We will never abandon this country to the Byzantines of the world! The West’s fear for the future is not our concern

August 26, 1071, is the date a Muslim army, a Muslim commander from Asia brought to its knees the earth’s greatest power, made history, altered the design of the region, and overturned the global power map of the day. 

The victory won by Alparslan and his troops in Manzikert marks the first step of Istanbul’s conquest and the beginning of a new era. Similarly, the conquest of Istanbul redefined the region in terms of world history, and reformed the East-West concept. 

Manzikert signified more than military success. It changed the entire geopolitical axis of the region, which was the world’s center at the time, and rewrote not only the region's history but the world's.

Alparslan drove the West out of Anatolia. Mehmed the Conqueror would have banished it from Europe

Manzikert was a victory that drove the West out of our region, while the conquest of Istanbul was a victory aimed at driving Europe out of the European continent. 

Exactly 382 years later, Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror was on the verge of launching history’s second stage, the political power switch ushered in by Alparslan. 

State continuity or succession is unrelated to form, format, or regime mode. It is the political gene that makes history and builds regions. 

This is why the West launched colonialism under the name of “Geographical Discoveries.” Prepared to sacrifice Europe, they had started to seek new homelands for themselves. 

Alparslan drove the West out of our region. The conquest was driving them out of Europe! 

We’re at that ‘zero point’ in the 21st century 

History was rewritten at Manzikert Plain. It has been exactly 950 years, and we have been fighting non-stop on these lands ever since. 

With Anatolia as our center, we are resisting against all the storms descending from far and near. There has been no place where we did not leave our mark, no land where our blood was not shed, and no period during which we did not pay a price. 

We are at that “zero point” once again. After 950 years, we managed to transfer the epoch we started at Manzikert Plain to the 21st century. We have set off again with the same mind, the same political gene, all to make great geopolitical changes. 

This political gene ended the regression period. It launched Turkey’s rising period once more. It accurately interpreted the opportunities presented by global power shifts, and took action accordingly. 

We were patient for century… 

The current discussion in Turkey, or perhaps the “conflict,” is the continuation of the showdown that started in Manzikert. The rise of the same political legacy sent the West into a frenzy of panic once more. 

They experienced this in Manzikert and the conquest of Istanbul. They are still reeling from the impacts of their fear in Vienna. They exacted revenge for all this in World War I. Both the U.S. and Europe today are acting in the same spirit. 

They thought they banished this nation from history and intimidated them in the region. But now, that fear has been instilled yet again. Panicking, they have launched both internal and foreign attacks on Turkey. They mobilized their areas of influence in every format. 

We are a very patient nation. We have been patient for a century. That patience has run out now. 

We returned to the 21st century with great claims… 

After the Battle of Manzikert and the conquest of Istanbul, Turkey launched a new rising period. The same mind, same wisdom, and same political gene were activated. It is no longer possible to stop this rise through internal or foreign attacks. 

We returned to the 21st century with great claims. We reset history and closed the chapter of the 20th century. Whether East or West, we will not allow for the control, protection, or tutelage of any force. We will not need it either. 

We carried over Manzikert, and the power to shape history and the region to this century. 

The West’s fear for the future is not our concern

We are no longer Europe’s undertaker. We never will be. We will not sacrifice another century for the sake of their interests, plans, wealth, welfare, and sovereignty. 

Their security issues, refugee problems, population dilemmas, workforce, and resource problems are not our concern. 

The U.S. gluttony and greed, Europe’s confinement into a small continent while being driven out of each of its colonies are not our problems and will not be. 

The West’s fear for the future is not our fear. They are the only ones in the world that fear the future. We will not be fooled into believing that this fear is our problem. 

We are bigger than Anatolia. We will not be silent, we refuse to stop

We are going to fight for the rise of this land and nation. 

As the world is being re-established, the West’s central power is diminishing, new power domains are being formed, former civilizations and great nations are making a comeback, and as we witness this impressive comeback, we will not be silent, we will not stop, and we will not seek refuge in anyone’s protection. 

We do not harbor any angst about the future. Everything that had stagnated for a certain period has resumed from where it left off. Because we are bigger than Anatolia. We are the voice and claims that reach from the Atlantic to the Pacific. 

Both those in our midst and those abroad should make their plans accordingly. 

We will never again take position on this land or in this region for U.S. interests or Europe’s plans. Never. 

We will never leave this country to the Byzantines of the world

We will contest all the organizations and attempts aimed today at re-instituting Turkey’s role as undertaker. We will not hand over this country to Byzantine. 

In addition to the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), we will not consider legitimate anybody who appears to be nationalistic, leftist, conservative, all the while assuming roles to re-institute Western tutelage. We will not consider them patriotic. 

We will not allow the new wave of colonialism to be established in this country against the political gene that is seeking the continuity of states, from the Seljuks to the Republic. We will interpret and identify the internal invasion attempts appropriately. We will lift the veil over it. 

Alparslans step forward! 

Just as Manzikert was a milestone, a battle signifying political turbulence, and redefining the region and history, the “Relentless Resistance” Turkey started today is a continuation of this. 

This is the battle we're fighting both at home and abroad. 

The Alparslans of today need to step forward! 

#The epic of Alparslan
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We will never abandon this country to the Byzantines of the world! The West’s fear for the future is not our concern
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