological surprise, then a humanitarian touch; one day in Africa, the Middle East, the next in Central Asia, etc. 

Though they may be individual acts, they were all telling us one thing. 


A country of great clams... 

Many times now, we’ve heard from Turkish Transportation Minister Adil Karaismailoğlu talking about the bridge’s role in the global economy and logistics, and its significance in the new East-West trade corridor. 

A new piece joins the great puzzle, the historical showdown, the comeback, the rise of magnificence and power, and a firmly established plan. 

The country of great claims once more declared to the world that it will do everything it puts its mind to. Thus, Turkey’s future map gained a new dimension. 

Another effective geopolitical deal was struck, influencing the future of countries and nations.


Turkey is a ‘continental country’

 Turkey became a “continental country” with its claims, powerful statements, and major deals. The political mind that once ruled over seven continents has returned. It made Turkey a “continental country,” and Turkey fulfilled the requirements of this status. 

It established a presence in continents through its defense, technology, trade, diplomacy, humanitarian operations, and became a model country that was leaving its mark all over the earth. 

The mind and political legacy of empires were pioneering “something new.” It was doing this once more from Anatolia, from “the land of great breakthroughs.” This was launched by those who built a massive power awakening in two decades from imperial ruins, as the world looked on in surprise. 


An undeterrable nation

A proud nation trod a determined path in the world’s toughest region, longing for the past, inveighing against all the evils of the present, while being attacked both from abroad and at home. 

Most did not understand; they fell apart along the journey and succumbed. But the “undeterrable,” the “perseverant” went on. They had history behind them, not to mention the region and nation. All conditions of the 21st century were ripe for this march and paved the way. 


Turkic States Organization one day, Çanakkale Bridge the next. 

 The West gate was being parted once again, in Çanakkale, against those who tried to stop us in the very same place. Those who amassed the world in Çanakkale and launched a great destruction operation are now forced to watch a country shine in that very location.

We are back. We witnessed this in Çanakkale the previous day. 

A country that has the capacity to assemble the “Organization of Turkic States” one day, build bridges to the East, open the eastern gate, and build bridges to the West in Çanakkale the next day, opening the western gate, can have nothing but great claims. 

This is not impertinence; it is a vision, a representation of the future. It is a plan. When it is time, all the plans necessary to fulfill these will be implemented. 


We stepped into the 21st century with lament, but all that has taken a turn now

We are a nation that has experienced destruction, one after the other, for the last two centuries. These were launched to banish us from history and the region. It was a showdown set to destroy, avenge the past centuries. 

We stepped into the 21st century with the lament and complete destruction of the countries and communities around us. A new storm had arrived from the West, and it destroyed everything in its path. Our cities turned into ruins, our countries were destroyed, and millions of people sacrificed. 

That storm finally reached our border and headed toward our homes. 


That storm hit Turkey, but we stopped it in its tracks

We, Turkey, managed to reverse the most sinister storm of the 21st century. This is the biggest global development of the last two decades! The wave of invasions, destruction and re-colonialization hit Turkey and stopped – we stopped it. 

As a matter of fact, Turkey stopped the Crusades of the 21st century. Similar to its resistance in Anatolia centuries ago, it formed a great resistance against this storm again in Anatolia. It developed a shield. It not only stopped the storm but reversed it. 

Turkey’s bridges

 The 1915 Çanakkale Bridge is more than just a bridge. It is part of a grand plan. 

You can see this plan everywhere and in every field, from anti-terrorism to the economic war, from technological breakthroughs to political transformation, from the Mediterranean and Aegean crises to the boom of the defense force, from the Karabakh War to the new Silk Road, from the “map wars” in the north of Iraq and Syria to the U.S. and EU embargoes. 

Turkey is building bridges. To the east, west, north and south. These “bridges” are being built in the military field, in the investment field, in the human relations field, and in the field of cooperation with nations and countries. 


Turkey cannot be stopped!  

Turkey is making plans for the 21st century. Meanwhile, it continues to destroy the “century-long siege” plans, and the fronts built to “collapse Turkey from within.” 

Turkey will continue marching. 

The West’s greatest plan today is to “stop Turkey.” In every field. Yet, the world’s biggest reality today is that “Turkey cannot be stopped”! 

Both those abroad and within will comprehend this. 

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3 years ago
Turkey's political mind that once ruled over continents has returned. The path was meticulously paved: centuries of wisdom combined with Erdoğan’s will… The West’s biggest plan today is to ‘stop Turkey.’
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