We are simultaneously being attacked, both from abroad and within Turkey... The plan is to target Erdoğan, strike Turkey, and pave the way for an intervention… As every country returns to its own historic claims, who is this telling us to ‘stop’?

Do those advising Turkey to “soften up,” “be gentle,” and submit to “oppression” think that the U.S. hardening its military and economic approach to such a preposterous extent, its appointment of country leaders, it taking the land of one country and bequeathing it to another, and it openly attacking Turkey are the results of U.S. President Donald Trump’s caprice?!

Do those attempting to threaten Turkey, saying, “Erdoğan should give up his harsh policy,” think that Russia’s settlement in Syria, its placement of nuclear missiles on its borders with Europe, its showdown with the U.S., its extraordinary defense reflex are the results of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s personality?!

Greatest power shift of the last four centuries

Those slyly suggesting Turkey to “return to your old self, return to the U.S. and EU axis, return to tutelage once again,” do they not realize that there is an unprecedented rift between the East and the West, that the greatest power shift of the last four centuries has taken place, and hence, that there is a major power struggle between the U.S. and China, from Africa to East Asia? Can all this be explained through China’s harsh policy alone?!

Those wanting to doom Turkey to IMF loans to palliate the economy, are they not aware of the global-scale economy/trade war? Are all these and other similar events the result of those countries’ arbitrary policies?

Is nobody disturbed by those who do not understand the kind of power struggle the world is in, constantly giving advice with great arrogance and ease, with their eyes blinded, and minds blurred?

While every country returns to its own historic claims, who is this telling us to ‘stop’?

Let us take at look at global events. Let us look take a look at the world, the battles between sovereigns/regions. All nations, all states are adopting harsher policies. All countries making accusations targeting Turkey are preparing for extraordinary storms. Their economies, foreign policies and national security practices are hardening.

The current global crisis is leading all countries to fortify their defenses and focus on central power domains. Every country is turning towards its historic claims, theories and identity. No country believes any longer that supra-national structures, international agreements or practices will protect them.

In such a climate, do you want Turkey to be left defenseless against the approaching storm? Do you still not understand that Turkey’s harshening of its approach in foreign politics, the fight against terrorism, and national security is not a choice but an obligation, that it is a defense preparation?

We are being simultaneously attacked, both from abroad and within: What kind of alliance, what kind of harmony is this?

Let us take a look at the present day: Members of the Fetullah Terrorist Organization have re-grouped and are striking Turkey. The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and their cryptos have re-networked and are striking Turkey. All terrorist organizations have taken position along this line and are attacking Turkey.

The main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) and the political parties coordinating with it are striking Turkey’s national struggle in complete harmony. At the same time, new organizations are being formed from among the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) and conservative groups, and Turkey is under attack.

The U.S. is striking Turkey. Israel is striking Turkey. Their new hitmen, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are striking Turkey. And all this is happening at the same time.

How do all of them act in perfect harmony? Do we not ever see the mind, the plan gathering them all and getting them to act in the same position?

Target Erdoğan, strike Turkey, pave the way for intervention…

Right at that moment, groups within the country divert the target. They target President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, his family, and the will and fight that brought Turkey to its current status. They unleash certain individuals and hide their true intention and those multinational plans.

By declaring the results of the March 31 elections as a defeat, they are trying to divide the AK Party, make Erdoğan desperate, and through this, catch Turkey unprepared in that great storm.

Don’t the simultaneous foreign and local attacks, which are in such a perfect harmony, even the language and arguments used being the same, hurt anybody?

Turkey is at the center of all these showdowns

Are we unable to realize that we are being dragged into blindness, into an argument isolated from the world?

Do we not see that even those who strike one another through terrorism are preparing a geopolitical and civilization/identity-based global storm? Are we unable to understand that the most intense part of this storm is going to take place in our region, that Turkey is and will be at the center of all these showdowns?

Are we unable to realize that the attacks both from abroad and within are part of this great battle, that a psychological operation is being conducted within to render Turkey oppressed and desperate, and corrode its islands of resistance ?

We foiled and will continue to foil the ‘great plot.’ Otherwise we will witness the collapse of the millennium

Yet, we are back on the stage of history a century later. We foiled a great plot and will continue to do so. This historic march will and must continue even if we are under multi-fronted attacks. If we cannot continue, if we are stopped, if we cower from foreign attacks and the treachery within, a new collapse will occur in the political history of the millennium.

That is when this country will be completely defenseless and we will have difficulty keeping Turkey standing. This is the secret plan behind all the discussions. While we are strangling one another here and drifting off with personal fury and desire, they are getting ready to make Turkey pay a very heavy price.

Highest political identity now is the fight between the ‘Turkey axis’, ‘multinational axis’

The fight in this country now is the one between that which is local and that which is foreign. It is the fight of those trying to destroy this with our political history, heritage and claims in Anatolia.

There is a showdown between those who are from Turkey and those who are pro-tutelage.

There is a fight between the “Turkey axis” and the “multinational axis.”

It is not the people of these lands causing the separation. They are not the ones causing the polarization. Those that have been attacking the country, getting into showdowns with it, trying to hold it hostage ever since the Seljuks, ever since the Ottomans, ever since the battle of independence are now after new pursuits. Because they want to bring Turkey-- which has returned to its history, its region, its claims and identity-- into line.

There is no rightist, leftist, Islamist in this issue. It is not an internal political issue

To achieve this, they are now building an interventionist identity and front that trangress all political identities – right-wing, left-wing, Islamist, conservative, et cetera. This is in no way an internal political issue. It has nothing to do with internal political competition. This is a new form of intervention.

They are the ones causing a stir in the Aegean and cornering Turkey. They are the ones making military buildups in the East Mediterranean. They are the ones building a gigantic front against Turkey in the north of Syria. They are the ones unleashing Saudi Arabia and the UAE on us with a sort of proxy role.

They are the ones that conducted the July 15, 2016 coup attempt. They are the ones making preparations for a new July 15. They are the ones that want to take revenge from Erdoğan and expel those who have developed Turkey into what it is today, from history.

Do you think the showdown continuing since the Crusades is over?

Turn away from all these discussions and look at the world. Then pay attention again to what is happening in Turkey. You will see it all fall into place and what seems confusing will become clear. That is when you will better understand who stands where within the country.

They are attacking to finish what they started but failed to do in World War I. We, on the other hand, are resisting, knowing that the War of Independence is not over, that it is in its final stage.

They are attacking because they think we do not deserve even Anatolia. Today, everyone is in the same position they were back then. Patriots are still patriots, and traitors are still traitors.

This showdown has been ongoing since the Crusades. Did you think it was over!


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