Were we made to forget the murder of Jamal Khashoggi? The two crown princes' battle with Turkey before a final showdown... Those who want to hit us where it hurts will be pushed out of history

Has the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi been forgotten or were we made to forget it? Was this it for the discussion on a journalist whose body was disposed of after he was savagely killed at the Consulate of Saudi Arabia in Istanbul, humiliating Turkey?

The one who gave the order to kill is obvious, those who committed the murder upon this instruction are obvious, the motive behind the murder is obvious, the messages given to Turkey through the murder are obvious, the evidence regarding the murder is obvious, however, nothing but a deafening silence remains.

'The dirtiest case closing': This is no trial, it is a cover-up

Saudi Arabia is apparently trying 11 people involved in the Khashoggi murder and supposedly seeking the death penalty for five of them. This is no trial; it is a cover-up, eliminating evidence; it is the trial of silencing those involved in the matter.

They could have eliminated these people and closed the case without any hearing too. This has been their method in general. But after the despicable tactics in the Khashoggi murder, solving this case in this manner would have opened numerous new cases for them. They chose to close the dirtiest case in an innocent manner.

I am writing all this, but I know the matter is not limited to Khashoggi alone, the silence is not only to whitewash a murder. Because we had started this issue long before the Khashoggi murder, a year ago.

Arab-Persian and Arab-Turk wars: Whose plan is it!

We had opened to discussion the kind of regional invasion plans implemented through Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and United Arab Emirates' (UAE) Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed, the kind of new conflict scenarios being prepared, and who is planning the Arab-Persian and Arab-Turk wars and implementing them through these two crown princes.

We were already discussing that the regional scenarios played out through the two crown princes were prepared as a destruction plan for the entire region, that these plans could not be implemented before the plan to "stop Turkey" is realized, and that they are hence striving to form an anti-Turkey bloc with all their forces, that an anti-Turkey campaign is being carried out in the Arab world, that terrorist organizations are being given open support for this purpose, and that there are efforts to build the "Turkey front" in northern Syria and sever all our ties with the Arab world.

Those two crown princes were at the center of the dollar crisis as well

We were discussing that the two crown princes were already committing murders similar to the Khashoggi murder, that they had established execution teams, gave out terror tenders, provided financial and logistical support to operations inside Turkey - including the July 15, 2016 coup attempt - that they were striking Turkey from within through the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) and the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ), and when this failed, those Westerners, who tried to back us into a corner with economic crises and pressures, brought the two crown princes against us as a new method, and put their dirty plans into practice through these two. The Khashoggi murder took place just as these extensive projects were ongoing.

So, what happened after this murder, did all of this end? Of course not. They gained further momentum.

It was these two crown princes at the center of the dollar operation targeting Turkey as well. Activating the U.S.'s political and economic power whenever necessary, they tried to corner Turkey in the economic field.

Because, the "power of money" was extraordinary for both Saudi Arabia and the UAE, and to date, they were used to making all their plans, relations and covert operations with this power.

What should we pay attention to during this period?

They knew they could not compel Turkey politically, militarily and in terms of international relations. They had no other choice but to make it kneel with money, force it with terror and activate certain groups inside the country.

Right in this period, it is time to focus on the media operations, nongovernmental operations and political operations in our country. Right in this period, it is time to focus on the anti-Turkey sentiment they are trying to spread through Syria, and their operations aimed at sieging the south of our country.

Right in this period, it is time to focus on the joint operations conducted both in the country and in the region aimed at stopping and weakening Turkey's operations east of the Euphrates River in Syria. Right in this period, it is time to pay attention to the covert operations aimed at activating certain conservative groups against President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, as a matter of fact, against our country.

Hitting Turkey where it hurts: All incidents have the same, familiar signature on them

Right in this period, it is time to pay attention to the covert operations conducted almost every week, ahead of the elections, on the government's ministers, institutions and operations. Right in this period, it is time to pay attention to attempts aimed at producing provocations through "Islamic sensitivities."

Because the signature on all these are the same, they are familiar. After the FETÖ and July 15 events, there is a process aimed at striking this country's backbone, targeting its lifeline, and the signature is, once again, the same.

The silence is not aimed at whitewashing the Khashoggi murder. They will never be able to achieve this. The reason behind the silence is with respect to the regional power showdown between Turkey and these two countries entering a new phase. They are now openly playing their cards.

When the day comes, they are going to request support from Turkey

They are now trying to clash with Turkey on all fronts. They are trying to negate Turkey's efforts in every area, from Somalia to Sudan, and from Iraq to Syria.

But Mohammed bin Zayed and Mohammed bin Salman should know that neither they nor their masters who support them will be able to make Turkey kneel. The tides have now turned, they cannot change this.

Very soon, when they see that the great trap is set against the Persian Gulf and Saudi Arabia, they are going to seek "Turkey's support." Because they are going to need it. Because preparations are being made in the entire region for the final showdown.


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