US won’t attack Iran, it will start a new Arab-Persian war. Two crown princes, two countries: They became hitmen of the Crusaders. But the big trap is set against Saudi Arabia. - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

US won’t attack Iran, it will start a new Arab-Persian war. Two crown princes, two countries: They became hitmen of the Crusaders. But the big trap is set against Saudi Arabia.

How far could the showdown between the U.S. and Iran go? Could there possibly be a U.S.-Iran war? Will a great intervention start against Iran at the provocation of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and neocon rightists in the U.S.? What kind of developments will the entire region – from Turkey to North Africa, from Pakistan to Somalia – witness in such a case?

These are no simple questions or probabilities. There is, after all, a plan aimed at destroying the whole region – this is a fact now.

There are efforts to get the Muslim world to fight among itself, strike Islam in the heart and start a new period of colonization, of tutelage over Muslim societies. Also, if the “Muslim Central Zone” is taken under complete control, this will pave the way for the West to dominate the world again.

US intervened, Iran won.

Similarity between Israel, Iran.

They would not want to openly attack Iran in the short term. More destructive attacks will start after the embargo, and they will attempt to collapse Iran from within. Yet, an operation similar to the invasion of Iraq does not seem very likely in the current conjuncture.

One reality is that Iran is the one that gained from all U.S.-Iran tensions to date. The U.S.’s interventions in the region have not weakened Iran but its foes. The invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq devastated both countries, while contributing immensely to Iran’s geopolitical expansion, and either weakened or destroyed its enemies.

The invasion of Iraq resulted in Iran’s domination and control over this country. Hence, the U.S. never got into an open clash with Iran.

Iran and Israel are both countries that use conflictive language in the region. They both profited from this language, conflict and tension policies. They became countries that gain power out of conflict. Strangely, though these two countries appear to be arch enemies, they never openly came against one another. They never directly harmed one another. They always fought indirectly through organizations.

What will 120,000 troops come for?

It is said the U.S. will send 120,000 troops to the region is being discussed. U.S. President Donald Trump denied the claim, but how would he know. He will know once the time comes. Well, what is the goal of this buildup, this preparation?

Surgical attacks are expected on certain areas within Iran instead of an open strike – especially aimed at nuclear facilities. The buildup is a preparation aimed at Iran’s retaliation against U.S. targets after such an attack, through terrorist organizations, through the militia in Iraq and Syria. This is the current outlook. Thus countries such as the U.S., Germany, and the Netherlands have largely been able to withdraw their cadres in Iraq.

Islamic civil war, doomsday war,

the two crown princes’ betrayal

However, both neocons and Saudi Arabia and the UAE are making great efforts with respect to directing U.S. military forces to Iran. As a matter of fact, they all want a doomsday war. It is certain that a war which spreads through the entire region will push Muslim communities outside history, and render it unable to recover for perhaps another century. Therefore, the developments are actually quite critical.

The U.S. and Israel are following a quite successful method concerning the Islamic civil war. They are establishing organizations and using Muslims. They control states and make them wage wars against one another. They have UAE Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman under their control and are trying something new.

Two crown princes, two countries:

They’ve become hitmen of the Crusader attacks

The plot to “push God to trigger doomsday” is unfortunately being staged through Saudi Arabia and the UAE today. The two countries have become spokespersons of an Evangelist Crusades craze. These two countries that have control over Mecca and Medina are kept under control through the crown princes and turned into the hitmen of a sort of Crusader battle.

According to Saudi Arabia and the UAE, the U.S. and Israel should attack Iran with all their forces. Arabs should be saved from this danger. Because they have been told that Iran is the greatest threat to come. Iran also prepared the grounds for this through its actions and strengthened this opinion. The real scenario is starting just now.

Meanwhile, let us particularly point out that those who have been portraying Iran to the countries in question as a threat are currently showing Turkey as one too.

This is preparation for

a new Arab-Persian war

The 1991 Gulf War was an Arab-Persian war. The Arabs were defeated, Iran was taken under control. The Arab-Persian border regressed from the Iran-Iraq border to the Syria-Jordan border. The last Syrian war is also an Arab-Persian war. Iran, which is effective in this country has reached the Israeli border. The same Iran has also started to push Saudi Arabia, the Arabian peninsula through Yemen.

All these wars and geopolitical plans were spread through the blindness of the Arab political mind. Saudi Arabia is largely to blame in all these wars. Arab lands are being invaded step-by-step because of the Saudi administration.

A great trap is set against Saudi Arabia

This political blindness is about to perhaps result in the biggest mistake ever. A new Arab-Persian war is going to be started. The previous ones were at the country level; this time there is preparation at the regional level. They are going to get Arabs and Iranians to clash, stand aside and watch the destruction. If they succeed, this war might last decades.

All I have to say regarding all this is that the trap was set against Saudi Arabia. The destruction plan is targeting that country. This is the policy to “Destroy by protection.”

This is the case because both Mecca and Medina are in Saudi Arabia. Because there is a century-long plan toward the future ahead of us.

I would say, evaluate Turkey’s struggle within such a climate and then speak.


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