We see the game, we’re up for the challenge! A very dirty game is being set up. This is a defense of Turkey, defense of Anatolia. What more can the president say! How else can a threat be explained? - İBRAHIM KARAGÜL

We see the game, we’re up for the challenge! A very dirty game is being set up. This is a defense of Turkey, defense of Anatolia. What more can the president say! How else can a threat be explained?

When we said, “There is a map spanning the Iranian border and the Mediterranean that is in process. We must intervene at all costs. This is a defense of Anatolia,” we were trying to explain what was in store for us today.

Thus, the Euphrates Shield and Afrin intervention are the most serious geopolitical moves after the Cyprus operation. The Mediterranean gate of the corridor has been sealed off. The Eastern gateway of the corridor has been closed with “Operation Claw” and previous ones.

This is a defense of Turkey, defense of Anatolia.

The neutralization of the front, the positions of attack against Turkey, and the buildup the U.S. and Israel are making at the center of the corridor together with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a must for our country and future, and to negate the new map drafts that target our region. This is a defense of Turkey, a defense of Anatolia.

New maps including Turkey are been drawn up a century later. Scenarios planned to divide countries to three or four are being implemented. Those that tried to separate Istanbul and the Marmara on July 15, 2016, those that have been trying to detach the southeast for four decades through the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), and those trying to divide Syria and Iraq and open the Turkey front are one and the same forces, mind and will.

Our struggle today is no different to the struggle a century ago in the Canal, in Yemen, in Palestine, on the Syria-Lebanon line.

Turkey is under siege. They’re trying to break our resistance from within

Those who are building up in the East Mediterranean today, those sieging the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus (TRNC) from all sides, those wanting to corner Turkey from the Mediterranean to the Aegean, those wanting to prevent Turkey from buying the S-400s and leave the country without air defense – and impose sanctions when they fail – the attacks of those organizing an opposition that will approve a tutelage within to break Turkey’s firm stance are no different than the attacks a century ago.

The wisdom behind the 1974 Cyprus movement in defending our country and region is clearer today. And now, they are building up around Cyprus. Alongside the TRNC, Turkey is also being completely sieged from the south and west. It is Turkey’s resistance that they want to break from both around us and within. This is not a Justice and Development (AK) Party issue. This is not an opposition issue. This is the continuation, a new stage of a nation’s centuries-old resistance.

We didn’t do anything. They’re attacking us.

Ask them why, not us

Why would the U.S. attack Turkey? Why would EU countries follow on the same path? Why would Saudi Arabia and the UAE finance all enemies against us as their hitmen.

Why would troops be deployed in Bulgaria, Greece, and Romania? Why would Aegean islands be equipped with missile ramps? Why would Syria’s north be prepared as a war front against Turkey?

Why would all countries in the region, as well as Western countries, settle in the East Mediterranean? What are the reasons behind these efforts to isolate Turkey?


None of this is the result of our erring. It is the result of their shamelessness, aggressiveness, and greediness. Nobody should seek an excuse within. Everybody should look and turn towards the real threat and enemy.

A very dirty, dangerous game is being plotted

Do we have no historical memory? Do we have no knowledge at all about geography? Do we not follow the world-scale power shifts and conflicts? Let us say the response to all these is no. Still, does the military activity in the East Mediterranean, the north of Syria, the Aegean and Balkans last year alone not tell us anything?

Look at what happened around the Persian Gulf, the Arabian Sea yesterday. Oil tankers are now being hit with torpedoes. Ships are sinking, countries are readying for war; a very dirty and dangerous game is in play. Every attack is important enough to concern all countries from the U.S. to Israel, from Russia to China, from the UAE to the EU and Japan.

Preparation for extraordinary defense is essential.

All gulfs, their seas will burn

They are doing everything in their power to pit Saudi Arabia and the UAE against Iran and cause a new regional war. As our region is destroyed in such a war, with our cities turned into ruins, American, Israeli and Western game-setters are going to both watch in delight and further plunder the area.

Bombs setting all the gulfs and seas of our region on fire may explode at any moment. In such times, our country has no choice other than national solidarity, mass unity and to prepare for an extraordinary defense. We have no time to waste on the confusions caused by the opposition front they set up within.

Every country, state, case, all sorts of showdowns are on the table.

There is no political identity above the ‘Turkey Axis.’

Centuries-old scores are being settled. Every country, state, case, and all sorts of showdown methods are on the table. While this is the case, this country has no time to waste on such mundane matters – when it has such extraordinary developments to take care of, it must look ahead. It does not have the luxury of wasting time with gossips and whims.

Whoever is dooming Turkey to all this is applying an obscuration. It is at that point that attention needs to be paid to those circles. The partnerships, solidarity and outbursts within these days require attention.

Nothing is above Turkey. No political plan is more important than these lands. There is no political identity above the “Turkey axis.”

What more can the president say?

How else can a threat be explained?

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s statements the previous evening were extremely powerful in terms of the present and future of Turkey and our region. How else can a state president explain the danger? How else can a country’s position be explained? Who would try to neutralize these words and for what purpose?

He made the clearest statements about the significance of S-400s for the country’s defense, that a negotiation is not in question, the U.S.’s enemy-like attitudes, the danger in the east of the Euphrates, the situation around the TRNC, what Turkey’s fight is, in addition to numerous other topics. These were statements concerning the country’s fate, past and future. How else can the situation be explained?

This is a struggle for the region, for Anatolia and for Istanbul.

We are in the age of a relentless struggle. We are fighting for the region, for Anatolia, for Istanbul. Nothing today is graver than this, within or outside.

All the resistance islands of our country must be activated. We are under a collective attack from the U.S. to NATO and the countries of the region. A multinational consensus is in question, and it is trying to test the ground administration of the intervention. We should prepare our fronts, strengthen our positions, increase our solidarity, and neutralize the small players within.

We see the game, we are up for the challenge!

This country’s power to shape the region, its game-changing will is going to reveal itself. The whole world will see that Turkey does not consist of Turkey alone.

Neither of what concerns threat or defense are valor. Look at the shifts of power around the world; look at the size of the showdown; evaluate Turkey’s power justly.

Do not dare listen to those trying to break your resistance and hope.

We see the game and we are up for the challenge.


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