What happened, who silenced us? The big project is Turkey, don’t forget

In our south, a multinational project that will lead to regional tremors as much as the invasion of Iraq, as much as the Syrian war, that will create new situations, that will lead to serious changes in the current state of almost every country and that will lead some countries to cry over spilled milk in a few years is being implemented.

Clearly, I consider this situation as important as the invasion of Iraq and the Syrian war. I see it as a breaking point that is going to turn the regional power map upside down. Because for the first time after World War I a Western garrison, a map is being formed after the invasions. Because a base, an area of intervention is being built for a region that is slipping through the West’s fingers, that is moving away from the West’s area of influence and colony.

 Why are locations that have no Kurdish presence on that map?

Although it is applied through the Kurdish ethnic identity, although it is adorned in the national excitement of Kurds, although it seems like the U.S. and Israel’s project alone, we are face-to-face with a very serious Atlantic-based intervention aimed at entirely reshaping the region. This intervention is aimed at the entire region, at all countries.

This situation is not limited to the change of political maps alone. The ethnic map is being changed, an intervention is being applied in this direction; the centuries-old identity of cities is being changed. Because this map also covers areas where there is no presence of the Kurdish ethnic identity and is being shaped entirely in accordance with the U.S. and Israel’s security interests, their future calculations and plans to control the region.

That area, that zone is being torn away from our region

We are in the eve of the most radical change after Sykes-Picot. Yes, the Sykes-Picot era is over. Yes, a lot is going to change. However, with this project, with these changes, the region is being entirely torn away from its dynamics, Mesopotamia and Turkey’s south are being turned into a European internal affair.

Until today, we tried to resist division scenarios in many corners of the region. We tried to reverse the winds and give prominence to union models. At least we had such dreams, such plans, such ideals.

We were trying to at least alleviate the separation and enmity scenarios carried out through ethnic and sectarian identities. With the realization of this project, those ideals would be destroyed, the project would become a model for the other areas of the region.

A ‘new geography,’ foreign to the region, enemy to all

If regional resistance does not interfere in this, its inefficiency will be certified. In the following steps, Turkey will be drawn to the table, Iran will be drawn to the table, as will Pakistan. In the next step, through sect and religion, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and North African countries will be drawn to the table.

The operation in the north of Syria and Iraq is going to be the primary example of the “new geography” which borders are being drawn entirely by Atlantic countries; after this step, history will progress differently. The region’s disintegration, its division, its partitioning into garrison states, the elimination of all structures resisting this, the downsizing of strong states will gain pace following the formation of this map.

This silence is not a good sign!

If you notice, Masoud Barzani’s decision to go to referendum having been taken in such a time when the project, which has in the final stage, started to openly challenge Turkey, that does not hide it will target Turkey, reached a certain maturity. This is a multinational design, that’s how it has been planned and timed.

In these circumstances, a development that will shake the region and its history is being received in Turkey with great silence. This silence is not good news, it’s not innocent and contains suspicion.

The same operation was carried out during the invasion of Iraq

We were subjected to a similar public opinion operation during Iraq’s invasion in 2003 as well. The U.S. administration, the media and politicians in Turkey had carried out an amazing operation on the circles that were trying to effect public opinion. The fact that a high budget was being allocated for impacting Turkey’s public opinion was hotly debated back then.

A similar disinformation, a similar emotional atmosphere was experienced when the Syrian war started. Today, we see that none of those who controlled that atmosphere had a new theory or an idea concerning the next step. That emotional atmosphere weakened the possibilities of carrying out the Syria issue on rational ground, and today we are suffering its consequences. Is there still anybody left who has not yet understood that all these theories are being planned for the map in the country’s north?

‘So, who silenced us?’

The current silence is no different to these two examples. The fact that the Turkish media, intelligentsia have nothing to say, no statements or ideas during such a deep change in the region, this matter not being discussed is very unfortunate and a concerning situation.

Sometimes, one cannot help but think that beyond this apathy, there is some kind of public opinion operation, the likelihood of a project. One cannot help but ask, “Who silenced us?” Really, who bought this silence?

The current big lie

Personally, a few articles I read to date have further increased my concern in this regard. What I read were extremely successful public opinion operations; they were like ordered texts and far from the truth.

The biggest lie these days is, “If you stand against Barzani, you will pave the way for Iran, you will weaken the Sunni Barzani and surrender to Shiism…” They are working on this theory. This is the main order, this is how they have specified it.

What a shame! Is this nation really seen as such a sitting target? It appears that as Turkey, we are being subjected to an evil public opinion operation.

Don’t forget, the big project is Turkey

Were the investigations increasing their pressure in the U.S. to pressurize Turkey while all this was happening in our south? The Dec. 17 and Dec. 25, 2013 files and the July 15, 2016 bloody attacks were to stop Turkey from rising once again, to break its regional influence, confine it to Anatolia and downsize it there – we know this now. The operation continues full speed ahead. At this stage, we are watching the stages of this major intervention in the north of Syria and Iraq. But just like Dec. 17, just like July 15, this operation is also being carried out with internal partners. Those who failed to stop Turkey through the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETÖ) are testing another scenario internally and from the south.

Don’t forget, the biggest project is to bring the most powerful country that got back up on its feet a century later to its knees. Hence, all the maps drawn today are targeting the map of Turkey.