What is being hidden with this economic attack? We are in a time when the strongest hand wins. An operation to reset plans… Very urgent, regardless of the cost!

All attacks targeting our country, all attempts concerning internal operations, and all foreign plans and projects aimed at immobilizing our country – especially in the south – are aimed at “stopping Turkey.”

The military technology sanctions, dollar and economic pressures from the U.S., and attempts to isolate Turkey in the region are parts of the great showdown we witnessed on July 15, 2016.

When Iraq was being invaded, when Operation Iron Hammer was being conducted, when U.S. protection was being constructed in our country’s south, when the Syria war was being initiated, when the struggle of states in this country was made unresolvable, when the distance between Turkey and the West grew parallel with all this, and when all top Western structures - including NATO – took stances against Turkey, the aim was always the same: To stop Turkey. To prevent the power leap that will build the region a century later and shape history.

Eastern Mediterranean, Persian Gulf, Red Sea: Doomsday war in humanity's homeland

Our closest allies becoming our most destructive enemies, those across the Aegean Sea with whom we acted together after World War I forming a joint front against our country and seeing our country as a threat, using the term "threat" and emblazoning it into minds, and alarm bells ringing against this rising country is proof of the great struggle between their plans to freeze history and us taking action.

The war in the region started with Iraq, continued with Syria and is now intensifying in the Eastern Mediterranean. A map operation is being conducted from Iran to the Mediterranean, from the Eastern Black Sea to the Persian Gulf, and from the Persian Gulf to the Red Sea. All countries are included in this operation. A war of the worlds on the earth’s ancient lands from Anatolia to Mesopotamia, from Palestine to Mecca, and from North Africa to Yemen is being initiated. A great destruction is in the works at the center of religions, civilizations, the history of humanity, and the homeland of the human race.

We mobilized a major power: This is why they are attacking us…

They want no nation in that region to understand this, to realize it, to see the great map operation and stand against it. All states and communities that are unaware, that do not realize the danger, take measures against it, resist, and accumulate power will face major destruction.

Unless we prepare for the most difficult struggles, reverse the bad fortune, develop a common rhetoric from Morocco to the Pacific coasts and mobilize that power, they are going to spread the war of countries, cities, and identities to the entire region.

Turkey is the representative and leader of such an awakening and revival rhetoric. A power that will activate the entire region. Today, Turkey is amassing its experience from the last millennium and making a very strong call to the region “once more” – this is what they fear. This is the reason behind their attacks against us. This is the idea behind all their plans to stop this country.

We are facing a brand new siege plan

Now they want to start the Syrian war all over again. They want to destroy the initiative between Turkey, Russia and Iran and reset the will that is capable of holding Syria together. Now, they are preparing the Eastern Mediterranean for stormy waves, they are amassing military fleets here, in our south.

Just as they planned a terror zone from Iran to the Mediterranean, tried to siege Turkey from there, and planned to open a hundreds of kilometers long "Turkey front" from there right after the July 15 attack, now they are preparing to close off our access to the Eastern Mediterranean and siege us from there, blind our eyes to the south and ignite a much bigger war than that in Syria.

What are they trying to hide with the economic attack? What kind of blinding operation is this?

An Eastern Mediterranean crisis is much more dangerous than the Syria war. Perhaps the Syria war was launched to pave the way for the Eastern Mediterranean showdown. After all, Syria is the Eastern Mediterranean. If that is the case, then a more difficult struggle must be on the way. Their efforts to try and bury us in internal problems with economic pressures right before this crisis is not a coincidence.

They were first pressuring us with terrorism, making our focus domestic, immobilizing us and designing our surroundings, and conducting explicit and implicit operations. Now, because they cannot use terrorism and the Fetullah Terror Organization (FETÖ), they are promoting panic through the economy. We will be buried in our own problems again, while they do what they want and we watch hopelessly. This is their plan.

Kobani, Tell Abyad, Sinjar… An operation that will reset plans

Turkey can never remain in defense. None of this can be overcome with classic defense moves. We have no other choice but to respond with the same determination against these map operations directly targeting our existence, our region and future with our own map operation.

If we responded to July 15 with Operation Euphrates Shield, halted the terror corridor with Operation Olive Branch, which closes the Mediterranean door, and if we are closing the East door with the Qandil operation, then the only way to negate the new goal they are trying to achieve with an economic attack is again a move that will reset their plans.

Kobani, Tel Abayd, Sinjar. We must have very urgent and determined involvement in these three areas.

Very serious, very urgent: We should never hesitate

We should never hesitate, never lose time, and never be concerned about what they will say to us. That is when the economic attack and the plans made through Idlib and the Eastern Mediterranean will be immediately postponed and reset.

When I made calls to take action against the "terror corridor" and made calls for an Afrin operation (I was the first person to mention this danger and did so numerous occasions, and as a result I faced grave accusations), I had said "regardless of what it costs," "even if it means suicide." The danger has grown greatly. Now, I am saying the same things.

Regardless of what it costs, action in those regions is mandatory to prevent losing the entire region, all our southern doors, the Eastern Mediterranean, and to destroy the “internal operations” likely to be launched in the future.

We are in a time when the strongest hand wins

We are in an era when the strongest hand wins. We are in a time when you can build power "as far as your hand reaches." We are in a time when power showdowns determine everything. We are in a time when everything becomes tougher and the cost rockets as time passes. We are in a time when we know that there will be no country defense at the zero point of our borders.

If they are coming at us with a plan, we will also take action with a plan. We must. If they are drawing a map, we will interfere in that map. If they are sieging us, we will and must destroy that siege. We have the strength, determination and will to do this. We now know the kind of regional plot that is ongoing. We know that if we do not take action today, we will lose not only the region tomorrow, but Anatolia too.

Erdoğan's words, deep memory and fate

As I was listening to President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan at the Presidential Complex the previous evening, thinking about his words, weighing each statement one by one, I thought once more about the kind of deep memory and understanding we are responsible with, the heavy burden on our shoulders, and that this is a political genetic and fate.

Our struggle today is no different to the struggle we have always been demonstrating in Anatolia and this has been ongoing seamlessly for a millennium. Never forget, never have doubt, history has taken a turn. The current struggle will continue with a rise, not a loss. The will that made Erdoğan speak these words has drawn the path for us.

There is no other way for us.


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