Weren’t we going to clash with US troops east of the Euphrates? What happened, why are you surprised? This is how force spoils the game! Because this is the ‘Turkey axis’...

They set all terrorist organizations on Turkey. They bred both Daesh and the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK)-affiliated Democratic Union Party (PYD) as the regional occupation’s hitmen and amassed them on Turkey’s border. Using the Syrian war as an excuse, they tried to close in on the country and siege it through terrorist organizations.

Those who set up a terrorist army adjacent to our border used the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) and other similar organizations as native invaders in attempts to strike both from the border and from within the country. They did this and caused severe casualties to this country, and made it pay heavy prices.

As if all this was not enough, they formed an “anti-Turkey bloc” through countries in the region. The plan of those who used Iran as an excuse to strike Turkey was very clear: to prevent this country from getting back up on its feet, from rising again, laying the foundation of a new establishment, returning to its region-building, history-making role again, exactly a century after World War I.

Opposing the intervention east of the Euphrates is betraying this country

After Turkey started to question the tutelage that spread through the 20th century, after it started the fight against it and started to dismiss the pro-tutelage groups in the country, all of the attacks started, whether they were from within the country, the West or our region, were within the context of plans to "stop Turkey."

They attacked, we resisted; they tried to stop us, we marched faster; and they tried to weaken us, but we became even stronger. This is the kind of struggle this is. This is the kind of historic showdown Turkey is in.

The pursuits in internal politics, attacks on President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan under the name of opposition, attempts to institute tutelage all over again, belittling everything Turkey does, and objections to the operation east of the Euphrates are also elements of the showdown in this context.

Have faith in this country. Those scaring you with the US have other agendas

Pay attention to who stands where in such a time. Many cannot find the opportunity to hide their position in such times of transition; they are exposed. Those who have hidden agendas, those who have trans-Atlantic connections, and everyone hiding their ethnic ambitions are revealed. This is the kind of period we are in; it is now time to recognize everyone for who they really are.

Have faith in this country. Believe in Turkey's power, foresight, historic depth, and political memory. Believe in its regional identity…

Whoever is trying to weaken all this these days, whoever is trying to shake this faith, whoever is trying to scare you with the U.S. or NATO, they are outside Turkey's fight - they are involved in a different plan.

Weren't we going to clash with the US? What happened, why are you angry?

Those who muddied minds saying, "If we go to the east of the Euphrates we will clash with the U.S.," those making covert threats were disturbed by both the intervention in Afrin and Operation Euphrates Shield. As a matter of fact, they were disturbed by the July 15 resistance against FETÖ too.

Because the U.S., Israel and the U.K. were behind all this. Pro-Atlantic circles were behind it. As a matter of fact, they were disturbed because the agenda of these circles was ruined.

They were greatly disappointed and infuriated by President Erdoğan speaking with his U.S. counterpart Donald Trump and ensuring U.S. troops' withdrawal from the east of the Euphrates. They are greatly disappointed. They are disappointed because Israel, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) became disturbed.

Did you think Turkey was going to be weakened, that Erdoğan was going to be weakened, and that you were going to rise to power?

I am not talking about FETÖ supporters and PKK groups alone. Some conservative groups are also included among these. There are those hiding their covert agendas with conservative, religious identities.

This country still has pro-mandate, pro-tutelage circles, and similar to a century ago, they are again taking position against Turkey.

"How could Erdoğan affect Trump, how could he convince the U.S. to withdraw, how can he take up a position to end the Syrian war, how can he negate the 'Turkey front' trying to be established? Wasn't Turkey going to weaken, wasn't Erdoğan going to weaken, weren't they going to have the chance to rise to power?"

The whole equilibrium in Syria and the region changed

They were going to discipline both Erdoğan and Turkey with the U.S.'s stick and pave the way for them. Believe me, there is a direct connection, a deep relation between these groups and the July 15, 2016 coup attempt, and the "terror corridor." Do not blind yourself by fixating on FETÖ alone. Look deeper, look at wider groups; you will see other "partners" too.

Just as Erdoğan spoke with Trump and changed the equilibrium in Syria and the region, he struck a heavy blow to certain hopes in the country as well. Turkey's power and influence affected the U.S.'s internal politics. Erdoğan's global-scale deterrent impact, and Turkey's regional and global power coming to the forefront once again surprised and destroyed them.

When the wind suddenly changed, they were caught unprepared: an extraordinary geopolitical move

Turkey is taking action and fighting simultaneously in more than one front. It is putting up a sort of "relentless resistance," and going through a historic showdown. Northern Syria is the most imminent threat for us.

As circumstances are completely against our country, as the hundreds-of-kilometers-long "Turkey front" is being prepared, the wind suddenly changing direction with the phone call between Erdoğan and Trump caught many unprepared. This is an extraordinary diplomatic victory.

Intervention in the region is also an extraordinary geopolitical move. It is showing once more the kind of global force, the kind of regional force Turkey is. Whether the U.S. withdraws or not, we will take position according to the situation. However, even in this state, Erdoğan and Turkey have cornered the established U.S. order and left its partners in the region and in our country desperate. This achievement cannot possibly be overshadowed.

This is the 'Turkey axis'. The one who has the strongest hand wins

Feel Turkey's power, have faith in this power. Terrorist organizations, each being hitmen of the global invasion, and those hiding behind them are all going to feel this. They are going to sense it even more after now.

But what is more important than this is those true to this country having faith. It is impossible to stop the great rise that has started once again from Anatolia after a century.

Never doubt this. We are going to see more clearly from now on what the "Turkey axis" is. Everybody is going to see. What did we say? We are in a time when force spoils the game. You are as strong as your reach. This is a power struggle and Turkey is extremely strong.


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