What are you waiting for? ​Take action, at least for Al-Aqsa, for the Kaaba!

The Muslim geography is faced with a serious new threat wave that needs to be taken seriously. The Western invasion and destabilization project that started with Afghanistan, that continued with Iraq and Syria, that divided Libya and Yemen is now being prepared to spread not into individual countries, but the entire region. 

Severing dialogue between countries in our region, expanding areas of conflict for the region, spreading separation through the sectarian identity, collapsing the morale and mechanisms that push countries to common solidarity, negating attempts to restricting crisis areas, are like the preliminary preparations of the new wave that will shake the entire region. 

The big game was established on sacred values...

No country in our region is safe, not Turkey which faced a multinational attack on July 15, not Iran which lost serious reputation in the Muslim geography, not Saudi Arabia which may face war and division at any moment, not Pakistan which made a serious leap in stability and economy in recent years. 

The Israeli attacks targeting our first qiblah, Masjid Al Aqsa, the ballistic missiles passing through the skies of Mecca give us, the people of this region and the Muslims of the world a message that a very dangerous future is ahead. If Islam's most sacred values are under attack, then this means the game is established on these sacred values. 

They're setting the real bomb in the heart of Islam

This means preparations are being made for massive chaos through Mecca, Medina and Jerusalem that will cause unrest among close to 2 billion Muslims. Those declaring the 21st century as the century of fighting Muslims, pushing them outside history, those spreading the war across all Muslim territories,those sacrificing countries and pitting them against each other, people who have been living together for centuries, those who have been turning all our differences and fortunes into enmity and conflict are, this time, trying to set the real bomb in the heart of Islam. 

All problems among Muslim countries are artificial. All areas of conflict in the Middle East are fronts opened by others.  All attempts to exhaust powerful and central countries and make them surrender are a part of the Western invasion; all the terrorist organizations they unleashed on our lands are external threats, they are the assassins hired for multinational invasion; they are the enemies of the region and our countries who have partnered with global invaders in this storm. 

Immediate action must be taken

Establishing a powerful political will, discourse and stance to save our future, our countries, our region, civilization and cities is the most pressing issue. 

Powerful countries in the region like Turkey, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Pakistan and Indonesia must  see this major threat imminently, grasp it and focus urgently on precautions and solidarity. If necessary, a smaller common resistance axis and a regional solidarity line should be established with a few countries. 

There's a July 15 plan, a map draft for every country It should be known that one who loses their geography will lose their country, their people and their history. It should be known that the countries of the region cannot stand up against this storm on their own. We, who experienced the biggest threat after World War I, a multinational attack on July 15, 2016, saw and grasped this. 

It should be seen and understood that a July 15 plan is in the works for each country; a civil war is being planned for each country; an outline is being drawn for each country. 

What's being done to Al Aqsa today is going to be done to the Kaaba. The attacks, the debasement aimed at the Al Aqsa Compound, the Israeli practices making a mockery out of Muslim countries are all signals of that major, regional storm. 

What's being done to Al Aqsa will target the Kaaba, the Rawdah (the Prophet's holy chamber) as well. Because they will now target our sacred values, our faith, our dearest assets. They are going to test the major chaos, the regional destruction through such attacks. They will not differentiate between countries, regions or cities. 

Then each country must realize that coming together to turn the tide means saving oneself. It should be realized that defending one's neighbor is defending oneself. It should be realized that the only way to save oneself is solidarity, cooperation and that our internal problems are individual projects

No excuse can save us

If we cannot unite for our countries, our citizens, our past and our future, we need to be able to unite for Al Aqsa, for Mecca and Medina. The Muslims that fails to do this will push itself outside history, lose everything and surrender. If what's most sacred cannot ensure this cooperation, we will not see the light of day throughout the course of the 21st century. 

Our regimes, leaders, emirs, political and economic problems, resentments are no longer excuses; they should not obstruct or slow us down. Because we are facing a situation that will change not only our political history, but the world's. No excuse, no justification can hide this reality. No political understanding or view can alleviate this duty, responsibility on our shoulders. 

Say something

Turkey called the Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to an extraordinary meeting. The foreign ministers to gather on Tuesday should see the colossal threat, discuss and make a few common statements to the entire region rather than dwell on unproductive debates. A joint communiqué should be prepared. States, leaders should gather.  

A state of vigilance, mobilization and emergency should be formed. History will write who stood where and what they did during this transition stage; it should not be forgotten that history is going to condemn some while deeming others as heroes. 

Millions of our people were sacrificed, our countries were looted and ancient cities were destroyed. We kept silent, we were oppressed and could not form a resistance. Many countries waited, with a great lack of foresight, for their turn. Their turn came and is continuing to do so and is taking new countries, new victims. 

We might have to defend the Kaaba in 2-3 years, but this time it's different. This time, we will not be able to overcome this by keeping quiet, by running away, by hiding in our shell and by only sacrificing our countries. Because this time the target is the heart of Islam, the heart of Muslims, and their most sacred values. If it goes this way and the storm cannot be prevented, if measures cannot be taken, in two-to-three years, we are going to have to defend Al Aqsa and the Kaaba. 

What are you waiting for?

Take action, at least for Al-Aqsa, for the Kaaba, for Jerusalem, for Mecca! What more has to happen for you to take action?