We are setting off without hesitations. Adjust yourselves to Turkey. The entire cabinet to be announced today is good, this is how we will perceive it…

There is now a Turkey that strengthens the state’s center power domain, that lays the foundations of a brand new establishment, that applies the construction of a very powerful future-oriented system, that has changed all political games to date, that radically changes internal power devices, that deactivates the traditional political discourse and confrontation, and that starts a new rising period on the homeland-state-nation axis.

Regardless of which political camp you are in, regardless of the political language you use, regardless of the identity and personality you have established yourself on, from now on, everyone, we are all going to gather around the “center” and support this march and never hesitate to do our duty, wherever we are.

There are no more secret affairs:

Religious movements should also become native

Every citizen of this country has such a responsibility. The political language imposed, directed and controlled from abroad, the language of the opposition, all stances and attitudes aimed at weakening the center are going to be defined differently from now on. Regardless of who we are, regardless of where we stand, our common criteria is going to be homeland, nation, and state. We are all in a position to redefine ourselves based on this criteria.

All political parties, fronts are required to retest themselves in terms of nativity. Similarly, all Islamic groups, religious movements, factions, are required to redefine where they stand, how much they grasp this great transformation and to what extent they are going to support it.

In this country, there should no longer be any hidden agendas, secret affairs, petty plans camouflaged by great ideal discourses, shameful deals hiding behind grand statements that are served from abroad, and ill-intentioned plans funded by southern countries.

Everybody should first fix themselves, join this great mobilization

Thus, religious movements are also required to transform their attitudes, stances and themselves and join this great mobilization. From the business world to public institutions, from media outlets to nongovernmental organizations, everybody should first fix themselves in line with Turkey’s great rise that is taking place after a century, focus on a much greater ideal, and join the great wave that is not limited to Turkey alone but which will take the entire region under its influence.

The era of personal calculations, petty negotiations, and covert/hidden agendas is over. We have now reached the end of the period of concealing things behind good intentions. Those maintaining their old habits are going to be considered as having taken a blatant stance against this wave and rise.

The era of he is your guy, this is my guy is over.

Ambitions, pettishness must end.

The cabinet is going to be announced today. A great deal of things are going to start anew today. The doors to the past are going to be closed. Discourses on so and so became minister, so and so did not, so and so is good, so and so is bad, your guy, my guy must certainly come to an end.

We no longer want to see the new administration, the country with these statements, with these old habits. We no longer want to see these personal calculations, gossip, ambitions and pettishness.

Everybody is obliged to serve this country. We are all required to continue the struggle wherever we stand. We do not want a period of ranks, status, taking sides, seeing this struggle as an opportunity for profit, and forming cliques or gangs within this great wave.

The entire cabinet to be announced today is good, this is how we will perceive it

We are primarily going to put our hearts into it. We are going to put our minds, knowledge, experience, virtue, sacrifices into it. While some are shedding blood, losing their lives on the country’s border, on those hills, in those streets, and see this as a homeland issue, we are going to do whatever the “homeland axis” necessitates.

There is nothing beyond life and we are going to stand strongly against those trampling over the blood of these martyrs. Everybody is in a position to work and strive with a longing for martyrdom, wherever they stand. We are not going to respect those who do not respect this.

The entire cabinet to be revealed today is good, that is how we will accept it. The new period starting today is the period in which this country will achieve victory in its great struggle. As of today, everybody who assumes responsibility for the state, the nation, the homeland is good. That is how we will know them, that is how we will accept them, and that is what we will say. Together, we are going to support them so they can work better. We know that those who rattle this trust will fade into oblivion.

We are going to set off without hesitation …

Adjust yourselves to Turkey

Because there is no longer a party issue, a government issue, a personal future issue, a fame issue, or an excessive profit issue. What we have now is Turkey. As a whole, a common cause, as a reality of the region and the world, we have Turkey. Everybody is going to adjust themselves according to Turkey.

Each and every one of us is going to line up behind this cause. Do not allow anybody to cast a shadow on your soul, to shake your faith, to make you sick, to demoralize you. Do not forget, a founding generation is changing history.

The transformation of the last four centuries is taking place in the world, and the transformation of the last four centuries is taking place in Turkey, understand this. I humbly and unconditionally took place in this struggle, without any questions, and will continue to do so. I will never hesitate, I will never be daunted.

There is no turning back:

Line up behind the history-making will!

The “Relentless Resistance” has entered a new stage. It passed from the Turkey scale to the regional scale and then to the global scale. Now, it is time to join the mobilization with our pure faith and sentiments. Leave aside whatever contaminates your heart. Put aside whatever anger, resentment, personal grudges or disappointments you may have. Keep your steps strong, your fists clenched; clear your mind and keep your heart pure. It is time to set off, shoulder-to-shoulder.

This is a march of history. Join our history-making nation; line up behind the political leadership leading history.

Because there is no turning back anymore. Nobody should expect a return to the past!


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