We saw that you carried your century-old treachery to the present… We saw that you cooperated with the two crown princes… But don't forget, we have been in the same position for a millennium

I have been trying to talk about "new things" here for a while now. I am putting up a fight in my own way, trying to make warnings; I see some of the things that are approaching and share them. While discussing the separation and conflict areas in the course of the world, I try to explain and bring up how it effects our country, and draw attention to what may happen next.

I try to draw attention to the new invasion scenario being played out in the region through Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and the United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) Mohammed bin Zayed, and operations related particularly to its Turkey leg.

After seeing the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, the Syria war, the terrible state in Yemen, the proxy wars carried out through dozens of organizations, or cities and region being turned into ruins, hundreds of thousands of our people facing massacres, our values being so undermined, the attempts aimed at changing the regional status quo formed after World War I, this change being prepared along with division scenarios for each country, every "package" being presented piece by piece, and the parts that fall into the "Turkey leg," there has to be no problem in the way we perceive the "new" preparations.

Nothing is as it meets the eye

The invasion of Iraq was not limited to just Iraq. The Syria war was not limited to the Syrians' own problems; July 15, 2016 was not a coup attempt that started and ended with Turkey alone; the corridor project in northern Syria is not limited to the Kurdish issue alone; Saudi Arabia and the UAE's crown princes' "anti-Turkey position" is not just the Jamal Khashoggi murder or the duo's personal grudge; the garrisons the U.S. and Israel have formed in northern Syria are not simply a terror issue; the demonstrations that have set Paris on fire is not about the hikes in oil prices alone; and the new "axis" formed in our region is not just about countries "flirting" with one another.

We will see when the Persian Gulf is on fire tomorrow

I am trying to give tidings of new things. I am trying to pay attention to many things that are being readied and will be presented to us in the future, that will lead to regional tremors and cause certain actions within Turkey. I am talking about a preparation that is a lot more different, a lot more widespread than the previous ones, a preparation that will impact the whole region. This is why I directly target the two crown princes. A scenario that is going to ruin the Muslim world is being played out through them, and most of us are not even interested in it.

However, we are going to see this when the Persian Gulf is on fire tomorrow, when the entire region, all the way to the Red Sea, is dragged into clashes, when new crises erupt between countries, when hundreds of thousands of troops flock to our countries, to our region, for the Western invasion, when the threat is already at our borders, and when it spreads further inside.

The most powerful defense is knowledge; get out of your comfort zone

Nothing is going to be limited to countries anymore. All scenarios are being prepared according to regions. A storm that will totally destroy the region is being formed. This is the scenario being played out through those two crown princes. There are plans of regional war such as war between the Arabs and Iranians, between the Arabs and Turks, and between the Turks and Iranians.

Knowing, seeing and interpreting this pushes one out of their "comfort" zone. It is disturbing, I know. My mind is restless too; I am very concerned as well as disturbed and anxious. However, I also know that being able to see, know and be prepared in advance is the most powerful defense. Even though it makes me anxious and disturbed, I am going to continue to share my concerns in this respect.

What kind of conflict is there in the global domain and regional domain?

There is a clash of forces the scale of two world wars in the global domain. We see traces of this clash in every region that forms the earth's fault lines. The fault lines from the Baltics to Eastern Europe, from East Africa to the Persian Gulf, from Southeast Asia to the Pacific region are active, but we are unable to measure the scale of the earthquake.

In our region, we see the local and global invasion fronts clashing. To what extent can the region resist the global invasion? How long can the local resistance last? How strong are the region's states and organizations that are on the invasion side? Will the invaders who built the region a century ago rebuild the region, or is a new resistance line going to determine the region's power structure? How will this showdown end?

Turkey: The national and 'multinational,’ which replaced FETÖ, are clashing

Inside Turkey, the "national" and "multinational front alliance" are in a showdown. Up until today, we resisted all the coups, terrorist attacks, attacks similar to the July 15 coup attempt, as well as all of the global front's interventions. The local resistance could not be crushed or weakened, and it further strengthened. What will happen next? In which area and how will the next intervention be? Who replaced the Fetullah Terror Organization (FETÖ) after the last intervention? Through which forces are they trying to fill the void? Among which groups are they establishing alliances?

What is the new agenda? Who are making preparations and what kind of preparations? What kind of operations are being carried out in the political field, the nongovernmental organization field, and the media and capital field? Where in the new preparations are some conservative groups taking place? What kind of a coordination is there between the separation in our region and the operations of these groups? What kind of separation and intervention plans are being made inside Turkey according to the course of the showdown in the region?

The century-old fronts in this country are being re-established

The global domain, regional domain and the operations inside Turkey... There is such a close connection between them all. There is such a tight partnership between the global intervention front represented by Mohammed bin Zayed and Mohammed bin Salman and their partners inside Turkey...

This is the reason behind our anger. Our anger is due to a national issue. Our anger is because of their efforts to destroy both the region and Turkey. The regional front that was built against the Ottoman Empire in World War I is being re-established. A structure, similar to the British front that was formed inside Anatolia during the Great War a century ago and the war of independence that followed, is trying to reorganize again in Turkey.

Everybody is taking almost the same positions now that they took up a century ago. Some are taking action out of ethnic concerns, some through their dependency relations, some under the Islamist/conservative guise, some out of internal political anger, but they are settling in the multinational front.

We have been on the same front for a millennium, we will pay the price and not deviate the slightest bit

We see all this. We see the showdown in both the global and regional domain, and the fight inside Turkey. We see the current intense activity, covert relations, intense operations and preparations. We see that all this will target this country's national resistance, and that those in the alliance do not differentiate between ideological identities. Sadly, the parallel between these groups and those represented by the two crown princes can no longer be hidden.

We have always been on the national axis and will not deviate from this in the slightest bit. We are going to continue to fight on this front. Just as we resisted in this homeland and country during World War I and after, we are going to show the same resistance everywhere and continue to keep it strong. No camouflage or identity can pull us away from this axis. We are not going to give up on being on the homeland axis, the regional axis; we are not going to give up on being the continuation of the fight in the region since the Seljuks.

They are carrying over the century-old treachery to the present

No political plan, no personal gain, no worldly concern or price will keep us from this. Because we know where we stand. And we are not doing this regarding any expectation or for applause. We know the kind of prices paid by those who fight on this axis very well. But we also know that those on the "multinational front," those who carried over the century-old treachery to the present will not have a legacy. We know who they are and we are watching them.

Keep a close eye on the evil regional axis continuing under the leadership of the two crown princes today. Follow the Turkey leg of this axis and the operations in this direction. You decide what the next step of these preparations may be. All the foreign groups and elements in the region and in all the countries are being brought together. These are the approaching footsteps of a final showdown.


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