We are all Turkey... We are all Maduro. Humanity is obliged to stop the West's colonial power… The 'Relentless Resistance' should be made a global discourse… - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

We are all Turkey... We are all Maduro. Humanity is obliged to stop the West's colonial power… The 'Relentless Resistance' should be made a global discourse…

Invasions have no ideology, identity or cause. Coups have no ideology, identity or cause. Political and economic attacks have no "rightful" justifications.

There is no connection between the way an intervention is promoted to us and the plan behind it. Wars, invasions and interventions are all promoted through provocative statements, discourses and appeals.

The masses are activated, a ground is formed for the intervention, and then the intervention follows. This is how states, countries and leaders are subjected to attacks. And when they are successful, the masses suffer great pains.

A sharp resistance spoils all plans. This is the language they understand!

This is the West's intervention style. It makes political designs through internal networking. If it fails, it uses the power of masses through democracy and freedom discourses. If it fails, it collapses the country through economic attacks. And if that fails too, assassinations follow, so do internal conflicts, and then open interventions come. However, if a sharp resistance is formed in that country, if the masses support this resistance, there is nothing they can do.

This is how the colonialism was continued for centuries in the Muslim region, in Latin America, and in South and Far Asia. This is how the bloody intervention histories were written in Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and South Asia in the 20th century.

Those who killed 1 million people overnight in Indonesia, those who plan a coup roughly every two decades and cause economic crisis every decade to keep Turkey on their own axis, are trying to continue the intervention format they have been continuing throughout the 20th century in the 21st century as well with little change.

For them, terrorism and freedom are the same values; they know how to use everybody!

They are the ones who establish, train and arm all terrorist organizations with Islamic or other identities, and then direct them to the target countries. When doing this, they also control the global-scale anti-terrorism discourse and doctrine. In this context, they use terrorism, democracy and freedoms in the same way. For them, both terrorism and freedom are the same values to achieve their aims.

They "punish" every country, every political understanding, every culture and civilization, every leader they consider a threat o their global order. They try to eliminate every leader who says "no" to the dirty business in their finance system. There is no political identity or mass they do not use against these resistance operations. They use Islamists, nationalists, neo-nationalists, leftists, as well as pro-Atlantic groups.

All of this was a lie. But we believed it, and the more we believed we lost!

When invading Afghanistan, they used the Taliban and al-Qaida as their excuse. It was a lie. When invading Iraq, they put up Saddam Hussein as the target. It was a lie. When dividing Libya, they used Muammar Gaddafi as an excuse. It was a lie. When invading part of Syria, they used Daesh as the excuse. It was a lie. They used the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) on July 15, 2016. Their plan was much greater. They wanted to get this country to kneel throughout the 21st century, or at least divide it into pieces.

We perceived all this based on their lies. We perceived their scenarios aimed at Turkey, our region, past and future, the projects they implemented worldwide according to their discourse superiority. We took position and picked sides accordingly.

Resisting against Western imperialism is humanity's fight for honor

Everything they did in our region since the 1991 Gulf War was aimed at pushing Turkey into a corner and preventing it from getting back up on its feet. They used terrorism, they used coups, and they used the economic crises. Now they are using the terrorist organizations in the region; they are using the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia, which they also turned into organizations.

We cannot resist against any of these storms unless we change our homeland perception, nation perception, regional perception, and world perception. We cannot break this wave unless we gain the upper hand in superior discourse and understand those resisting against Western imperialism worldwide.

No gain, no political plan is above this cause

Therefore, we have to develop a relentless resistance against the violent colonial attacks that Europe has been continuing for centuries, that the U.S. continued throughout the 20th century and is now trying to carry it to the 21st century. To achieve this, we first have to free our minds.

We need to know that the relentless attacks targeting Turkey are part of Western imperialism's big plan to keep us outside history throughout the 21st century. No gain, no political aim is above this great fight - we need to know this now. No suggestion made by those trying to siege us from Syria has any significance for us; we now need to finally accept this and ingrain it in our minds.

'We are all Maduro’, 'We are all Venezuela'

This is why we say, "We are all Maduro," "We are all Venezuela." It is because of an idea of freedom, it is because we are standing against a centuries-old colonial history. It is because of our principle to form solidarity with oppressed people, regardless of where on the face of the earth they are. Who Maduro is and what is being imposed on the people of Venezuela are secondary. The truth is the sort of scenarios being played out in Latin America. The truth is the U.S. and Europe's attempts to try and revive their bloody colonial histories.

The West's colonial power should be taken away... Those who abandoned us will never be forgiven.

The West's colonial power should be taken away. The world should balance this power. Turkey or Venezuela or any other country and region, whoever is resisting against this storm, or striving to resist against it, is putting up a respectable fight for humanity.

In this sense, Turkey is putting up the fight of centuries. It is shouldering the showdown of the region, of history. Thus, it is facing heavy attacks. Those who abandoned our country here will never be forgiven. Those trying to weaken this struggle will never take place in the honorable pages of history.

The Century of Reckoning: We must make extraordinary investment in power

We know the reason why those who collapsed the Ottoman Empire, the region, those who waged war against Islam and all our values, the countries that are nowadays planning to siege through terrorism, are attacking Turkey.

We are resisting against the "sieging century." We are fighting against the "century of reckoning." We are rising again with the "challenge century." The West's power has long since reached its peak and is in stagnation. Sometime later, we are also going to witness its regress.

At a time when power and wealth is shifting toward the East, the West will never again have sole dominion over the earth. As those who are aware of this, we need to develop a very strong rising discourse and make extraordinary investment in power. We have no other option.

We have something to say to every country of the world, and will continue to do so

This is why we support Maduro. We attach importance to everyone who says "no" to Western imperialism, which has been giving great distress to the world for centuries. We attach importance to them regardless of their religion, race, or civilization.

Because we are in the age of the "relentless resistance." This is the same for the entire world - as it should be. Humanity is obliged to balance the West's power map. Turkey is one of the leaders of this struggle. Because for centuries, Turkey has had a region-making, history-making, global power-determining past.

This is the source of our power.

Therefore, we have something to say to every country on earth.


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