Wave of terror, those documents and the Gezi-Gülen Movement alliance… - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

Wave of terror, those documents and the Gezi-Gülen Movement alliance…

We knew that they were planning a major sectarian identity-based crisis similar to Gezi, and that they would be playing their last cards after the failure of Gezi and the December 17 coup attempt. We drew attention to this threat again and again. As a matter of fact, those who recognized Turkey, the fronts within it, and those who were aware of the alliances, and aware of Turkey's struggle to free itself from tutelage and the ones who tried to sabotage this struggle, all shared the same concern.

The Gezi project was a multinational interference adjusted to spark an Alawite rebellion in Turkey. Now everyone in Turkey knows about who was behind it, which intelligence agency in Europe administered the Alawite organizations, how this country has financed and administered the street terror in Turkey and what kind of roles the capital groups played. A hideous plot was planned to eliminate Erdoğan and his team and to punish the societal support towards this political movement. The Turkish society, however, noticed this devilry before time, and invalidated that multinational intervention.

Gezi and December 17 saboteurs united

This failure brought about the December 17 coup attempt. The playmakers behind the multinational intervention switched on Fethullah Gülen and his movement this time. The structure which had infiltrated the deepest nerves of the system was handed a tender. That was to liquidate Erdoğan and his team and let Turkey's struggle to liberate itself from tutelage come up empty. A conservative structure concealed under the mask of a religious movement was exploited like an intelligence organization against the conservative government. The same powers were again behind it. Today the lawsuits and investigations which are still proceeding have clarified the societal opinion about these powers, the plots that were organized and what the network is about.

The third attempt is just starting. This time though, the alliance is wider than before. The Gezi and December 17 saboteurs united and a single point of departure has been created. In an era where traditional opposition structures have run out, and are unable to produce new political rhetoric and societal projects, those who united the marginal opposition under a single roof have now added the coup supporters of December 17. An even greater “roof" was formed. It is able to simultaneously press the button both on the streets and within the system, and conduct synchronized protests and attacks.

The tragedy of Doğan Group and modern media wars

The armed duties of this new roof is carried out by DHKP-C. Armed and terrorist attacks are conducted by this terrorist organization. After three decades of ethnic conflict, they are now applying a civil conflict project based on sects through the exploitation of DHKP-C. The media and societal mobilization responsibilities are undertaken by the Doğan group.

This is the reason why those who cannot even call the terrorists who took our prosecutor hostage and martyred him a “terrorist" and instead choose to sympathize with the terrorist organization. Broadcasting groups affiliated with Doğan media group will adopt a much more dangerous broadcasting strategy when the situation gets worse. The Doğan group has adopted a position which runs against the common good of Turkey and brought its hostility towards the AK Party to a point where it is parallel to hostility towards Turkey. Rather than supporting Turkey, it seems like it is supporting a terrorist organization and has portrayed an ill-fated and an extremely tragic image of itself.

In the upcoming days, it is necessary to mention now that there will be great media wars which will seem like they are adjusted to the upcoming general elections, but in reality are a project for Turkey put forth amid the wave of tensions.

Apart from the Doğan group, the individuals and groups financially behind this new attempt and wave of terror will become a serious matter of debate. Accordingly, I suppose that the cards will be laid on the table now and the actors of the new front will be cracked wide open with all their connections.

The Gülen files and latest attacks

The will which brought together the actors of Gezi and December 17 under a single roof are well aware that this war will be the last war, and their last hope. This is precisely why they will attack with all arguments, tools and partners possible. These actors are also well aware of the fact that the upcoming elections are not just general elections, but will be the ballot for Turkey's destiny and that there will be no turning back.

As a matter of fact, we started to publish some documents as Yeni Safak last Monday. The first one was about Fethullah Gülen. We published them for three days and the order of the day changed in an extremely fast and dramatic manner. Terrorist attacks came one after the other. They brutally martyred prosecutor Mehmet Selim Kiraz. This murder actually exposed the members of the new “roof" established against Turkey. Turkey's common struggle will be against this new consortium from now on.

Allegations that the “documents are fabricated"

Some people pushed the button and a wave of crisis came into effect. However, what we were planning to publish was not only for three days. We will certainly continue to publish these and complete the file. Our publications will continue to expose specific relations and shed light on dark spots with the exception of extremely confidential issues and names.

The Gülen file was the first among these. Starting next week, we will reveal another striking and frightful debate with proof. Those who fail to produce solid arguments except for claiming that the “documents are fabricated" know as much as we do that the documents are in fact authentic historical pieces. However, they had no other way out against the panic they encountered but to water the matter down.
Let us see what they will have to say when new documents are published and new topics of debate emerge…

We got to the bottom of the malign alliance

This is what I want to explain: When you look at the relationship networks and obscure documents which we have published and will publish, you will realize that the treason that Turkey is currently facing has been planned decades ago. It will become crystal clear to you why they have started the preparations then when you realize the fact that these relations and the solidarity and partnership are nothing new, that the sides have never changed and that they knew very well back then that Turkey would one day have a struggle to liberate itself from tutelage. Only then will you be able to explicitly see the actors of the alliance established today.

The front which was established back then is now mobilizing and is waging a common war against Turkey. All of those who are in that front today had previously been in an alliance. Our goal is not to open a debate about Freemasonry nor to lynch some individuals. Our goal is to go to the bottom of the current malign alliance and inform the Turkish society about these.

The Turkey portion of tutelage

Our main concern is that people should know about these obscure relations and the bases of this malign alliance, as well as the obscure past of Turkey and to understand what is going on today. Because these relations and their connections propound the image of tutelage that Turkey is currently waging a war against. This is why they are alarmed, lose their temper and panic. You will be able to get a better picture of the names behind Gezi and the December 17 coup attempt, the financial circles, media groups, political circles and international connections as well as the Gülen Movement through these relations and documents.

Just continue to follow Yeni Safak…


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